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10 Steps to Twitter Success


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10 Steps to Twitter Success

  1. 1. DIGITAL WORD OF MOUTH: TEN STEPS TO TWITTER SUCCESSS Kendra Wright, Saffire Events Troy Bowers, Amador County Fair
  2. 2. PRESENTERS Kendra Wright Troy Bowers President CEO Saffire Events Amador County FairExperience: Experience:• Began building websites • CEO of Amador County in 1995 for Fortune 1000 Fair, the #1 small county• Started online consulting fair company in 1998 • “Seasoned” fair• Helps events have a great professional online presence • Second generation fair manager; have worked most every job on the fairgrounds • In 1978, first company to
  3. 3. HISTORY
  5. 5. SAFFIRE EVENTS (continued)
  6. 6. POLLHow many of you have a Twitter account for your event?How many of you have a personal Twitter account?
  7. 7. AGENDASet up your Twitter accountCustomize your Twitter pageFigure out who to followTweeting ideas and strategy Who to tweet about!Advanced Twitter maneuversManaging TweetsTwitter analytics
  8. 8. STEP 1: SET UP TWITTERNo more than 15 characters in UsernameExample: Amador County Fair • Too many characters: @AmadorCountyFair • Use: @AmadorFair • Use your real business name so search engines & customers can find you Include your state in your username if you need to differentiate yourself!
  9. 9. SET UP PERSONAL ACCOUNT TOOIt’s a good place to “practice”But be careful! • KitchenAid debate disasterFollow different people on personal, so it’s obvious what account
  10. 10. AmadorFair
  11. 11. WHO TO FOLLOW IN SET UPWhen you set up your account, just followthe minimum - Industry associations &businesses • IAFE @IAFE • IFEA @IFEAworld • State/regional organization @WesternFairs • Saffire Events @SaffireEvents
  12. 12. STEP 2: CUSTOMIZE YOUR PAGEEdit Profile • Add a photo (logo) o Get 10x more followers • Add a bio (mission – make it fun) o Get 8x more followersCustomize your design • Use your website background
  13. 13. NEW! ADD A HEADERMake a file that is1200 x 600It will be a background behind:• Twitter name• Bio• Location• URLJust another way to convey your brandUpload it to Profile/Design
  14. 14. STEP 3: DO A FEW RETWEETS• Retweet people you follow • Look through your timeline • At first, this is just to get your feet wet • Give people a taste of what’s to come
  15. 15. STEP 4: FOLLOW SOME PEOPLEEvents similar to yoursBig eventsPeople involved in your eventLocal businessesJust for fun Don’t follow too many until you have tweeted and have a branded page!
  16. 16. EVENTS SIMILAR TO YOURSNevada County FairChowchilla-Madera Co FairCalaveras County FairMotherlode Fair, Tuolumne CountyDel Norte County Fair
  17. 17. LARGE EVENTS ON YOUR RADARSan Diego County FairAlameda County FairCalifornia Expo and State FairSan Joaquin County FairStanislaus County Fair
  18. 18. PEOPLE INVOLVED IN YOUR EVENT Sponsors Vendors Entertainers Volunteers Exhibitors Board members
  19. 19. AMADOR EXAMPLESJumbo Shrimp CircusAmador County Fair FoundationAmador Music Hub – local musiciansconnectionAmador Wine Grape growersJackson Rancheria Casino & HotelJunior LivestockLions and Rotary Clubs
  20. 20. LOCAL BUSINESSESLocal businesses • Amador (county) • Plymouth (city)Local press Pilfer from those we are following & our followers!
  21. 21. JUST FOR FUNIf you don’t have a personal accountJust for fun/personality • Backyard tomato farmer • Amateur beer and wine maker • Hiking and biking Follow people on a Tuesday morning; there may be better chance they’ll follow you back.
  22. 22. FINDING MORE PEOPLE TO FOLLOWWho to follow – View All (based on interests)Find friends – if you have: • Gmail • Yahoo • Hotmail • AOLPeople you may know (who your friendsfollow)
  23. 23. STEP 5: WRITE SOME TWEETSIt’s a chicken and the egg: people don’tfollow people without tweets, but you’ll getbetter bang for buck once you have morefollowersTweet what you think will be helpful to yourtarget audience • Don’t be too self-serving
  24. 24. WHAT TO POSTWebsite changes/blog posts/email articlesTestimonialsPhotos/Videos“Insider info”News of weird/human interest storiesContestsQuestions
  25. 25. TRICKS AND TIPS FOR TWEETSTweets between 120-130 characters get thehighest click-through ratesTweets containing via, RT, please and checkhad higher click-through ratesTweet on the weekends (more on thatshortly)
  26. 26. THE ART OF THE HASHTAGTwitter Hashtag Definition (courtesy of Mashable): The hashtag is a way for Twitter users to organize themselves: if everyone uses a certain hashtag to tweet about a topic, it becomes easier to find that topic in search, and is more likely to appear in Twitter’s Trending Topics.Saffire Definition Addendum Many also use hashtags to add something parenthetical/funny at the end of a tweet
  27. 27. THE ART OF THE HASHTAG: BADHashtags preferred by Olympics: #London2012 #Olympics #GoUSA
  28. 28. THE ART OF THE HASHTAG: FUNJimmy Fallon tweets out a hashtag, andpeople tweet funny responses#FactCheck
  30. 30. STEP 6: PROMOTE TWITTER & HASHTAGSPOST it – relevant places on your website/blogPUBLICIZE it – Twitter feed, regularly andconsistentlyPRINT it – event materials, at your event, etc. Make it easy for your customers to find, adopt and promote it.
  31. 31. “ADVANCED” TWITTER MANEUVERS Favorites (from Profile page) Lists • Create public or private • Subscribe to others Replying to tweets • People can track “conversation” Deleting tweets
  32. 32. POLL Do you use a program to manageyour Twitter and/or Facebook posts?
  35. 35. STEP 8: GO ABOUT YOUR DAYInstall Firefox extension • While you are online reading articles, don’t just post them; highlight text and click Buffer icon at bottom right to tweet
  37. 37. STEP 9: TWEET ABOUT YOUR PEOPLENow you follow “your people”You may have even retweeted some of themNow start writing original tweets about them • Be ruthless: Keep track of how many followers THEY have, and tweet about those who have the most followers – include @ (Twitter name)! e.g., @saffireevents • Your goal, especially while you don’t have many followers, is to get retweeted. So think like people you tweet about. Hint: People tend to retweet when you say nice things about them.
  38. 38. SPECIFIC IDEASSend opening day congrats to other fairsJudiciously promote big sponsors for retweetSame with vendors and entertainersPost thanks to people/groups; they’ll repost
  39. 39. TWITONOMY
  40. 40. STEP 10: TWEAK & REPEATCheck BufferApp or Twitonomy analytics.Write down topics that had the most reach. • Do more of those.Write down topics that had the least reach. • Do less of those.
  41. 41. THANKS FOR YOUR TIME!We will send you slides! Questions?