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Kenneth alan hicks resume 8_aug2015


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Consultant, Project and Program management, Engineer, Business developer, Team builder, V&V, Multi-disciplined training

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Kenneth alan hicks resume 8_aug2015

  1. 1. Kenneth Alan Hicks Senior Aerospace Systems Engineer, Project Manager, Technology Development/Risk Manager, Business Developer, Program/Project Technologist, Technical Writer, and Independent Aerospace/Commercial BusinessConsultant Office Address:10300 Arrow Rt. Apt14-04, Rancho Cucamonga,CA,91730 Contact: 909-660-2484 I am a successful Aerospace Engineerandleaderwithover29 yearsof experienceinsystemdesign,and directing the developmentof high-payoff space and terrestrial systemsforcritical applications. I alsoparticipate in,orchair project/Programreviewsandconsultwithcustomersandsponsors asaninternal partneroras a neutral-third- party underNon-Disclosure Agreements. I workwell inProject/Programdevelopmentand Technology Managementsettingsandalsoworkeasilyincoordinatingfocused anddisruptive researchanddevelopment, technologymaturationandvalidationenvironmentsincludingdeploymentandoperations. I workwell asa team leader,teamplayer,andasa principal orsoloactor inthe field. Itravel well,trulyenjoyworkingwithpeople.I enjoychallenges. SKILLS:  Project and Technology Management, Mission and Systems Quality Assurance, Requirement Development and Negotiation, Strategic Planning  SystemEngineering,Electronicsdesignanddevelopment,test,andqualification, Part Stress Analysis, System Verification and Validation, Field testing and coordination  Facilitatingtechnologyinfusionintocritical mission/sortieapplications (ITAR/IP/DOD/Competition Sensitive)  Additional career focus on environmentally safe technology development and implementation(s)  Coordinatingnewbusinessdevelopment, CompletiveMarketAnalysis,Make-buydecisions,RiskManagement  Team Formulationand Leadership, Team player, Team/Project Consultant, Proposal Development, Tackling difficult objectives  Technical Writing, Proposal Writing, developing Requests For Proposals, Requests For Information, etc.  Networking in both Government and non-Government settings, Industry, Academia, Foreign Partners  Solid computer and presentation skills WORK EXPERIENCE Independent Corporate Consultant June 2013 to Present, Independent Corporate Consultant I am an independent consultant for both new business start-ups and established organizations that require experienced outside views and consultation. Chair or participate in reviews, proposal development and evaluation under Non-Disclosure Agreements. I am also the Vice President for Marketing and Contracts at South Sea Incorporate located in Southern California Senior Systems Engineer, New Business Consultant, Technical Writer, Proposal Developer, January 2012 to July 2013 Logyx LLC – MountainView California,Personal Office inRanchoCucamonga,California,SeniorSystemEngineer, proposal/projectdeveloper,proposalwriter/new businessconsultant,riskidentification,avoidance and containment,Newbusinessdeveloper JPL Career, March 1985 to January 2012
  2. 2. Manager for (NASA/JPL) Center Partnering and Flight Opportunities, Mission Science Directorate, Jet Propulsion Laboratory – Pasadena, CA - January 2009 to January 2012 Task Leader for Commercial Technology Concept Evaluations. Efforts focused on the improvement of deep-space and near-earth satellite communications and data processing capabilities for the NASA Deep Space Network (DSN). I performed proposal developments to promote more efficient communication and data dissemination methods for the DSN. Over this time period I also championed new approaches for payload management and crew safety on board the International Space Station (ISS) with a focus on payload and crew “situational awareness”, crew safety and payload operations. In addition I was the Project Manager working on the behalf of the Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), teaming with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), and the NASA Ames Research Center (ARC) engaged in a “technology race” that was solicited by the Defense Advanced Research Program Agency (DARPA) in order to validate conceptual ideas of multiple spacecraft collaborating and operating as a single entity “Fractionated Satellites” (F6). Manager for Technology Infusion and Flight Validation, System Modeling and Analysis Program Office, Jet Propulsion Laboratory – Pasadena CA – August 1998 through January 2009 (Multiple Roles) Liaison betweenNASAAmesResearch Center(ARC),NASA DrydenFlight ResearchCenter (DFRC), and the NASA Caltech/JetPropulsionLaboratory (JPL). This work promoted partneringand competitive market arrangements. As