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  • Shock treatment
  • Over 400 million event tickets are sold each year in the US alone. Events are big business and a lot of people are willing to pay a lot of money to have a great event experience.
  • This is a view of great seats at the Red Sox game one of the most famous venues in the world Fenway Park famous for the Green Monster. Very expensive. Fenway is famous for the Green Monster. This is the only monster though at Fenway Park. Parking is the one part of the event experience that we rarely can control. It ruins the event sometimes.
  • Let me show you how we’ve changed the event experience.We make money by charging a $2-5 fee. Very small for the improved experience.Each time a reservation is made, lot gets an email, is ready for you when you arrive.
  • Let me tell you about what we have accomplished this summer and why it matters:13 cities on board. We are primarily solving the pain right now at sporting venues, but one of the ways that we scale is that we can easily provide parking for any event, large or small ie: fairs, concerts, conventions, etc.
  • We have traction with parking providers and are adding new parking lots each week.Over 10,000 parking spaces. We are signing up 3 new lots on average each week.We are adding new garages and new spots every single week and as we increase our inventory, we are seeing more and more reservations coming through. Over the summer, we’ve seen an average of 40% increase each week in the number of reservations made.
  • We project based upon our traction, that we can have almost 300,000 parking spots by the end of next year. Let me tell you why.
  • Why do we have such traction with parking lots? Because there is massive demand for our solution because we are also solving 3 major problems for parking providers.When parking is available for non-sold out events, lots have up to 50% vacancy and want help driving more traffic to their lot rather than a competitor.For sold out events, parking revenue is limited by capacity. Parking garages have to have a drive up parking rate that is competitive with other nearby providers and when they are full, they can’t earn more revenue. Sometimes, the price is even capped by city laws. They have no effective way to dynamically price and increase revenue.Cash control
  • For lots, looking to increase traffic and fill parking spaces at low demand events, our online marketing helps people who are searching for the best places to park near venues to actually find these lots and reserve a parking space there, thus driving more traffic to their lot.
  • For lots that are full due to sold out events, we provide a way for them to dynamically price and to upsell their parking spaces in advance. These means lots don’t have to worry about what a competitors drive up rate will be because they’ve already sold their spaces at a premium. The lots can’t do this without us and our solution is so easy for them to use and to increase revenue with.Lots also collect cash electronically and have access to our backend reporting and analytics so they no longer have problems with cash management and they can exactly how much extra revenue is coming in through offering reservations.There is such high demand from parking garages and we are getting so much traction because we are solving these 3 pains in a very simple way and we are providing our solution to them at a great value. 3 months free, 15% commission on sales after that.
  • Conversion will be highest at point of ticket sale, so we’ve begun integrating with ticket agencies.
  • We have a strong team with deep industry experience. I am the CEO, this is my second company founded and I have experience with social media marketing sales.Tom Lombardi is the founder of APR and has 25+ years of industry experience. He has made over 2. million parking reservations. Greg Bessoni founded Shuttlefare and grew it to a $10MM/year company.BartoszPieterzak is our developer and is experienced with Ruby on Rails.
  • Strategic partnersEmail list is a list of customers who have already made online parking reservations. We don’t have to teach them new behavior.Also have access to over 2,500 affiliates who we can plug into and contacts with lot owners. 
  • Parking is an 8.2 billion dollar industry and event parking makes up about $1.2 billion of that.Online Ticket Sales and Reservations are growing at almost 10% per year and parking is growing at almost 5% per year.
  • Based on current and projected traction. We collect an average of $8/reservation. $2-5 from customers. 15% commission from parking garages.
  • We are seeking $300,000. $50,000 already committedWe’ve solved a pain that 400 million people experience and that is personal to you. We are also solving a multi-million dollar pain for parking garages across the country. Our solution to these pains, is simple, yet powerful and it is very scalable. This is a business that just needs fuel. We need you and this is the perfect time to come on board. Let change the way people experience events.Come and talk to me.
  • Xoom park demo day presentation3

    1. 1. Ken FreiCEO, XoomPark.comken@xoompark.com208-339-7027XoomPark.com
    2. 2. 400,000,000Event Tickets Sold in the United States 2
    3. 3. 3
    4. 4. Traction this Summer 5
    5. 5. Traction this Summer Parking Spots Under Contract100008000600040002000 0 May-12 Jun-12 Jul-12 Aug-12
    6. 6. Traction this Summer Year 1 Projected Parking Spots Under Contract400,000300,000200,000100,000 - May-12 Sep-12 Jan-13 May-13 Sep-13
    7. 7. Vacancy Rates: 50%Limited by capacity 20% of cash goes missing $240,000,000 8
    8. 8. Why?
    9. 9. How do we scale?
    10. 10. TeamKen Frei- CEO Tom Lombardi- VP• Experienced in startup Sales sales and marketing • Founded APR, largest online• Social Media and Mobile airport reservation site app consultant • 25+ years industry experienceGreg Bessoni- COO Bartosz Pieterzak- CTO• Founded • Co-founded Monetrail.com Shuttlefare.com, ParkingA • Experienced Ruby developer ccess.com, and SocialPrize.com• 10 years industry experience 13
    11. 11. User Acquisition Email Marketing Industry Contacts and affiliates Educated Customers! 14
    12. 12. Market Size $8.2 Billion US Parking Industry $1.2 Billion Event Parking $613 Million Sporting Event Parking 15
    13. 13. Revenue Projections $48,000,000 $40,000,000 $32,000,000 $24,000,000 Revenue $16,000,000 $8,000,000 $- 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017Financials 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017Revenue $567,624 $3,686,733 $10,004,486 $21,933,930 $45,771,447Parking lots 1,255 2,815 4,850 7,358 10,201# of reservations 84,545 419,992 1,142,132 2,382,728 4,250,577 16
    14. 14. The DealSeeking $300,000 of equity financing $215,000 already committed Use of Funds $100,000 Customer Acquisition & Sales $200,000 Scaling Infrastructure 17
    15. 15. Come talk to us! ken@xoompark.com 208-339-7027 @kenfrei 18