Anti-Venom for Old School Selling - A modern success guide


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Don't chase, capture and cuff - Attract, Loyalize and Magnatize. Don't Slug It Out - Hug It Out. Don't Shout, Tell and Sell - Do Show & Share. Avoid Confrontation - Create Conversation. Don't Close and Handle - Do Solve and Serve

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Anti-Venom for Old School Selling - A modern success guide

  1. 1. Welcome To Fast Start Creating Cataclysmic Perpetual Payoff Ken Brand, Sales Manager The Woodlands 1 Office: 281-367-3531 Cell: 832-797-1779 Email: Blog:
  2. 2. Key Concepts People buy and sell real estate every day… why not with you? Creating Top Of Mind Awareness. The Positioning The Sticky Pinball Principle The 3 People Principle It’s not who you know…it’s who knows you….as a Realtor How do people who know you….define you? How do you want to be defined? The Solution Secret – Solve – Don’t Sell Rocket Science? Nope. Action! 4 Levels Of Competence. What do your fear? Definition of insanity: Doing the same things over and over, expecting a different result. What’s the answer? Race Car Wreck. Perfect Practice. Follow-up – Follow Through – Or Fail “Persuasion is merely a transference of confidence.” ~ Roy Williams 2 9/30/08
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  7. 7. How Do People You Know View You? 7 9/30/08
  8. 8. Permission. Solutions. Service. Knowledge. 8 9/30/08
  9. 9. You Are Doing All The Business You Will Ever Do Based On People Who Who Are Aware Of You Now (As a Realtor) ~ Steve Rand You’re Either Interesting/Visible or Invisible ~ David Freeman 9 9/30/08
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  13. 13. 13 9/30/08
  14. 14. Level One Unconscious Incompetent 9/30/08
  15. 15. Level Two Conscious Incompetent 15 9/30/08
  16. 16. Level Three Conscious Competent 16 9/30/08
  17. 17. Level Four Unconscious Competent 17 9/30/08
  18. 18. Welcome To Your Real Job Talk To More People Than - Larry King Solve Like - Einstein Deepen Relationships Like - Oprah Lead Like - Joan of Arc Get Real, Love Tough - Like Dr. Phil Negotiate Like - Johnny Cochran Prevent Fires Like - Smokey The Bear Surprise And Stupify - Like Forrest Gump Patiently Love All/Serve All - Like Mother Teresa 18 9/30/08
  19. 19. Do Unto Others As You Would Have Done Unto You 19 9/30/08
  20. 20. Do Unto Others As They Would Have Done Unto Themselves 20 9/30/08
  21. 21. 21 9/30/08
  22. 22. 22 9/30/08
  23. 23. Story Telling Know How It Ends Choose A Beginning Include Details Surprise Laws of Attraction 23 9/30/08
  24. 24. How’s That “Real Estate Thing” Work’en For You? 24 9/30/08
  25. 25. Be A Purple Cow 25 9/30/08
  26. 26. 26 9/30/08
  27. 27. 27 9/30/08
  28. 28. Send A Note + 2 Cards After Every Conversation 28 9/30/08
  29. 29. Wheeeee…..I Passed My Test. I Can Sell Real Estate Now. Hello World…Here I Come! 29 9/30/08
  30. 30. Calling Behind Your “I’ve Partnered With Prudential Gary Greene Realtors” announcements is the first critical step in creating “Top of Mind Awareness” and a prosperous referral based business. Your first call/personal contact is designed to inform everyone that you are; open for business, discover immediate opportunities, explain how your business works and respectfully, conversationally and courteously ask for permission to stay in touch and ask for referrals. Step One: Mail your announcements, including one to yourself. When you receive your announcement in the mail, go to Step Two. Step Two: Set a goal for how many personal contacts you will make per day. Pick up the phone and call as many people as it takes to reach your goal. The faster you are, the more persistent and committed you are (you’re a PRO right?) the more successful you will be! Step Three: When they answer, you might use a dialogue similar to this. They Say: Hello You Say: Hi (their name), this is (Your Name). I know you’re busy, do you have a couple of quick moments? (Always provide an opportunity for a graceful exit.) They Say: Yes. You Say: Great. I’ve got my real estate hat on today and besides calling to say hello, I dropped a couple of my Realtor business cards in the mail and I wanted to double check and see if you received them? 30 9/30/08
