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Mind the Gap: VMware To OpenStack


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From Interop/ Cloud Connect Summit "Intro to OpenStack" boot camp.

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Mind the Gap: VMware To OpenStack

  1. 1. Mind The Gap: VMware To OpenStack Kenneth Hui Business Development Manager, OpenStack Solutions EMC
  2. 2. Why VMware And/Or OpenStack?
  3. 3. Workload Dictates Architecture
  4. 4. Going From 2nd to the 3rd Platform
  5. 5. 2nd Platform Design Principles Monolithic architecture Stateful Services Steady-state/ Predictable Operator focused
  6. 6. Design Goal: Resilient Infrastructures
  7. 7. 3rd Platform Design Principles Distributed architecture Developer focused Stateless Services Unpredictable/ Spikey
  8. 8. Design Assumption: Fragile Infrastructures
  9. 9. What’s Wrong with the Cloud/OpenStack?
  10. 10. We Architect Clouds for Rapid Scale
  11. 11. At Scale Chaos and Failures Are Inevitable
  12. 12. So Design for Failure
  13. 13. OpenStack Orchestrates DC Resources
  14. 14. To Deliver Self-Service IT Rapidly At Scale
  15. 15. Can I Have The Best Of Both Worlds?
  16. 16. Option 1: Multi-Hypervisor OpenStack
  17. 17. Option 2: VMware Integrated OpenStack VMware Integrated OpenStack OpenStack IaaS APIs vCenter Server NSX Controller vCloud Suite ESXi VSAN / vSphere Datastores NSX vSwitch vCenter Server vCenter Operations Log Insight Nova (Compute) vCenter Driver Cinder (Block Storage) VMDK Driver Glance (Image Catalog) VMDK Driver Neutron (Networking) NSX Driver OpenStack Services VMware Optimized OpenStack Install + Management • VMware OpenStack Distribution • A Virtual Appliance delivered as virtual appliance • Out-of-box integrations with tools to Install & Operate OpenStack
  18. 18. Thank You