Why blogging is like owning a sun for some and a time suck-vortex for others


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Why blogging is like owning a SUN for some real estate agents and a time suck-vortex for others

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Why blogging is like owning a sun for some and a time suck-vortex for others

  1. 1. Edit this promotion Share with http://mim.io/b294d These are notes from the 10 minute presentation I will share at Xplode Austin. If you have any thoughts or suggestions, Im all ears. Thanks. When blogging Might Be A Time-Sucking-Vortex - When You Have A Smart And Modern Business Plan. Youre Working And Its Working. Yea! Congratulations if this is you. If youre connecting and conversing, sharing, solving, serving and successful; rock on with what youre doing. Dont distract yourself with the additional commitment a profitable blogging business strategy requires. Do keep blogging on your personal radar for the reasons Ill share in a minute. Again, if this is you, well done, keep going. When blogging Might Be A Time-Sucking-Vortex - When Youre Retiring Soon. If youve enjoyed a fruitful career and you plan to retire in the next couple of years, blogging might be a waste of your time. Smart, disciplined and interesting online sharing, aka blogging, can attract serendipitous opportunity right from the get-go - but the benefits of smartly blogging accrue and accelerate overtime with every blog post. Blogging successfully is kinda like growing a garden, you cant pluck-up a salad on day one . Like I said, if youre retiring soon, good for you, I wouldnt sweat starting a blog. Focus on the good things youve been doing. When blogging Might Be A Time-Sucking-Vortex - When Youre Career Might Need Immediate Defibrillation.
  2. 2. [caption id="attachment_4734" align="aligncenter" width="400" caption="Maybe blogging isnt the bestidea if your real estate career might need the paddles."] [/caption]Ive been in the real estate business since December of 1979. Ive enjoyed three booms and threebusts in the past 30 years. These past two years have been the hardest, most painful and mostsobering of them all. Congratulations to all of us for surviving. Having said that,most everyone believes that our economy is clawing its way out and up, 2011 is going to be better.If youre hanging tough by a few worn threads, investing your attention on starting a blog would not bea wise use of your resources. Keep blogging on your radar, but dont take your eyes and yourattention off the smart things you can do today to create an immediate impact.Now lets talk about why blogging for some is like owning a SUN.Authoring a blog is like owning a Sun. Sharing and becoming “sharable” is sunlight for your onlinesolar system.Think of everything you do to attract, uncover and discover listing and selling opportunities as yourpersonal real estate solar system. You and your blog are at the center of your business solar systemand the planets in your solar system would be the networks, tribes, niches and online communities thatorbit around you. Im talking about your In-Real-Life (IRL) spheres, Facebook.com, LinkedIn.com,Youtube.com, SlideShare.com, Twitter.com, Flickr.com, your neighborhood and all the places you
  3. 3. Youtube.com, SlideShare.com, Twitter.com, Flickr.com, your neighborhood and all the places youprospect for business.In todays modern and moving online real estate universe, authoring a blog is like owning the Sun foryour real estate solar system. Like our real Sun beams sunlight to all the planets, your blog beamssunlight to all your important prospecting communities, tribes and networks. The intensity, illuminationand warmth of your sunlight is determined by the quality and frequency of the things you share on yourblog.Your blog is where you can show-instead-of-tell others who you really are. What youre about . Whatyou stand for and against. How knowledgeable and helpful you are and the emotional and logicalreasons why someone should choose you to help them with their real estate need. You doing this bysharing stuff on your blog. When you hear people talk about creating content for your blog theyretalking about the things, information and opinions you share on your blog. Its that simple, content issimply the stuff you share on your blog. Specifically, stuff like neighborhood news, photos of the park,Catfish Festival, market updates, local restaurant reviews, answers to commonly asked questions andthe like. Blogging is one of the best ways to share and beam your persona throughout your solarsystem.In addition to beaming sunlight, once you hit the "Publish" button on a blog post, your "Share"becomes part of the online information ocean and becomes sharable via perma-web-link. Once youveshared (published) something on your blog you and your friends and friends of friends can nowbroadcast share your stuff around the inter-webs and within your/their social circles, using your perma-web-links. For example you and others can share and cross-post your permalinks with your/theirtribes on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, etc.. Also your blog provides you with a powerfulopportunity to showcase and further enhance your online presence by including share-tools likeFlickr.com for photos, SlideShare.com for presentations and Youtube.com for video - all for free.Your blogs sharing power also provides a friction free and convenient way for your friends and friendsof your friends to re-share your valued/interesting/relevant "shares" with the friends of their friends.This is what ReTweets, Facebook Likes, Shares and Comments is all about.Bottom line, blogging beams your personal shade of sunlight stuff to your IRL spheres, networks andtribes - as a bonus, it makes your stuff sharable by others. Which is a beautiful thing. But theresmore...Blogging Pours Your Online Shares Into The Information Ocean.[caption id="attachment_4736" align="aligncenter" width="400" caption="Blogging pours your sharinginto the Ocean Of Online Information"]