  31. 31. Calling Behind Your… -- continued They Say: Yes…. You Say: Great. I’m launching a new Real Estate Business and I’ve chosen Prudential Gary Greene, Realtors as my business partner. I wanted to make sure you had my contact numbers… if you ever have a real estate related question…like X Y Z , or if you hear of a neighbor or coworker who is thinking of making a move…I would be happy to help. Although I’m busy, I’ll always make the time to help you or anyone you refer to me and I promise I’ll do a great job. Oh…one other thing….would it be ok to touch base every so often to see if there is anything I can do for you. I wanted to get your permission. Step Four: Send a handwritten “note card”, with 2 business cards. Step Five: In your “contact manager” note the date of contact and any relevant information which will aid in making your follow-up contact unique. Step Six: Send them a direct mail piece at least once per month. (Creates Top of Mind Awareness!) Step Seven: After your first monthly “direct mail” piece has been delivered follow up with a telephone call. This call is designed to discover new opportunities, create “Top of Mind Awareness” and receive permission to continue mailing. Your dialogue might go something like this… You Say: Hi. Do you have a quick minute or two…I know you’re busy. I was calling to see if you received my Post Card…the one with the real estate information? They Say: Yes You Say: Great, I would like to send you real estate related information from time to time and I was calling for two reasons…to see if you received it and get your permission to continue. I didn’t want to assume it was ok, without checking with you. Is it ok? “Life is either a daring adventure or 31 nothing.” Helen Keller 9/30/08
  32. 32. 32 9/30/08
  33. 33. Tell US…. What Commission Do YOU CHARGE? 33 9/30/08
  34. 34. Q: What commission do you charge? Answer: Our Marketing Fee is 3%. This fee includes massive broadcast internet marketing, targeted advertising, and all the selling services required to get your property SOLD for Top Dollar and in a time frame that works best for you. We manage, coordinate and orchestrate the entire process from day one through a successful and trouble free closing. When we advertise your property in the Multiple Listing Service, we will be competing with sellers who are offering agents working with qualified buyers a 3% commission…we will also compete with New Home Builders who pay a 3% commission as well as the occasional bonus. We recommend that our selling clients offer a 3% selling commission as well. Of course, we only get paid for a successful outcome…there are no upfront fees 34 and we offer a guarantee. 9/30/08
  35. 35. Growing YOUR Top Of Mind Awareness 9/30/08 35
  36. 36. Monthly Direct Mail sent to everyone in your data base is a critical step in generating “Top Of Mind Awareness” and positioning yourself for successful personal contact. Direct mail should be sent consistently, without fail…at least once a month. It is also recommended that you also send Direct Email. Step One: Go to and Sign up for your personalized, monthly direct mail post card. Step Two: Go to and Sign up for your personalized, monthly Email Newsletter or send the FREE GG Newsletters at: Step Three: Follow up your first monthly direct mail/ENewsletter/Ecard with a personal call. Your dialogue might go something like this… You Say: Hi (their name), this is (Your Name) with Prudential Gary Greene Realtors, I know you’re busy, do you have a couple of quick minutes. They Say: Yes You Say: Great. (Their name), the reason I called is, I sent you a post card /Enewsletter/Ecard, it had (describe the piece) and I was calling to see if you received it. They Say: Yes. You Say: Great. With your permission, I would like to send you real estate related information from time to time, but I thought I should ask you if it was ok before I started. Would that be ok with you? They Say: Yes. 36 9/30/08
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  38. 38. 38 9/30/08
  39. 39. 39 9/30/08
  40. 40. 40 9/30/08
  41. 41. 41 9/30/08
  42. 42. 42 9/30/08
  43. 43. How’s The Market? Tell a simple story Include facts Plot = You have a need or offer a benefit End your story with a referral request 43 9/30/08
  44. 44. 44 9/30/08
  45. 45. 45 9/30/08
  46. 46. Dive Beneath Average Generate ONE New Referral During The Transaction 46 9/30/08
