Kena Roots for therapeutic cosmetics


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Kena Roots for therapeutic cosmetics

  1. 1. Kena Roots for therapeutic cosmetics
  2. 2. Natural therapeutic cosmetics The innovative pathway in topical preparations
  3. 3. Innovative complex (formulas, indications and Packaging)
  4. 4. Kena Roots story Kena Roots idea as a manufacturer for innovative therapeutic cosmetics started since (2007), then we worked on our products formulas through our business relations with some of creative international natural cosmetics manufacturers from USA and Australia and by the help of some manufacturing professionals from local manufacturing sites and faculty of pharmacy in Jordan university.
  5. 5. After that when our formulas dossiers were ready, we submitted it to JFDA and we finished the registration of products in the 4th quarter of 2009 and 2nd quarter of 2010.At that time we started our research on the selection of local distributors for our products in Jordan market, and we launched our first 6 products through our first agent (Thuja Medical Co.) in 2011.At this time, we have 25 products and 5 local distributors in Jordan market.
  6. 6. Through one and half year of marketing of our products in Jordan market through of our local agents, it appears that our products have a distinctive opportunities to get an excellent share in Jordan market and it is growing by a rapid manner.At this time, and after our success in Jordan market, we are looking forward to expand our markets to all MENA markets and any other countries through strong and well-growing distributors network.
  7. 7. Kena Roots --- Thinking out of the box Kena Roots success come from two main view points:  Products composition: used the most recent, unique, clinically approved and well-studied natural formulas. Most of our formulas have US & Europe Patents.  Big market size: The indications for our products have big market share, so it`s marketing is so easy and by a short time our distributors can get the benefits from it`s marketing.
  8. 8. Kena Roots --- Smart contract manufacturer  Kena Roots signed a contract manufacturing agreements with the most important manufacturing sites in Jordan, and planning to sign a contracts with other manufacturing sites outside Jordan.  All of our manufacturing sites have GMP certificates.  Kena Roots main role is developing a smart natural formulas regularly.  Kena Roots is a (LLC) establishment.
  9. 9. Kena Roots --- Products  Kena Roots topical products are natural, clinically approved, well-studied with distinctive effects.  Kena Roots products have excellent feedback from Jordan medical market.  Kena Roots products are cost effective with a convenience profit margin.  Kena Roots products are very safe with negligible side effects (All of it`s ingredients have (INCI) and considered as (GRAS) as per USFDA, Health Canada).
  10. 10.  Kena Roots products registered in JFDA as a cosmetics products. Some of Kena Roots products have in process clinical studies in some medical centers in Jordan. Kena Roots have a wide range of topical natural products, cover Derma and other topical preparations along with a innovative beauty line. Most of Kena Roots products considered as OTC items.
  11. 11. Kena Roots --- Sole agents (Jordan market)  Thuja Medical Al-Wahah Circle - Amman - Jordan Tel: 009626 5518857  Jasara Drug Store Al-Shmesani - Amman - Jordan Tel:009626 5061808 
  12. 12.  Adnani Group (Baher Medical Supplies Co.) Om-Othaynah - Amman - Jordan Tel: 00962 6 5521575 Mohammad Zryqat Drug Store (MZDS) Al-Madenah Al-Munawarah St. - Amman - Jordan Tel: 009620605530040
  13. 13.  Deratna for trade and investment Co. King Rania St. - Amman - Jordan Tel: 009626 5650092
  14. 14. Kena Roots --- Main target products
  15. 15. KenaBan Cream The creative natural pathway for the treatment of PsoriasisImmunomodulator and photosensitizer. Anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant. Moisturizer and keratolytic. Cell regeneration and anti-microbial.Main Ingredients:Psoralea corylifolia, Bergamot oil, Emu oil, Argan oil,Aloe vera gel, Borage seed oil, Urea, Lactic acid, ZincOxide.
  16. 16. KenaLeen Cream The most recent natural formula for VitiligoImmunomodulator and photosensitizer. Potent anti-oxidant. Melanocytes activator. Skin nutrients.Main ingredientsPsoralea corylifolea, Barberry root extract, coconut oil,picrorhiza curoa root extract, tea tree oil, emu oil, vitaminE.
  17. 17. RootCare CreamThe safe alternative natural formula for the treatment of Eczema and Atopic dermatitis Anti-inflammatory.Immunomodulator. Healing agent. Anti-microbial. Moisturizer.Main Ingredients:Emu Oil, Bergamot Oil, Evening primrose oil, calendulaofficinalis, Chamomile oil, lavender oil.
  18. 18. EmuFlex Cream 3 in 1 natural topical formula for Joints and Muscles pain.Powerful anti-inflammatory. Counter irritant. Cartilage rejuvenation. Joints mobilization.Main ingredients:Emu Oil, Glucosamine sulphate, MSM, Ginger root ext.,White willow bark, Peppermint oil.
  19. 19. EmuHeal Cream A powerful natural healing formula forBurns, Wounds and Diabetic foot Anti-inflammatory.Anti-microbial. Healing agent. Preventing scars formation. Moisturizer.Main Ingredients:Emu Oil, Aloe vera gel, Tea tree oil, Vitamin E.
  20. 20. With our best regardsKena Roots for therapeutic cosmetics Amman – Jordan