  4. 4. [/caption]Every blog post is catalogued, indexed and ranked by Google, Bing, Yahoo and others. The morefrequently you share and are shared by others, the greater your presence within the InformationOcean. This is supremely important today, even more so tomorrow because. . .Your Blogging "Shares" Make You More Findable and Discoverable[caption id="attachment_4737" align="aligncenter" width="400" caption="Your blogging shares add tothe Ocean Of Information. The more you share the more findable and discoverable you become."] [/caption]Let me ask you a question. If youre single and you meet an interesting someone new or a friend setsyou up, what do you do? Do you Google or Facebook them? When a foodie friend recommends ahot new restaurant, do you Yelp or Google it before you book it? Of course we do. Everyone usestheir favorite search engine, like Google, to find answers to their questions, check things and peopleout, confirm character, eliminate pretenders and avoid time wasters.If youre not blogging what youre adding to the Online Information Ocean maybe slight. In contrast, ifyou are blogging, your presence grows mightier by the "Share". Yours, your friends and the friends oftheir friends.Adding information water (your "Shares") to the Online Information Ocean make you . . .Discoverable
  5. 5. Because your blogging "Shares" across the inter-webs are catalogued and indexed according thesubject matter of your blog post, the things you "Share" are discoverable by complete strangers acrossplanet earth. If you share information (text, pictures, video) about the Clover Park neighborhood, whensomeone types a question about the Clover Park neighborhood in their Google Search Bar, theresa possibility your "Share" may be served up. Youve created a virtual-introduction. Who knows whatcan happen next. Being discoverable is a blessing.FindableThe easier it is to find what were looking for online, especially when we like what we find, the easier,faster and more likely we are to make contact or choice. When civilians consider who to hire as a realestate agent, do you think they go online for a little research and character confirmation? I do and ifyou do to, youre right.In addition to becoming Discoverable and Findable, equally important, a well-tended blog will makeyou Visible and Choosable.Blogging Is An Anti-Secret-Agent Strategy. "Shares" Make You Known, Liked and TrustedPersonal experience and observation, plus survey results published in the NAR 2009 Homebuyer andSeller Survey reveals that 70+% of the sellers and buyers only contact one or two agents when theyare ready to act. Thats an eye-opening reality. If someone wants to make contact with you orcompare you to a competitor and they do this online by entering your name in the Google Search Box -are you happy with what they find? If youre absent online, the harsh reality is youre a Secret-Agent.When given a choice, would a seller or a buyer choose an agent who appears interesting and online-omni-present or invisible? If there are hundreds of agents to choose from and they dont think of youfirst or second or cant find you, youre sunk. Right?Blogging is an Anti-Secret-Agent Strategy and most important of all, when done smartly, bloggingcreates Top-Of-Mind-Awareness and makes you Choosable and Referable.
  6. 6. creates Top-Of-Mind-Awareness and makes you Choosable and Referable.Blogging Creates Top-Of-Mind-Awareness, Making You Attractive, Choosableand Referable Top-Of-Mind-Awareness isthe most valuable possession and aspiration for a real estate agent. Top-Of-Mind-Awareness worksthe same way with all products and services, Top-Of-Mind-Awareness is the object/person/brand thathas first mental recall in a particular category. With all the real estate agent competition in your marketplace, creating indelible Top-Of-Mind-Awareness is supremely important.Top-Of-Mind-Awareness is created by making Relevant, Remarkable and Repetitious contact,interaction and impression. Consistent sharing on your blog accomplishes this important task.Another important factor included in the NAR Homebuyer and Seller Survey is the answer to whyhomebuyers and sellers choose to contact the agent they did. The reasons make total sense, theychoose agents they believed to be trustworthy, reputable and knowledgeable. This begs the question,how do you currently make Relevant, Remarkable and Repetitious contact, impressions andinteraction that demonstrates that you are supremely trustworthy, reputable and knowledgable? Ablog is the perfect tool to showcase yourself; your talents, your personality, your character and yourknowledge - this makes you attractive, choosable and referable.In conclusion. . .If youre working a smart modern plan, getting ready to retire or creating I-Need-A-Deal-Right-Now is a
  7. 7. If youre working a smart modern plan, getting ready to retire or creating I-Need-A-Deal-Right-Now is a priority, dont sweat blogging. Everyone else, if youre In-It-To-Win-It long-term, then Blogging Is Brilliant - it makes your stuff sharable and you findable, discoverable, attractive, choosable and referable. If youve started blogging, but youve been slacking, consider a rededication. If youre not blogging, consider it. To get started, Id recommend that you observe what others are doing. A convenient way to do this is visit the AgentGenius.com blog. The AgentGenius.com blog is powered by the collective contributions or real estate agent guest writers. Youll find the articles interesting and informative, but what I want you to do is visit the individual blog sites of the authors. At the top of each article youll find a By Line and the authors name hyper-link. Click on the authors name and youll be whisked to their profile page. There you will find links to their individual blogs. Visit those and observe what they share, how they share and everything else you can learn. Then pull the trigger and Be Brilliant. Thanks for reading.©2011 Ken Brand - BrandCandid.com | Prudential Gary Greene, Realtors - 9000 Forest Crossing, The Woodlands,TX 77381 Powered by Mad Mimi®