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Preventing falls


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Preventing falls

  1. 1. Preventing Falls Are you at risk?
  2. 2. Falls are one of the main causes ofinjury in people over the age of 65 As we get older, we are not as steady on our feet After a fall an older person is more likely to have problems that don’t go away…
  3. 3. Are you at risk?Are you a woman?Have you fallen in the last 6 months?Are you over the age of 65?Are you ever dizzy or lightheaded?Do you have a hard time getting inand out the tub ,or on and off thetoilet?
  4. 4. Are you at risk ?Do you use a cane or walker?Do you need glasses or hearing aids?Do you have two or more medicalconditions?Do you take three or moremedications?Have you felt depressed recently?
  5. 5. Are you at risk?Have you had trouble with memoryloss?Are there hazards in your home suchas loose rugs or poor lighting?Do you have pets?Have you stopped getting regularexercise?
  6. 6. SummaryIf you answered “yes” to 1-3questions, you are at a lower risk forfalls.If you answered “yes” to 4-5question, you are a moderate risk forfalls.If you answered “yes” to 6 or morequestions, you are at a high risk forfalls.