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First Things First: Proper Asset Management in New Media Projects

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First things first ken circeo

  1. 1. FIRST THINGS FIRSTProper Asset Management in New Media ProjectsKEN CIRCEO — Sr. Content Publisher, Microsoft
  2. 2. Ken Circeo is a Sr. ContentPublisher at Microsoft, specializingin new media for communicationssoftware.As an 11-year Microsoft veteran, Ken has helped tousher in the era of new media for the softwaregiant, first evangelizing the merits of audio andvideo content, and then creating processes thathave come to be adopted throughout the company. Prior to joining Microsoft,Ken was a technical writer at WordPerfect, Novell, and NetDocuments. He hasalso written more than 200 articles for various publications, includingInfoWorld, PC Mech, and News 3X/400.
  3. 3. WHY MORE VIDEO? Web 2.0 enabled people to interact in a social media context Increased bandwidth accommodates video better than ever Speedier processors can handle higher bit rates Video-friendly screens are now mandated  Desktop  Tablet  Phone Generational communication demands more video Social media content demands more video
  4. 4. WHO DOES VIDEO? THEN  Media houses  Independent film makers NOW  Writers, editors, and other content publishers  Project managers  Engineers  Execs  Sales and marketing people  Anyone who can scrape together $250 for a copy of Camtasia
  5. 5. PROS AND CONS OF THIS BRAVE NEWWORLD PROS  Cost has plummeted, esp. in the new video stratum  Video as a medium is not just accepted, it’s EXPECTED  Technology is following the demand for more and better video content  Messages get delivered more effectively CONS  Demand for speed means quality suffers, bar gets lowered  Difficult to detect trusted information; message can get diluted
  6. 6. MY FAVORITE QUESTION How much does it cost to make a video? ANSWER:It depends… Are you making Seinfeld or Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee? $7.5M per episode $35K per episode
  7. 7. WHAT DRIVES UP COSTS $80,000 Custom animation Special effects Studio time Live action $ Pro Talent PhotographyPost-production $100
  8. 8. NARROW YOUR WORLD My world Script Talent Crew Post Podcast $ Screencast $ $ Screen $ $ $ animation Live action $ $ $ $ Examples  Send an IM – screencast, no VO  Join a Lync Meeting – screen animation w/VO  Lync for mobile clients – live action
  9. 9. PRODUCTION TIME Podcast  Screen animation  1 day = 1 video hour  1 day = 1 video minute  Minimal post  Heavy post Screencast  Live action  1 day = 15 video minutes  1 day = 1 video minute  Minimal post  Heavy post  Crew effortAll times increase exponentially with runtime andcomplexity
  10. 10. BUDGET REALITY What’s your real ROI?  Money – tough to quantify  CustSat – easy to quantify  Awareness – new channels provide greater reach Are there localization considerations?  Text layering  Asset organization  Schedule constraints  Hand-off coordination  Tool equivalencies Can you do any/all of the work in-house?
  11. 11. MAKE IT WORK Technology has caught up with the demand Demand for video continues to grow in the social community Can often say more in less time Appeals to multiple learning types  Visual – seeing  Aural – hearing  Kinesthetic – doing Discoverability Moves CustSat scores The viral factor