  47. 47. The Transaction You’re Working On Is Only The Surface! You’ve faithfully marketed, advertised, networked and promoted yourself. Your hard work has paid off, you have a client who trusts you enough to employ you. It’s now time to build on your success.…set expectations and earn at least one referral recommendation during the transaction and two or three additional referrals every year. Step One: Inform your clients that your goal is to deliver such a positive experience, that if anyone should ask them or they know of anyone who needs real estate help…they could and would enthusiastically, confidently and comfortably refer you to their friends, neighbors and coworkers. Use dialogue similar to this at the end of your Listing Presentation/Marketing Proposal/Buyer Service Presentation: You say: In conclusion, simply stated, my goal is to deliver results and a level of service that creates such a positive experience for you and your family that if a friend or relative asked you for the name of Realtor, you could comfortably and confidently recommend me to assist them with all their real estate selling and buying needs. Being recommended is one the highest compliments a Realtor can receive. Step Two: During the transaction, at an appropriate time (when the clients say “thank you”), respectfully, consistently and conversationally thank your clients for selecting you and ask for referrals. Use dialogue similar to this…. When the clients say: Thank you so much for all you do…you are the best realtor on the planet. 47 “If you don’t like change, you’re going to like irrelevance even less!” 9/30/08
  48. 48. The Transaction You’re Working On Is Only The Surface You Say: Thank you, I am so pleased this experience is so positive. As I shared with you when we first met…my goal is to deliver a level of services that would allow you to confidently and comfortably refer me to your friends, neighbors and coworkers when they need real estate help too. I’m glad things are going well. Please keep me in mind when you hear of someone needing real estate services. If you share their name with me, I promise to call them promptly and do a great job for them as well. Can you think of anyone (neighbor/friend/coworker) who has mentioned selling or buying in the next 60 days? Oh, just in case…here’s a couple of cards, feel free to pass these along to anyone who you feel needs help. OR You Say: Thank you, my pleasure. Oh, by the way... if you know of anyone who's thinking of buying or selling in the next 60 days or so and would appreciate this same level of service, just give me a call with their name and number and I'll promptly follow up. I promise I’ll do a great job and deliver the very best in service and results for them as well. Oh, I almost forgot, here’s a couple of business cards, feel free to pass them along to anyone you feel needs real estate help. It’s not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change. ~ Charles Darwin 48 9/30/08
  49. 49. 49 9/30/08
  50. 50. 50 9/30/08
  51. 51. 51 9/30/08
  52. 52. Be An Academy Award Winning Movie Producer 1.  Visit your local theater website to check new release movie dates and times ~ Example: 3.  Pick a date and time – Friday or Wednesday, Matinee Start Time: Between 10:30 and Noon Thirtyish. 4.  Send an Email Invitation To Gobs Of Prospects In Your Sphere. Include, Date, Time To Meet Up, Movie Start Time, Movie End Time, It’s Your TREAT = FREE Movie Pass For Them. Copy and Paste The Movie Poster Picture Into Your Email Invitation. Ask Everyone To Hit The “Reply” Button If They Can Attend. 5.  Follow-Up All Your Invitations With A Telephone Call/Invitation 6.  Mail A Note Card After Each Conversation. 11.  Greet Everyone With A Hug And Big Fat Smile, Hand Out Tickets, Chit Chat, Graciously Accept Thank Yous. 12.  Follow Up By Mailing A Note Card To All Attendees. 9.  Follow Up With Absentees - Email Fun-Time Wish You Could Have Joined Us – Include picture. 10.  Open Your Eyes, Ears, Mind and Designer Purse – Referral Opportunities Will Bloom Like A Field Of Wild Flowers 52 9/30/08
  53. 53. 53 9/30/08
  54. 54. 54 9/30/08
  55. 55. Unique Selling Proposition - Transition Phrases Would you be open minded…. Would you be offended… Let me propose this… Can we work together on that basis… Can you see any disadvantage to.. Of all your friends at XYZZ, who will be the next to make a move? 55 9/30/08
  56. 56. Unique Selling Proposition - SELLER Transitional Bridge ~ Conversational Portal You: Would you be open minded to fresh ideas that would help sell your property for more money, save you time and eliminate all the hassles and wicked surprises? Or if you hear a commission related blast… Listen…I hear you. I’m like you and everyone else…nobody wants to over pay for anything. We’ve all been promised the moon and what we got was a fist full of air, broken promises and mealy mouth excuses. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Let me propose this idea. Let’s meet and I’ll share my uniquely tailored world wide marketing plan with you. I’ll share advanced, top tier, ultra effective marketing, advertising, merchandising strategies that will broadcast-blast your property information to the far corners of the world…viewable electronically in digital full high-impact Technicolor, locally, regionally, nationally and globally ~ maybe even galactilly if any aliens are picking up our signals. These critical broadcast factors effect the sales price…your net bottom line proceeds…thin and weak marketing = meager and stunted net proceeds, thick, powerful and persuasive marketing = more money for you. 56 9/30/08