a fieldagentIsetthe stage for newtechnologydevelopments, Programs and Projects between NASA Centers and commercial/industrial partners. This work included strategic alliance planning and competitive market analysis and substantial interactions with partnering agencies across the United States. ProcessEngineerfor the developmentofnewJPL FlightProject Practices (FPP).Thispositionspecifically targeted towardsthe evaluationof new technologies, utilizationobstacles,andenhancementof technology returnson investmentbyloweringtechnologyriskandincreasingthe utilizationof NASA sponsoredtechnology developments. Technology Development Advisor for the Strategic Systems Technology Program Office (SSTPO) Established pilotVerificationandValidation(V&V) projectsthatfocusedonthe evaluationof advanced managementandproductdevelopmentITtools intendedtostreamlineproductdevelopmentlifecycles.I developed“stage-gate”trial processesandsuccessmetrics inordertoevaluate “realistic”value-addedif these practicesand tools if they were implemented incommercial andGovernmentsettings Overthistime period, Ialsomanageda multi-institutional teamof NASA engineers,testpilots, technologists,and industrypartnersthatsuccessfullydemonstrated the feasibility IntegratedSystemHealthManagement(ISHM) technologies(model andphysics-basedlearningengines) inreal-time applications. These seriesof technology demonstrations flew successfullyonboardanF-18 fighterjetatEdwardsAFB/DrydenFlightResearchCenter. Implementation Technologist, NASA Cross-Enterprise Technology Development Program (CETDP), NASA Code-S NASA HQ Level-2positionasa Program“TechnologyImplementationSpecialist”. Iparticipatedinthe formulation and implementationof thisNASA Programthatheldoversightoverthe majorityof all new NASA technology developmentsandintegrationintosystemsbothinside andoutsideof NASA. Responsibilitiesincluded:Proposal developer,reviewer,andadvisortoNASA, Industry,andAcademiaasa neutral thirdparty.
  3. 3. Additional Background (Projects and Technology Development) Lead Engineer for the NASA X-33 Avionics Flight Experiment (AFE) March 1995 to August 1998 Jet Propulsion Laboratory – Pasadena, California, Led a team tasked with the development and validation of an integrated avionics system and an advanced inertial navigation suite of technologies for the experimental X-33 Reusable LaunchVehicle. Thisprojectdemonstrated(2X) improvements inperformance, power, mass, and cost efficiencies over current space-qualified Inertial Navigations Systems. Task Manager/Senior Engineerfor the DOD sponsored Space Technology Research Vehicle – II Electronics Test Bed (ETB) Project Coordinateda multi-interestteamformedfromUSindustry,academic,Governmentscientists,researchers, and engineersthatdevelopeda suite of six specialized spacecrafthealthmonitoring experimentsthatwere literally gluedorboltedontothe vehicle asballastorutilized unusedmassandsurface area on the spacecraft. This experimentflew flawlesslyandincreasedourunderstandingof in-situspacecraftenvironmentalhazardscaused by solaractivity,andprovidedin-situmonitoring,atverylow cost. This pavedthe wayfor inexpensive vehicle situational awarenessand protectionfromthesekindsof space environmental hazards. Lead Engineer /Task Lead for the Clementine spacecraft - Radiation RELiability and Assurance eXperiment (RRELAX) project, 1994 to 1996 Formedand leda team that rapidlydevelopedacompactspace environmentmonitoringsysteminorderto establishthe robustnessof newApplicationSpecificIntegratedCircuit(ASIC) technologiesinthe hazardousspace radiationenvironment. The experimentsflewin1996 and workedflawlesslythroughoutthe ClementineMission. Computer Science/Electrical Engineer and Technology Developer March 1985 through January 1994 DesignedcustomVery-Large-Scale-Integration (VLSI) circuits/sensors thatwere highlyspecializedforuse inspace and terrestrial monitoringsystems.Thesesensorsystemswere integratedanddeployedsuccessfullyoverthe late 1980’s and early1990’s and continue tobe the standardof radiationandimagingtechnologiesto date. Thiswork pioneeredthe use of inexpensiveandlightweightspacecrafthealthsensingtechnologies andledtonew discoverieswithinNASA,andthe FederalAviationAdministrationincreating “shadow”systemsthat demonstrated thatsolid-state technologiescouldsafelyreplace mechanical switchingsystems Education: B.S. Computer Science and Engineering. University of La Verne, 1987 Technology Management Certificate, California Institute of Technology, 2003 Sergeant/Instructor – NASA/JPL Fire/Urban Search and Rescue, FEMA certified Advanced water rescue, certified diver Awards: NASA/JPL Technology and Applications Program: Two Exceptional Achievement awards for team leadership, U.S. Government Exceptional Achievement Medal for NASA/JPL Constellation Project Leadership, Seven NASA/JPL Group Achievement Awards