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Facebook Experience - Social Media & Radio


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Ken Benson, President, P1 Research leads a presentation at Radio Days Europe in Copenhagen in March 2011, sharing the latest social media usage and research, social media's role in the Middle East Revolution and special guests, Ian Walker, Managing Director of JACK-FM UK, and Barbara Jung from Fritz Radio in Berlin share how their radio stations are using social media to increase sales and engage listeners.

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Facebook Experience - Social Media & Radio

  1. 1. KEN BENSON BARBARA JUNGP1 Research Fritz Radio BerlinJON JENSEN IAN WALKERFreelance Journalist JACK FM UK
  2. 2. SOCIAL = friendly gathering.MEDIA = form of communication.
  3. 3. "Rarely or Never" go to any radio53% station Website Belong to a social networking site like79% Facebook Social Networking users use their78% network once a week or more Social Networking users use their58% network once a day or more *P1 Research – Winter 2011
  4. 4. “Breaking news is no longer passive, but interactive. Social media empowers anyone with a mobile phone or Internet connection to access news and let them share the information with the world” Institute for Media Studies
  5. 5. JON JENSEN Freelance Journalist Live via Cairo, EgyptTalking to Jon Jensen:How did it happen – a 30 year regime toppled in 18 days?Could it have happened without Social Media?What role does social media play in neighboring Middle East countries, andin the gathering and dissemination of information for broadcast journalists?
  7. 7. Total Users Worldwide *643,492,900 * March 13, 2011
  8. 8. 1. UK 28,940,4002. TURKEY 26,428,3003. FRANCE 21,040,5604. ITALY 18,438,7605. GERMANY 16,215,380
  9. 9. CHARLIE SHEEN Set a Guiness World Record– Added 1 Million Twitter Followers in 25 Hours
  10. 10. “Twitter and Facebook have become the easiest, quickest and most reliable way of keeping in touch with relatives as well as providing emergency numbers and information to those in stricken areas.”
  11. 11. Facebook has Become a Vital Communications Link –Friend, John Boulos, couldn’t reach his son via telephone followingthe Japanese earthquake. He heard his son was okay via Facebook.
  12. 12. Social Networks/ Blogs 13m 36s
  13. 13. WHEN YOU A PAGE You are Making a Connection The Connection is Displayed in your Profile and on your Wall You may be connected to advertisements and/or social plugins News Feed and/or Messages may be received from The Page Less than 60% of all Facebook users have “Liked” a page – Respect the Relationship
  14. 14. When a brand is “Liked” on Facebook,there is an 84% chance it is activelyconsumed by the user.*DDB and Opinion Way October 2010
  15. 15. MEDIA ANDENTERTAINMENTIs the most “Liked”sector on Facebook
  16. 16. FACEBOOK PAGES FRANCE UK DENMARK1. Crêpe + Nutella 1. Skittles 1. Guaraná Antarctica2. Oasis Fun Page 2. BBC EastEnders 2. Captain Morgan Denmark3. Disneyland® Paris 3. Cadbury Creme Egg 3. Volkswagen Denmark source
  17. 17. Some of Europe’s most “Like”d Radio Brands 620,148 689,321 284,220 202,172
  18. 18. 44,637 5000+ Texts a Day Launched in February 2010 and is the #1 Station in Edmonton, Canada – A City of 1.1 Million People. Now! Radio integrates social media into every aspect of its brand. Visit them on the web at
  19. 19. #1 Lack of interest#2 Published info too frequently
  20. 20. IAN WALKERVP Programming & OperationsJACK FM
  21. 21. DISTRIBUTIONIt powers the fundamentals of the business – it changes everything
  22. 22. AFGHANISTAN MICROSITE• Social Media Integrated Website• Every New Blog post will Autopost to all Social Media Outlets• Generates Exposure Far and Wide• This Activity has Generated Over £15,000
  23. 23. FACEBOOK PAGE INTERACTIONUnique Users Unique users increasing from 20-30 per day to over 1000 per day during their time in AfghanistanUnique Increase in daily likes and commentsInteractions per day during their time in Afghanistan due to great content!
  24. 24. CLICK HERE to Listen to David Cameron’s first Tweet“….consider yourself twittered!”
  25. 25. SOCIAL MEDIA IS ANOTHER TRANSMITTER The effect on online traffic that snow has. Up to date news driven through social media and on air content. Here’s what happens when you use social media to tell people to listen to your station for information JACK FM in Top 20 of all UK radio stations in terms of Twitter followers
  27. 27. DIGITAL SEMINAROnline Solutions, SEO, Apps, Online, GoogleAdWords, Content Hubs/Business to Business. 13% of Total Revenue Now from the Digital Space
  28. 28. Barbara JungHead of OnlineContent/MultimediaRadio Fritz,
  29. 29. The Facebook Experience – Social Communities and Radio
  30. 30. The Facebook Experience – Social Communities and Radio • 1993 – Fritz was Founded • Rbb – Public Broadcasting Corporation • Specialisation: New Music • Youth Radio Station (14-29) • Social Community Start in 2008
  31. 31. The Facebook Experience – Social Communities and Radio FRITZ & SOCIAL COMMUNITIES • 2009: Facebook Start • 2010: Community Manager • 2010: Online-Editors Manage Social Communities • 2011: Most Succesful Community = Facebook
  32. 32. The Facebook Experience – Social Communities and Radio HOW DID IT GET TO THIS POINT?
  33. 33. The Facebook Experience – Social Communities and Radio CIRCUMSTANCES • No Facebook Connect • No Embedded Like-buttons • No Advertising • No Games • Post-monitoring • Continuous Deletion Of Data
  34. 34. The Facebook Experience – Social Communities and Radio FRIENDSHIP
  35. 35. The Facebook Experience – Social Communities and Radio FRIENDSHIP
  36. 36. The Facebook Experience – Social Communities and Radio FUN
  37. 37. The Facebook experience – Social communities and radio FUN
  38. 38. The Facebook experience – Social communities and radio FAST
  39. 39. The Facebook experience – Social communities and radio FIND TIME
  40. 40. The Facebook experience – Social communities and radio FLUCTUATION
  41. 41. Relaunch / 31. August 2010 CONCLUSION 1. FRIENDSHIP: Be a friend of your user 2. FUN: Entertain and use your radio potential 3. FAST: Try to be the fastest 4. FIND TIME: Social Media needs time 5. FLUCTUATION: Look at your statistics
  42. 42. Social Media shouldn’t play a role in direct selling, itshould instead influence viral conversations, buildbrand awareness, improve customer service andengage with your target as a “friend”.
  43. 43. 1. Understand your Audience2. What’s your Purpose?3. Define your Goals4. Allocate Resources5. Open accounts on the platforms your audience uses.6. Listen to what your audience is saying on those platforms.7. Respond to their concerns.8. Provide content that they value.9. Measure the results10. Repeat Steps #1 to 9
  44. 44. FREE GUIDES FROM P1 RESEARCH Creating Deeper Engagement Grow Your Online Community Contact me on Facebook: Kenbradio or P1 Research