  57. 57. Unique Selling Proposition - SELLER Transitional Bridge ~ Conversational Portal Continued… Also, briefly or in as much detail as you like, I will share how we communicate, manage and lead all the various role players in transaction…for example, the co-op brokers, mortgage lenders, home owner’s insurance, mortgage appraisers, title insurance, property inspectors, survey people, home warranty details and others. Keeping you informed every step of the way, insuring that all the big and fine details are handled in a timely fashion…all leading to a stress free closing and trouble free receipt of funds. More convenience, ease and safety for you and yours…it’s all guaranteed. At the conclusion of our meeting if your feel I’m the right person for the job …that I can get you home SOLD for more money with less hassle and stress …then you’ll hire me. That would be exciting. If not, then you won’t…no worries…I’ll wish you well, our meeting is complimentary and some of the gems/bright ideas I share with you will help you sell your home for more money no matter who you choose. Can you see any disadvantage to our getting together on that basis? 57 9/30/08
  58. 58. Unique Selling Proposition - Buyer Transitional Bridge ~ Conversational Portal You: Sounds to me like you’re looking for something special? Let me propose this…The reason it’s hard to find that special house is when HOT new listing inventory tumbles onto the market…I’m talking about homes that are priced great, show fantastic, stunning curb appeal, lush landscaping, fabulous floor plans and perfect location. Homes that really shine and sparkle, often sell in a couple of days, if not the first day. These homes never show up in an ad, open house, even the internet…they sell too fast. These homes are sold by fast acting, eagle eyed Realtors who monitor the market and notify their preferred clients as soon as something appears on the market. I have a computerized market monitor program that rushes me via email, auto-notification when HOT new listings hit the market. My question is, when a HOT new listing hits the market and it matches your specific criteria, would you like detailed information rushed to you via email? Then you’d be the person with insider information, knowing what’s available before the masses. It’s pretty simple, free and no hassles…all I need is a couple of quick minutes to better understand what you’re looking for…then I’ll have the information I need to program my Homefinder Software and bada-bing-bada-boom, you’re poised to WIN. Is this free service something you could benefit from? Can you see any disadvantage to knowing about HOT properties before anyone else? 58 9/30/08
  59. 59. Home Work Assignment To Be Shared With Classmates Tomorrow Morning 59 9/30/08
  60. 60. 60 9/30/08
  61. 61. Golden Opportunities - Continued They Say: Sure You Say: Great. Confirm their address. End the conversation: “Thanks for your time, it’s been nice talking to you, I’ll be in touch.” Just SOLD Announcements Acknowledge the party called by name: “Hello, may I speak to Mr. or Mrs. XXX, please.” You Say: “Hi, this is your name with Prudential Gary Greene Realtors, I know you’re busy, do you have just a couple of quick seconds? The reason I’m calling is we just SOLD the Smith’s house down the street and I sent out a “Post Card” announcement…do you recall receiving it? We wanted to let the neighbors know that they would have new neighbors soon and if you knew anyone in the neighborhood who was thinking of selling in the next 30 days …our marketing efforts have generated additional interest and we may have other buyers interested in your neighborhood. So, can you think of a neighbor who might be thinking of making a move, looking for a buyer?” They say: Nope “You are the storyteller of your own life, 61 and you can create your own legend or not.” 9/30/08 ~Isabel Allende
  62. 62. 62 9/30/08
  63. 63. Easy Expired Listings Expired Listing Victims Are Mad As Hell! Rightfully So. Why Should You Call On Them? 63 9/30/08
