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Opendream Pitch


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Published in: Business, Sports, Technology
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Opendream Pitch

  1. 1. Who we are? Opendream is a social mission driven organisation runs by social mind digital natives social which trade in ICT innovations for social purpose.
  2. 2. Vision An ICT as the great social collaboration and learning platform by radically shifting the of social benefit organisationsʼ use of the ICT.
  3. 3. Mission Being ICT for social innovation organisation, and the top of ICT for social benefit solution provider in Thailand and South East Asia.
  4. 4. Theory of change Rapid collaboration through the open communication channel, the Internet, helps people learn more effectively, increase social impact.
  5. 5. The problem ICT becomes a massive collaboration platform nowadays, but only few social benefit organisations adopt ICT to be the main tool of collaboration and learning. Thousands of social benefit organisations are lack of digital collaboration expertise.
  6. 6. The Solution provides ICT consultant and implementation to improve the existed social benefit organisations to improve their use of ICT, with our digital native environment and social mind. Our social innovation lab researchers and friends of Opendream are one of the Thai internet-sphere driver.
  7. 7. Target Segment business normal business CSR business social benefit profit CSR business social business charity
  8. 8. Competitive advantage • The digital natives, growth with the internet era, with social mind and understanding. • Friends of Opendraem, the network of technologists/designers who want to create social impact with their abilities.
  9. 9. What weʼve done?
  10. 10. Community Doctor Foundation
  11. 11. Community Doctor Foundation
  12. 12. Mobile Disease Surveillance
  13. 13. Asia Society
  14. 14.