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EmuHeal cream presentation

  1. 1. EmuHeal CreamThe magical, natural way for treating of wounds and burns
  2. 2. Anatomy of skin• Epidermis – Outer layer contains the stratum corneum • The rate limiting step in dermal or percutaneous absorption is diffusion through the epidermis• Dermis – Much thicker than epidermis – True skin & is the main natural protection against trauma – Contains • Sweat glands • Sebaceous glands • Blood vessels • Hair • Nails• Subcutaneous Layer – Contains the fatty tissues which cushion & insulate
  3. 3. BurnsBurns are skin damage and deeper tissuecaused by contact with fire, heat, electricity,radiation, or caustic chemicals.
  4. 4. Burn Types Burns are classified according to the depth and extent of the skin damage, in the following way:• First-degree burns: the skin is red, painful and very sensitive to touch. The damaged skin may be slightly moist from leakage of the fluid in the deeper layers of the skin.• Second-degree burns: the damage is deeper and blisters usually appear on the skin. The skin is still painful and sensitive.• Third-degree burns: the tissues in all layers of the skin are dead. Usually there are no blisters. The burned surface can appear normal, white, black (charred), or bright red from blood in the bottom of the wound. Damage to skin nerves can mean it is quite painless. The burned skin lacks sensation to touch. A skin graft is usually necessary for significant areas.
  5. 5. Which burns need treatment by health professionals?• Burns that are bigger than the palm of the hand.• Burns on the face, neck, hands.• All third-degree burns.• Most second-degree burns.
  6. 6. What burn complications can occur?• When skin is burned, it loses its ability to protect, which increases the risk of infection. So it is important that the damaged area be thoroughly cleansed within the first six hours, and that the area is kept clean while it is healing.• If, after a few days, there are signs of an infection – ie the skin is becoming increasingly red, hot, and swollen, and the victim experiences a throbbing pain or feels generally unwell or has a fever – contact a doctor .• Severe burns can cause scarring.• In cases of extensive severe burns, the body may lose large quantities of fluid. This can disturb the blood circulation and cause problems with the bodys salt balance. Such injuries should be assessed at your local Accident and Emergency department.
  7. 7. Treatment list for burns• Treatments of minor burns or minor scalds: – Run under cold water for about 10 minutes – Do not use ice – Pat dry the skin after washing – Dressing or bandage over burn – Regular changes to burn dressings or bandages – Keep burn dressing clean and dry
  8. 8. • Treatments of more severe burns or scalds: – Sterile dressings – Preventive antiseptics – Preventive antibiotics• Treatments of very severe burns: – Emergency treatment – Transfusions – Pain relief medications – Preventive antiseptics – Preventive antibiotics – Skin grafts
  9. 9. What is wounds?Wounds are injuries in which the skin isopened. Bruises and contusions occur underthe skin.
  10. 10. Wounds typesAbrasions. Also called scrapes, they occur when the skin is rubbed away by friction against another rough surface (e.g. rope burns and skinned knees). Avulsions. Occur when an entire structure or part of it is forcibly pulled away, such as the loss of a permanent tooth or an ear lobe. Explosions,gunshots, and animal bites may cause avulsions. Contusions. Also called bruises, these are the result of a forceful trauma that injures an internal structure without breaking the skin. Blows to the chest, abdomen, or headwith a blunt instrument (e.g. a football or a fist) can cause contusions.Crush wounds. Occur when a heavy object falls onto a person, splittingthe skin and shattering or tearing underlying structures.Cuts. Slicing wounds made with a sharp instrument, leaving even edges. They may be as minimal as a paper cut or as significant as a surgical incision.Lacerations. Also called tears, these are separating wounds that produce ragged edges. They are produced by a tremendous force against the body, either from aninternal source as in childbirth, or from an external source like a punch.Missile wounds. Also called velocity wounds, they are caused by an object entering the body at a high speed, typically a bullet.Punctures.Deep, narrow wounds produced by sharp objects such as nails, knives, and broken glass.
  11. 11. Phases of wound healing1. Vascular Response2. Blood coagulation3. Inflammation4. Formation of new tissue5. Epithelialisation6. Contraction & Remodeling
  12. 12. Wounds treatment- Ensure adequate oxygenation.- Ensure adequate nutrition.- Treat infection.- Provide a moist (not wet) wound bed.- Consider healing topical agents.- Manage pain.
  13. 13. EmuHeal Cream Pharmacology Active ingredient Main active substance Action Oleic acid, Linolinic acid Anti-inflammatory, re- and other essential fatty epithelialization, healing,Emu Oil acids, Terpenines, increase the absorption of Saponines and Vitamin A other ingredients through .and E the skin, moisturizing and .soothing
  14. 14. Active ingredient Main active substance Action Lupeol(natural sterol) as Anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory. .strong healing agentAloe Vera Gel Mannose 6-phosphate and acemannanas healing agents .Ale Vera contains vitamins, amino acids, and .minerals
  15. 15. Active ingredient Main active substance Action Terpinen-4-ol and other Powerful and broad constituents like1,8- spectrum anti-microbialTea Tree Oil cineole alpha-terpineol, agent )Anti-bacterial, anti- sesquiterpenoid, and )fungal and anti-viral agent terpinolene
  16. 16. Active ingredient Main active substance ActionVitamin E )Tocopherol )Vitamin E Powerful anti-oxidant .agent
  17. 17. What makes EmuHeal Cream so unique? EmuHeal Cream formula is one of best choices in Boston University Burn center. EmuHeal Cream formula is clinically approved for Diabetic foot, wounds and burns treatment. EmuHeal Cream formula maintains rapid healing for wounds and burns. EmuHeal Cream has a natural broad spectrum anti- microbial ingredients. EmuHeal Cream formula is well-studied through a lot of published articles and researches. EmuHeal Cream formula is a patented formula. EmuHeal Cream formula has an excellent safety profile.