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Kendis Integration with JIRA, configure connection, service account and webhook


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Manage integration with JIRA

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Kendis Integration with JIRA, configure connection, service account and webhook

  1. 1. Agile Scaling Platform Configure JIRA Connection and Webhook
  2. 2. Kendis What we will cover? 2 • How to connect from Kendis to JIRA • Manage Connections • Best Practices for JIRA User for Kendis • Create Webhook Manually
  3. 3. Kendis How to Connect from Kendis to JIRA 3
  4. 4. Kendis Connect to JIRA 4 • When you start creating your first board, you will be asked to select the Connection String • To connect to JIRA, enter these details • Account Name: It’s the label to identify the settings later • URL: <Your JIRA Instance URL> • Username: <Your JIRA account> • Password: <Password of the JIRA account> • Click “Test Connection” • Provide the fields mapping if asked • Press Save
  5. 5. Kendis Editing JIRA Connection 5 • Only Super Admins have rights to edit the JIRA ALM Connections, as this is part of the of Administration Section • Click on the Settings from left bar and select “ALM Connections” • Click on the name of the connection that you want to edit • Update the details, you wish to change, e.g., password. • Note: If the connection string is attached to some board, then you will not be able to delete it. You first have to delete the board and then this connection string can be deleted.
  6. 6. Kendis 6 Edit JIRA Connection
  7. 7. Kendis Best Practices for JIRA User for Kendis 7
  8. 8. Kendis Best Practices for the JIRA User 8 Use Service user while creating connection from Kendis to JIRA. • Create a “Service User” at JIRA • Ensure that this user is added to all the relevant projects at JIRA • Ensure that this user has rights to “Edit” and “Create” Items at your JIRA projects. • This user doesn’t require admin or any other additional rights.
  9. 9. Kendis Webhook 9
  10. 10. Kendis What is Webhook? 10 • Webhook is a standard way to send updates from one system to another. • At Kendis, webhook will be used to receive the changes made at JIRA, this will ensure that changes made at JIRA are automatically reflected at Kendis. • If your JIRA user has “Administrator” rights then webhook will be created automatically when you configure your JIRA connection at Slide 3. • Otherwise you can create Webhook manually at JIRA.
  11. 11. Kendis Why to Configure Webhook? 11 Web hook is the mechanism to notify Kendis about the changes made at JIRA, e.g., if user updates status of the user story at JIRA then with webhook, Kendis will able to identify the status update and will make a change at Kendis automatically and ensures that the user story status at Kendis same as JIRA. Note: For changes from Kendis to JIRA, we use the API calls (so in case web hook is not configured, you still be able to make changes in JIRA from Kendis, like creating new stories, or updating status of user story from Kendis to JIRA).
  12. 12. Kendis Create Webhook Manually 12 • First go to Kendis and copy the webhook URL. You need to have "Super Admin" rights to access this URL https://<yourinstance>
  13. 13. Kendis Create Webhook at JIRA 13 • Go to Administration section at JIRA and then navigate to "webhooks" section. You can also use this URL to directly jump to web hooks section (Remember to replace URL with your JIRA instance URL). • Click on "Create a Webhook”
  14. 14. Kendis Configure Webhook at JIRA 14 Type "Name" to identify the webhook and in the URL section, paste the URL that was copied from Kendis Select the events
  15. 15. Kendis Configure Webhook at JIRA 15 • Type "Name" to identify the webhook and in the URL section, paste the URL that was copied from Kendis • Select the Events
  16. 16. Kendis How to Test Webhook? 16 • To test the webhook you can run a simple test. • Go to your Kendis board that you have created and click on the ID of any card. It will open item in JIRA. • Now at JIRA, just change the status of the card. • Switch back to Kendis and wait for around 30 seconds, the status of the card should be updated at Kendis automatically. • If you don't see the change at Kendis, then it means the webhook is not configured correctly. • Please ensure that the events are selected properly and also the URL at JIRA for Kendis web hook is correct.
  17. 17. Kendis Thank You 17 For more info contact us at