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  1. 1. Nurturing Future of Asia Enabling Children’s Educationdonyeo.com  
  2. 2. In Asia, of Asia, For Asia Timeframe  &  considera1ons   Loca1on   Levels  of  Engagement   2-­‐5  years   Regional/ Internal   Sustainability   Singapore   engagement   India   (staff)   Alignment  with   DBS  growth   Indonesia   External   strategy   engagement   China/Hong   (community)   Kong   Customer   engagement  Approach: a holistic framework
  3. 3. Degree of impact Enhances Brand Value Create Goodwill among Locals Build Staff Pride Create Trusted Engage Corporate Brand Name Customers Build Staff Pride Engage RetailConceptualization Customers In Asia, of Asia, Engage Public For Asia Project 80/40 Sustained CSR Activities Nurturing Future of Asia Nurturing Future of Asia II Time Line & Activities donyeo.com  
  4. 4. China/Hong Kong: Macro-environmental optimism, forecasted 9.9% growth in GDP in China & 4.9% for Hong Kong (EIU) India: Real GDP (on an expenditure basis) is forecast to expand by 7.9% in 2010/11 (EIU) Singapore remains a big contributor to DBS’s bottom line (79%) Indonesia: fastest growing franchises in terms of branches,donyeo.com   40 branches in 11 cities
  5. 5. Enabling Children’s Educationdonyeo.com  
  6. 6. Implement Future Nurturing Across Asia Common Children’s Theme Enabling Education Commercial Success Asia Associationdonyeo.com  
  7. 7. Enabling Children’s Educationdonyeo.com  
  8. 8. Partnerships Activities Engagement•  Partner with school(s) to •  Children’s day party •  Public Engagement – identify a group of children publicise CSR activites in •  Field trips mainstream media and with practical needs and provide them with supplies •  Bank in $10 into all social media. (Use stories of (shoes, uniforms, books, children’s account on kids who benefited - rather stationery, pocket money) Children’s Day than figures) for the academic year. •  Employee Engagement – •  Educate children the•  Program can be expanded importance of racial raise funds and administer year-on-year to include harmony, e.g. essay the programmes more schools and children writing competition on •  Corporate Customer racial Harmony day Engagement – to join hands with DBS to sponsor activities, events •  Get children who have benefited from the program to serve as volunteers when they grow up Singapore
  9. 9. Partnerships Activities Engagement•  Kids financial education: • Kid’s financial education •  Employee Partner with CECES to Provide financial planning education to Engagement: conduct a joint financial kids to enhance their financial sense Encourage DBS educational program to through: games, lectures, competitions employees volunteer to kids in Hong Kong. be teachers / lecturers The program can be • DBS Angels Make Your Dream Come True •  Public Engagement expanded year-on-year to Screen and choose kids in 5-12 years in Select DBS Angels include more schools and across the entire city to Hong Kong to play a role as DBS Angels. children encourage participation•  DBS Angels program DBS Angels’ tasks are: and create awareness Partner with various q Write letters to and make friends with peers from rural areas in China mainland organizations and q Recognize their peers’ dreams institution to help realize q With the support of DBS, DBS Angels kids’ dreams. can help their friends make their dreams true q Culture exchange visiting trips sponsored by DBS: DBS Angels travel to China to visit their friends; selected DBS Angels’ friends gain a chance to visit DBS Angels in Hong Kong China & Hong Kong
  10. 10. Partnerships Activities EngagementDBS should look for Organise activities and Ideal engagements modelsustainable and workable projects which resonate well both internally and externallypartnerships with NGO’s in with DBS’s CSR ThemeIndia • Employee Engagement • Projects – Building Schools, Following on the success of• Pratham – Actively involved Libraries in rural areas the 80/40 initiative, idealin the field of children’s platform to build a sustainableeducation •  Volunteer – DBS Staff to initiative to engage the volunteer as teachers in employees in projects of their• Smile Foundation – schools choiceFostering alliances between Mbusiness and social • Fund-Raising Events – •  Customer Engagemententrepreneurs Organize events like Painting Such initiatives resonates Camps, Games, Reading well with stakeholders as long Camps as DBS shows intent and focus on commitment towards • Scholarship – Opportunity a cause for staff/customers to sponsor children in receiving quality education India
  11. 11. Activities EngagementPartnerships • Build schools in rural •  Public Engagement• Yayasan Cinta AnakBangsa areas and ensure teachers Publicize CSR activites inIndonesian owned children are well-paid the Straits Times. Make itfocused NGO cheaper in cost know how children have good publicity for DBS benefitted. Stories of 1 or 2• World Vision can act as market penetration kids (rather than figures)Adopt a Child program to rural area, increase DBS •  Corporate Customer visibility in Indonesia Engagement Encourage customer to • Adopt a child Program support children education together with World Vision by making an annual donation •  Employee Engagement Encourage staffs to visit and help the school building programs Indonesia
  12. 12. Potential Partners
  13. 13. Enabling Children’s Education
  14. 14. Regional Competitions Asian Essay Writing Asian Art Children Competition And Craft Talent on Racial Competition Competition Harmony Finalsdonyeo.com  
  15. 15. Enabling Children’s Educationdonyeo.com