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Ex4 english


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Ex4 english

  1. 1. Article # 1: Title: How AmazonWorksHyperlink Definition explaining the article:Why amazon has grownA Short 50-words summary in your ownwords:This says that how to grow amazon.Amazon employs Affiliate program, somany company add link of Amazon onones homepage to earn commission. AndI can understood affiliate system. we canbuy a lot ranges in Amazon, so it is morepopular form now on.One-line explanation of why this articleis important?: Affiliate system is so important in thefuture.Article # 2: Title: Hyperlink: Definitionexplaining the article: What is e-
  2. 2. commerce A Short 50-words summary inyour own words:This article says that well find out howyou can buy and sell items on eBay. Andwe look at ways we can protect ourrselffrom auction fraud and take a look at thebusiness. And says that what is theeBaby.One-line explanation of why thisarticle is important?: Amazon business isso-called e-commerc business.Article # 3:Title: How Electronic Payment WorksHyperlink: Definitionexplaining the article: This articleexplain how to add e-payment capabilityto your Web site.A Short 50-words summary in your ownwords: One-line explanation of why thisarticle is important?: When we want topurchase something, all we have to do isenter some information into your Web
  3. 3. brother and click your mouse. So it isconvenience system that people want topurchase something. We can learn thetype of electronic payment in thisarticle.Link:-------------------[1][2][3]