Using marketo lead scoring to build pipeline growth


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  • Look back to look forward Increase in conversions
  • Using marketo lead scoring to build pipeline growth

    1. 1. Using Marketo Lead Scoring toBuild Pipeline Growth
    2. 2. What is LeadScoring Again?
    3. 3. Lead Scoring• Two components:‒ Behavioral: Aprospect’s activityas a measurementof their interest inour products‒ Demographic:How well theprospect fits intoour buyer profileThe “right” person that hasa need for our products.
    4. 4. Behaviour Matters
    5. 5. Sales & Marketing Need Each Other• An effective lead scoring system will efficientlydrive high-quality leads:‒ Building pipeline growth‒ Helping sales to attain their quota• Marketing needs closed-loop feedback fromsales to:‒ Ensure “Best Bets” tab shows true best bets‒ Create actionable insights for marketingcampaigns
    6. 6. B2C Exercise
    7. 7. Who is the Buyer?• Age?• Gender?• Income?• Lead source?• Geography?• Who isn’t the buyer?• What kinds of resources could Burberry useto get demographic information?
    8. 8. What Does the Buyer Do?• During the education phase?• During the research phase?• When they are ready to buy?• What might signal someone is not interestedin actually buying?
    9. 9. Why RethinkScoring Now?
    10. 10. Room for Improvement• Well, we had to start somewhere…‒ Things we can improve:o Too many of the “wrong” people have inflated scoresbecause they have completed a lot of activityo Too many of the “right” people are doing nothing, butstill ending up in your best betsSales is not trusting lead score asmeasurement of sales engagement
    11. 11. Set-Up
    12. 12. Define & Rank the Optimal Person• Talk to sales!• Look at the data‒ Get reports on the buyers over the past quarter –who are they?‒ Spend time digging into what these buyers didbefore they buy. This will likely be manual• Rank each demographic‒ How each is ranked will vary by company needs
    13. 13. Demographic Classification PointsBad data DQ Unless PIAdministrator Low +4Consultant DQ DQ Unless PIDirector/Sr. Director High +12Generalist Low +4Manager/Sr. Manager High +12VP/SVP High +12C-level High +12Student DQ DQ Unless PIDiversity None +0Ethics & Compliance None +0Human Resources Low +4Legal Low +4Operations None +0Training & Development Low +4Other None +01-99 DQ DQ Unless PI100-249 None +0250-499 None +0500-999 None +01000-4999 None +05000+ None +0Not Interested in Purchasing DQ DQ Unless PIISP-Based Negative - High -12Title LevelDepartmentEstimated Number of People to Be TrainedEmail Address
    14. 14. Define & Rank Possible Behaviours• Define all behaviours:‒ Take an inventory of all website assets‒ Include events/webinars‒ Get creative!• Rank each behaviour based on where it fitsin the buying cycle
    15. 15. Activity Classification Points FormCame from Littler High +12 N/ACame from SHRM Low +4 N/AVisted Tech Specs Medium +8 N/AVisited How to Buy High +12 N/AFilled out Live Demo Form Very High "A LEAD" YesFilled out Buy Now Form Very High "A LEAD" YesFilled out CU Form (Purchase Interest) Very High "A LEAD" YesWatched Demo Medium +8 YesRegistered Webinar Low +4 YesAttended Webinar Medium +8 YesRaised Hand at Webinar/Deminar Very High "A LEAD" YesWatched Archive Medium +8 YesRegistered Deminar Low +4 YesAttended Deminar High +12 YesSearch term contains ELT Medium +8 N/ASearch term contains Training Low +4 N/ADownloaded Tearsheets Medium +8 NoBy The Numbers Whitepaper Low +4 YesVisted Support Page Negative - Medium -8 N/AVisited Careers Page Negative - High -12 N/AVisted Media Kit Negative - Low -4 N/AAB1825 Training Mandates Low +4 NoCA, CT & ME Harassment Training Requirements Low +4 YesSample Workplace Harassment Policy Medium +8 YesResponding to Agency Complaints of Harassment Medium +8 YesHarassment Investigation Checklist Medium +8 YesTop 5 Harassment Training Trends Low +4 NoHarassment in the Workplace: Are You Prepared? Medium +8 NoAB 1825 Author Speaks with ELT Low +4 NoAB 1825 Compliant Interactive Supervisor Q&A Solution High +12 No50-State Protected Category & Harassment Training Survey Low +4 Yes7 Reasons You Should Be Doing Diversity & Inclusion Training Medium +8 NoLive Vs. Online Training Case Study Medium +8 YesWorkplace HarassmentDiversity & Inclusion
    16. 16. Test, Test, Test• Set up a new score for behaviour anddemographic (through the admin tab)• Create scoring campaigns for eachdemographic and behaviour score based onfilter of last three months
    17. 17. Decide When to Send to Sales• When activity AND behavior scores meet athreshold, the lead is classified with a rating(A, B, C)‒ Base threshold on optimal amount of lead flow‒ Consider creating a DQ rating as well• Marketo Sales Insight pulls it’s “best bets”from lead rating‒ Set this via the admin tab using a custom field‒ When setting lead rating, update sales insightrating to force rank (A = 100, B = 50 C = 25)
    18. 18. What Triggers A, B, C Leads?• A Lead‒ Beh. Score = 16+ AND Dem. Score = 16+‒ Beh. Score = 12+ AND Dem. Score = 20+‒ Beh. Score = 4+ AND Dem. Score = 36+• B Lead‒ Beh. Score = 8+ AND Dem. Score = 8‒ Beh. Score = 4+ AND Dem. Score = 12‒ Beh. Score = 4-15 AND Dem. Score = 16‒ Beh. Score = 4-11 AND Dem. Score = 20-35• C Lead‒ Beh. Score = 4+ AND Dem. Score = 4‒ Beh. Score = 4-7 AND Dem. Score = 8
    19. 19. Mechanics• “Lead Scoring” Cop‒ Triggered by any change in demographic orbehaviour‒ Send to A lead smart campaign‒ Wait 5 minutes, if A lead, remove from flow, ifnot, send to B lead smart campaign, etc.
    20. 20. Test Affect on Lead Flow
    21. 21. Inactivity• For each month of inactivity:‒ No change to “DQ” status‒ “A” leads  “B” leads‒ “B” leads  “C” leads‒ “C” leads and everyone else willbe zeroed out
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