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Where is the love


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Pop Culture, Music unit.

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Where is the love

  1. 1. Where is the Love
  2. 2. Content Is about, what is going on in the world, Why we are losing the love. Is a reflection
  3. 3. Issues
  4. 4.  First, the song is love war reflection. The singers is directly speaking with the audience. The group is speaking like questions and angry to the same time. The song is like narrative telling that the love is losing. The song talk about the war the discrimination a different cultural references. The song have a lot of slangs more at the begging of the song like. “Let your soul gravitate to the love y”ally”all and abbreviations” The song doesn”t speak formal. Good video.
  5. 5. Good song -First, I love the song.-Is a good reflection song
  6. 6.  b=av2n