Sunday market proposal


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Sunday market proposal

  1. 1. Food you love from people you know….SUNDAY MARKET
  2. 2. Proposal for HON. ERIC C. CODILLA March 8,2012 Prepared by: Sarah Alexis G. TanResident of Brgy. Cogon Ormoc City
  3. 3. EXECUTIVE SUMMARYA Sunday Market will fulfill an unmet consumer need for local fresh produce andhome cooked meals while strengthening relationships between the locals and thecommunity.Sunday Market in Ormoc’s Bay Area is increasingly in demand as people becomemore health conscious and determining about where the produce is sourced from orjust simply for people who really enjoy food. It can help bring activity into public spaces, as a way to revitalize downtownareas. Having a Sunday Market would be cost effective and convenient.This proposal is also intended to showcase the local farmers of Ormoc and thehome based entrepreneurs.Specifics are included for procedural concerns about non-profit status, vendorselection, marketing, permits, security and clean up.
  4. 4. OVERVIEWOrmoc City is known for its dedication to sustainably and locally grown producesuch as corn, vegetables, root crops, coconut, fruits, and sugarcane.Ormoc’s range to the bounty of fresh varieties from BrgysJuaton, Boroc, Ipil,Green Valley, SabangBao, and Alta Vista are now supplying once every week inTacloban City and will further expand their supplies.Since they are supplying their produce elsewhere might as well also sell it to thelocals directly.Direct sales of farm fresh produce will provide farmers a better profit margin.They will also provide consumers with high quality produce which, because of itsfreshness, is often more nutritious than produce sold at stores.
  5. 5. PROPOSAL SPECIFIC Outlined below is our timeline of events to launch the Sunday Market. March 9, 2012-March 16,2012 Select Location for the market to be held, Select time for the market to operate, Research and Solicit available community resources . March 12, 2012 Develop by-laws, Market rules and Permits March 12, 2012 Start to solicit Vendors March 15, 2012 Market the Market April 1, 2012 Host Sunday Market (Tentative launching date) April to May 2012* *From April to May 2012, My team will host the Sunday’s Market each Sunday of both months. *If said program is successful, the team will likely decide to extend through out the year.
  6. 6. Identify Competition The Closest competitors of the Sunday Market in Bay Area Would beTatta’s at superdome, Food Park (barbeque-han) and of course our very ownwet market running the whole day. Thus, I assume that there should not be adirect conflict with another market on Sundays.Select a Time The Sunday Market will run from 9am to 9pm. This will give ourcustomersOpportunity to visit the market at their leisure. Churchgoers can also attend theSundays Market After the Mass at Saint’s Peter and Paul Parish, which is justnearby. The general community would most likely go to the Sunday Marketsince most would be at work during weekdays.Select a Location When taking into account the location of this Sunday Market it isimportantThat the site will be central to the Ormoc Population and provide ample spacefor 15 to 20 merchants. Required Comfort Rooms and Garbage and Recyclingneed to be available nearby. It would be ideal if no street closure were
  7. 7. Taking these factors into consideration, the best location for the SundayMarket will be at Ormoc Plaza. The Open Plaza is located near Sts. Peterand Paul Church where a large number of the prospective customers willbe coming from. The Open, square-shape of the plaza will be for vendors toset up around the perimeter,leaving the center open for people to walkaround and browse the stands.Our program aims to, “ …connect locals with entrepreneurs and companiesthat not only interest them, but those who are socially responsible andresponsive to the needs of our community.”Vendor Selection In deciding what types of vendors to select, we consider whetheror notTo include food vendors and arts and crafts stands in addition to theproduce and home cooked food vendors. We will also work with Health Promotions in setting up a stand thatwillProvide information on healthy lifestyle habits by having a representative toanswer questions and provide informational pamphlets on obesity, type-2diabetes, dietary tips, and other related health subjects.
  8. 8. Health Department Licensing Since the Sunday Market is a food facility, we will need to obtaina HealthPermit. Local health agencies and agricultural enforce the specificregulations.Marketing the Market The Sunday Market could attract the following groups: residentson the nearby site, Church attendees, neighborhood establishments,small grocery stores, and people at the plaza. Our ability to attract andretain these customers will depend largely on a successful marketing planthat stays within our limited budget.There will be marketing approach. First, posting and distributing flyersaround the city. Second, placing ads in the local newspaper. Third, askingthe church to make special announcement during every end of the massat Sts. Peter and Paul Church. Churchgoers are a target demographicsince the family-friendly market will be held on Sundays and will beconveniently located within walking distance from the Church. Finally, inorder to attract and retain customers, we will feature special events andproducts. This could include live music, pineapple festival in the summer.
  9. 9. IN ADDITIONSunday market will supply the tents, tables and chairs for those who would wantto enjoy their food at the market, and will have people to maintain the cleanliness ofthe location. Sunday market will promote each tenant accordingly by means ofadvertising.To ensure the safety of everyone at the market, we will be hiring security guardsto secure the area.There will be a need of electricity at some point. And if the local government willapprove, we would would like to tap from the city stage and have our own meter forour electric consumption.
  10. 10. REVENUESSome Market charge a percentage of producer’s daily average revenue.Other markets collect a flat fee from each tenants per month, sometimes withan additional surcharge based on percentage.We have decided to charge tenants differently, a P500 fee for those who areselling cooked food every market day and a P200 flat fee for local farmers permarket day. additional fee is required for electric consumption.We will also have a registration fee worth P500 for the uniforms of the marketproducers (printed t-shirt and apron) and the set up and maintenance of theSunday Market.
  11. 11. CONCLUSIONOrmoc City needs a Sunday Market because it will provide fresh local produce,home cooked food and many more to the residents in the community through aconvenient, clean and safe atmosphere.With the resulting promotion of the local farmers and home basedentrepreneurs. A Sunday Market can be executed with reasonable budget andaccommodate all needs of the local residents so that in the end it will be a win-win situation.