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BHGRE Gary Greene Lead Router Quick Quide


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BHGRE Gary Greene Lead Router Quick Quide

  1. 1. Hello LeadRouter User! To Access LeadRouterWelcome to LeadRouter. In this document, you will Login to your MyBHGGreenHouse.comlearn the essentials of managing your LeadRouter account and select “LeadRouter” underaccount and maximizing your use of the program. My Business on your home page.LeadRouter is an online lead delivery tool that capturesleads from your company web sources, such, and calls you on your cell phone. You willhave access to LeadRouter through your brand intranetsite to manage all of your leads and update accordingly.Before continuing through this document, you will wantto  speak  with  your  broker  about  your  company’s  LeadRouter account:1. What are the lead delivery hours? To Find LeadRouter Training2. How are leads routed to agents?3. How often must I update my leads to continue Login to you’re my BHG GreenHouse receiving lead offers? account and click “Skills” from the top menu. Register for a live event withinAnswers to these questions will help you understand the Events Calendar, or view the selfyour  company’s  strategy  and  expectations. paced training under Skill Development Library.The boxes to the right show how you can accessLeadRouter, how you can find training, and theLeadRouter Phone Number.If you have questions, please contact our helpdesksupport representatives at the number below: The New LeadRouter Number LeadRouter Support Save the number below to your cell Contact our friendly support center phone as a contact for LeadRouter. You receive an automated phone call for every lead you are offered. (800) 704-7237 Mon–Fri 7 AM to 1 AM ET 970-660-5323 Sat–Sun 7 AM to 12 AM ET
  2. 2. Speak with your broker and find answers to Voice Mail Claim Timethe settings below. Your Broker/Admin canfind answers under LeadRouter Settings > How long do agents have to claim lead fromBusiness Rules voice mail if they miss a lead offer Call back number: 973-407-5690Listing Agent PriorityThe listing lead is routed to the listing agent first. If the Listing Agent Leads: _15__Minuteslisting agent is unavailable or ineligible (red), then thelead is routed to the next available agent in rotation. If Non Listing Agent Leads: _10_Minuteslisting lead offer call is missed, listing agent will receivea voicemail and has 15 minutes to retrieve using the callback number.Rotation CriteriaIf the listing agent does not take the lead it will be sent to rotationand call participating agents based on the following criteria:Eligibility, Areas ServedAccountability: Agent Lead Follow-up Reporting TimesAgents must make a follow-up report to the broker on the status of every company-generated lead1. First Update is due in __2__ Hours after acceptance2. Second Update is due in __3__ Days3. Regular repeating update due every __14__ Days4. DRIP Leads Interval every __30__ DaysEnforce Reporting Rules for LAG Leads: YESAllows the company to specify whether compliance with the reporting rules is taken into account in determining  whether  a  lead  on  one  of  the  company’s  listings  is  offered  to  the  listing  agent.  Enforce Reporting Rules for Non-LAG Leads: YESAllows the company to specify whether compliance with the reporting rules is taken into account in determining whether a lead is offered to an agent who is NOT the listing agent for the property. LeadRouter Help Desk: (800) 704-7237.
  3. 3. Setup Your ProfileAccess your LeadRouter Profile by logging into your LeadRouter account and click Edit Profile fromthe LeadRouter Home Page.Within your profile, you can customize:• Your Contact Information• Your Mobile Credentials• Your Email SignatureVerify your contact information and click Edit next to any item that needs changing. Scroll to thebottom of the profile page and create your email signature. This must be done in order to assignfollow up plan campaigns to your leads.The Telephone number indicated in your profile iswhere LeadRouter will contact you.Primary Email is where all lead confirmations andnotifications will be sent.Set Accept SMS Messages to YES to receive textmessage alerts for leads that go to Voicemail. Speakwith your administrator about voicemail claim times.Your signature can include formattedtext, hyperlinks and images. Use theformatting menu within this space tocustomize your signature.Your signature will be included in eachemail piece that is sent out fromLeadRouter containing the EmailSignature block.
  4. 4. Updating in New LeadRouterUpdating leads in LeadRouter keeps you in compliance and will enhance your ability to receive lead calls. Theupdating times are set by your broker and LeadRouter will notify you by email if a lead has missed an update.Login to LeadRouter using your access and  click  “LeadRouter”  from  the  Home  ScreenClick on a Lead that you wish to update and  locate  the  “Update  This  Lead”  form  (see  below).1. Set the lead status for the lead based on your interaction and click Save and Continue Update2. Select the contact type and enter your comments (required). Click Update Lead.3. (OPTIONAL) assign follow up marketing plan(s) using the checkbox and click Update **NOTE**Follow up plans are drip marketing campaigns that can be placed onto your LeadRouter leads during theupdating process. It is not required that you assign a plan to a lead. If you are leveraging a Better Homes andGardens Real Estate plan, a BHG Gary Greene plan, or your own plan, the drip emails will be sent out to yourcustomer at a time designated in the plan itself. To learn more about drip marketing campaigns, visit theGreen House and register for LeadRouter 2012 Agent Drip Marketing Tools
  5. 5. Setup LeadRouter Mobile! Your DeviceIf you have a smart phone device with internet, then you can access LeadRouter Mobile and manage yourleads directly from the palm of your hand! There are two primary steps to create your access: 1) Setup yourdevice, and 2) Create your password. Today, we will setup your smart phone together. When yourcompany launches with New LeadRouter, you can create your password from your profile (see next page). For iPhone and iPad Users: 1. Open your App Store and search for “LeadRouter   Mobile”. Download and install the app to your phone. **The LeadRouter Mobile app is FREE. The App Store may ask you for your iTunes password to accept the installation** 2. Tap on the app from your home screen after installation to access the program For Androids, Blackberrys, and Palm Users: 1. Open  your  phone’s  internet  browser  (usually  an  icon   with a globe) and visit the website: HTTPS:// 2. If you receive a security certificate notification, tap on Continue. 3. Save this page as a bookmark or favorite. • Android/Palm:  Press  your  phone’s  menu button and Add Bookmark. • Blackberry: click on the track wheel and select Add Bookmark from the menu that appears. Choose a Name for the bookmark and click Add.
  6. 6. Setup LeadRouter Mobile! Your PasswordNow that you have setup your smart phone to access LeadRouter Mobile, you must create your password.This can be done by visiting the full LeadRouter site through My To Setup Your Mobile Password 1. Login to LeadRouter through the Green House 2. From your home page, click on “Edit  Profile”  located next to your photograph. 3. Locate the Log In Information and Lead Notification Information sections. Click Edit Pin to create your mobile password (must be between 8 and 20 characters, letters and numbers only) 4. Make note of your Primary Email address. This will be your username With your new access, use your Smart phone to access LeadRouter Mobile and start updating your leads From your handheld!
  7. 7. Features of LeadRouter MobileFrom your Mobile access, you can quickly see if you have leads needing attention. You can also tap on any of thesix buttons from the home page to view and update your leads, search your leads, and change your availability. In Compliance, Green Lights Out of Compliance, Red Lights Out of Compliance with Voicemail Viewing Lead Info Mobile Update Form Viewing Lead Update History
  8. 8. Lead%Router%Qualifica0onYou can take it at your leisure using the following link: be sure to download the agent training manual: can use this as a guide during the training and as a referencein the future.You register when you sign on, however, to be sure you arecounted and marked as trained:Please notify upon completion.Thanks!Toni NelsonDirector, Strategic InitiativesBetter Homes and Gardens Real Estate Gary Greene10575 Katy Frwy., Suite 100Houston, Texas 77024713-465-6644 ext. 128713-826-1187 [cell]