  64. 64. Easy Expired Listings – Star System The Expired Listing Mindset 1. Frustrated 2. Angry 3. Distrustful Six Steps to successfully working with Expireds 1. Be quick & persistent. 2. Confirm that they want to sell. 3. Understand their frustration,empathize,listen and let them express themselves. 4. Renew their motivation. 5. Do not blame the price or the property. 6. Your goal is to get an appointment not make a presentation on the phone. Contacting the Expired Listings – No MAIL! Call on the phone or stop by in person. Dialogue You Say: “This is “Your Name” with Prudential Gary Greene Realtors. I see on the Multiple Listing Service computer that your home is no longer listed “For SALE”. Do you still want to get your home SOLD?” The Seller will respond…..the game begins. You can anticipate one or more of the following… We relisted…don’t you know anything? We’re going to sell it ourselves. We’re going to relist with a friend. You’re the fifth person to call…where were you when I had it for sale? Have you seen my property? Why are you calling me now? Do you have a buyer for my property? What do you charge? We aren’t paying 6%! All you realtors do is put a sign in the yard, put it in MLS and disappear…I hate all realtors! What makes you so special? What can you do for me that hasn’t been done? We’re going to take it off the market for awhile. We don’t need to sell unless we get our price. We don’t know what we’re going to do. Your goal is to keep them talking long enough to discover how you can get an appointment to offer a solution to their problems. A leader is a dealer in hope. ~ Napoleon 64 9/30/08
  65. 65. Expired Listings - Continued Allowing the seller to vent and asking “smart” questions will keep the conversation moving forward and help you discover what the original motivation for selling was and how you can help the seller achieve their goal. Ask for an appointment to present your solutions. The following questions will help you with an effective approach. Be professional, candid, positive, honest and proactive. The seller needs your services to succeed. Questions to ask the Seller… Where did you want to move to? Why were you originally selling? Are you still open minded about different marketing ideas for your home? Has anybody told you why your home hasn’t SOLD? There is only one reason that a home doesn’t sell in our market place. And that’s because of the marketing. I’d like to come over and show you how we can UPGRADE the marketing of your home. What type of internet marketing was used to promote your property? Why do you feel your home didn’t sell? After discovering the seller’s original motivation for selling and determining how you might help, ask for an appointment. Example: I understand how frustrated you must be. Let me ask you a question, if you could get your property SOLD for a price and terms that were acceptable to you, and you could have a guarantee that the services would be delivered as promised, would you be open minded to new ideas that would (renew their motivation): help you get your home sold and move your family into a new home closer to work with a shorter commute, so you could spend more time with your family. Or, help you move your family into a home with a big pool? Or, help you move into that new home that would have the extra bathroom for the kids. Or, help you make that move to Colorado so you can enjoy your time fishing? Or, help you make that move to a new home with a big back yard so the kids can roam around? Or, help you make that move to a home with a three car garage so you can set up that workshop you’ve wanted for so long? If an appointment is not granted, follow through & follow up – Anti-Chaos/Perpetual Payoff If the seller will not grant you an appointment, ask permission to follow up from time to time to see if there is anything you can do for them ( “Would you be offended if I followed up from time to time?”). Follow up your conversation with a “Thank You” note and a personal visit to introduce yourself. Add this prospect to your mailing and email lists and follow up with a weekly telephone call. One reason to contact them is to update them on new activity in their neighborhood. 65 9/30/08
  66. 66. Practically Fool Proof For Sale By Owner System 66 9/30/08
  67. 67. Practically Fool Proof For Sale By Owner System Mind Set of the FSBO… 1. Believe they can do it themselves 2. They want to save the commission What NOT to do… 1.  Try to list on the first try. The purpose of the first contact should be simply to build rapport, not to convert them to a listing. 2.  Discourage the owner. Telling the owner how difficult the process is will only alienate them. They're excited about the possibility of selling it themselves so don't ruin their day. They'll soon discover the difficulty on their own and then be ready to talk. 3.  Sell all of your services. If you're not buying a car, you're not interested in all of its features. Same with FSBOs. They're not ready to hire a real estate agent, so they don't want to hear about your company...yet. Success Steps. 