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What Is Network Marketing?


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What Is Network Marketing?

  1. 1. DO YOU FEEL THE NEED…………FOR LEADS?MAKE MONEY TODAY!SearchLUCRATIVE NEW PROGRAM!SCHON ROLL – MOM & HOMEBASED ENTREPRENEURWhat Is Network Marketing And Will It WorkFor You?Ken Acree By Ken Acree, MLM MarketingWhat Is Network Marketing?What is Network Marketing? My friend Robbie, an MLM Millionaire calls it, “The best way for an average person tomake an extraordinary income, if they will help enough other people.”This is a great definition from a philosophical standpoint.But if you are asking the question:  “What is Network Marketing?” what you probablyreally want to know is…Is Network Marketing a Scam?Why would any company choose Network Marketing to move their products?Can I really make it in Network Marketing?In the next 5 minutes you will fully understand the answer to those 3 questions.Most of all, you will know whether or not Network Marketing is right for you.Let’s dig in.Copyright (c) 123RF Stock PhotosWhat is Network Marketing:  MLM ExplainedIs Network Marketing a Scam?This always kind of makes me laugh.One of the reason I’m writing this article is so that I never have to explain this toanyone again.I can simply send them this link.Network Marketing, or MLM is a method of delivering product.Like 9HOME Contact Ken Acree Online Marketing ToolsGenerated with Page 1 / 4
  2. 2. RICK STALEY – RETIRED AT 45!FREE MERCEDES BENZNICOLE LAUCK – PERSONALTRAINER & NETWORKMARKETING PROFESSIONALSCOTT HAGER – MBA &INTERNET MARKETERRECENT POSTSSouth Hill Designs: Ready For AnotherJewelry Party?Social Monkee Review From SomeoneWho Uses ItWhat Is Network Marketing And Will ItThat’s it.People try to over complicate things.  It really isn’t that complicated.For comparison, let’s look at how a store like Wal-Mart operates.They choose to deliver all of their product to one central location, and then promotethat location via media and advertising.The hope is that enough promotion will draw in the crowds to buy their products.A Network Marketing company, on the other hand, chooses to distribute productthrough a network of representatives.Instead of spending money on advertising, MLM Businesses pay their network ofDistributors to spread the word.QuickRe-Cap…Centralized Location vs. Spread OutPay Media for Advertising vs. Pay Distributors directlySo why might some think it’s a scam?Two reasons.1.  Sometimes it is.  Just like Bernie Madoff ran a Ponzi scheme with what looked like a legitimate investment company, some MLM owners are crooks too.  So are some politicians and preachers.  Such is life.2.  Who loses?  Big Business that doesn’t like the competition.  Traditional industry that would rather see you spend money on retail space.  The media who lose out on potentially billions in advertising dollars.  Is it any wonder that the establishment is less than crazy about this model?When you take money out of the pockets of those reporting the news, do youexpect to get a glowing review?Why Would Any Company Choose the NetworkMarketingModel?This choice is usually made for one of two reasons.  Either their products are reallybad or their products are really good.Mind bender, right?Let’s explore.Companies with terrible products sometimes use the MLM Model to hide that fact.When presented with an elaborate money game full of bells and whistles, wellmeaning people often suspend disbelief.Rule of thumb:  If the product is junk it is probably a scam.If you don’t see a market for the product at the asking price outside of MLM, thenthere is no long-term business.On the other hand…the best products work VERY WILL with Network Marketing.When was the last time you walked into a GNC Health Food Store?Anyone still wondering “What is Network Marketing?” should think long and hardabout this example.At GNC there are 3,000 products on the shelf and one person working makingminimum wage.If you KNEW that you had the best weight management product on the planet,would you want it on the shelf at GNC?Would you want to bank on that one store clerk to pick your product out of thecrowd?Or would you rather empower the product users to share the product with friendsand family?For some products, it is simply a NO-BRAINER.Generated with Page 2 / 4
  3. 3. Work For You?Pro Travel Network: Is There Cash In ATravel Biz?Unique Article Wizard Review From A NonGeekARCHIVESMay 2013April 2013March 2013CATEGORIESBy Ken AcreeMindsetMLM MarketingOnline MarketingReviewsWhat is Network Marketing?It is the best way to get the best products into the market quickly, if you pay happyconsumers to spread the word.Can I Actually Succeed in Network Marketing?When we boil it all down, that’s a far more important question than, “What isNetwork Marketing?”Let’s be blunt.85% of participants in MLM never make any money.12% will fiddle with it enough to make a few dollars.3% have decent success.It isn’t that Network Marketing is  hard.  In fact, you may want to go read my article that explains why MLM Marketing is actually very easy.If you are just getting started with MLM, or have been involved for a while but arestruggling, my suggestion is that you check out the system that I use to promotemy business.You can succeed.In fact, you deserve to be among the 3%.It will require some effort but you expect that, right?As long as you develop the proper mindset and implement the right system, you willmake it. I hope this article has answered all of your questions about, “What isNetwork Marketing?”  Please share this with your Team if you found ithelpful.  Above all else, dig in and get busy!  This business will give you everything you want in life.  You just have to reach out and grab it. Make It A Great Day, Ken Acree“What Is Network Marketing?  The Cure For What Pains You“ P.S. – Who else would like to generate laser targeted leads for your NetworkMarketing business, practically ON DEMAND?  Click here to see how it works.            Like 9Generated with Page 3 / 4
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