1. Find a FSBO – Driving Neighborhoods/Yard Signs, Newspaper Ad, Bulletin Boards, etc. 2. Make Contact Ask for an appointment - Contact Dialogue: Hello, I’m (Your Name) with Prudential, Gary Greene Realtors. I’m calling because I see you’re selling your home. Are you cooperating with Realtors? I would like to make an appointment to view your property…what are your visiting hours? (Get in the door honestly…do not say you have a buyer unless you do.) Your goal is to build a relationship that may lead to a future listing or referrals. 3. Anticipate resistance, concern and cooperation. Be prepared for questions like… FSBO: Do you have a buyer? YOU: “Candidly, I’m not calling because I have a buyer for your property yet. What I have found is that I can do the best job of creating interest in a property if I’m familiar with it. I was hoping you could show me through the property. Then I could intelligently and enthusiastically promote your property…and match a qualified buyer prospect with your property. Does that make sense? Great, when would be a good time to tour the property?” FSBO: We are not going to list the property! YOU: I understand. I was wondering if you would be open minded to cooperating with a Realtor if they had a qualified buyer interested and willing to meet your price and terms…would you be open minded to saving the listing fee and only paying the selling fee? FSBO: We will only pay you a 3% Commission! YOU: Perfect, when can I visit? quot;Just 'cause you can't walk on water doesn't mean you can't cross the river.“ Dink Weber 67 9/30/08
  68. 68. Practically Fool Proof For Sale By Owner System FSBO: We are not working with REALTORS! A: I understand. Because I’m busy in this area, it’s possible that I may be working with buyers and they may see your sign and ask me about your property. I understand that you’re not interested in paying any fees…would you be open minded to my previewing the property…then I could answer my buyers potential questions and if they were interested, I’d have them contact you directly. Would you be opened minded to my taking a quick peek. Can you see any disadvantage to that, a quick peek I mean…I understand you’re not paying any fees? FSBO: We are not paying any commissions! A: Same as above FSBO: Sure, come on over. A: Kneel and pick your jaw up from the floor…the three second rule applies! Thanks, I’ll be right over. 5. Preview the home, remember, you’re on a curiosity inspired discovery mission. Be yourself, attentive, in the moment and inquisitive. Ask questions, don’t sell and tell. You have two ears and one mouth for a reason. Ask for a tour: “Would you tour me through the home as you would a qualified buyer” ? 6. While touring, casually and conversationally, discover their “Time/Motivation” factor by asking conversational qualifying/discovery questions. A. Key question: “When would you like to have the property sold and the check in your hands?” B. Key question: “If for some weird reason you don’t find the right buyer, do you have a “Plan B?” 7. When the seller sez… “We can sell it ourselves!” Agree with them, don’t disagree, argue or share perilous stories of danger, defeat and folly. Yes, they can successfully sell their property. Your challenge is to position yourself as the best alternative when they become frustrated and generate referrals during their FSBO experience. 8. Follow Up & Follow Through A. Number one reason for failure - failure to follow up. B. Minimum Follow Up – Weekly in person or by phone. 68 9/30/08
  69. 69. 69 9/30/08
  70. 70. 70 9/30/08
  71. 71. Open House 9/30/08 71
  72. 72. 72 9/30/08
  73. 73. 73 9/30/08
  74. 74. 74 9/30/08
  75. 75. Tell US…. What Commission Do YOU CHARGE? 75 9/30/08
  76. 76. Q: What commission do you charge? Answer: Our Marketing Fee is 3%. This fee includes massive broadcast internet marketing, targeted advertising, and all the selling services required to get your property SOLD for Top Dollar and in a time frame that works best for you. We manage, coordinate and orchestrate the entire process from day one through a successful and trouble free closing. When we advertise your property in the Multiple Listing Service, we will be competing with sellers who are offering agents working with qualified buyers a 3% commission…we will also compete with New Home Builders who pay a 3% commission as well as the occasional bonus. We recommend that our selling clients offer a 3% selling commission as well. Of course, we only get paid for a successful outcome…there are no upfront fees 76 and we offer a guarantee. 9/30/08