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Video email marketing is FINALLY available at an affordable price. I have discovered...

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Video Email Marketing

  1. 1. HOME Contact Ken Acree Online Marketing Tools MAKE MONEY TODAY! Video Email Marketing: Finally an Affordable Solution Ken Acree By Ken Acree, Online Marketing Video Email Marketing You’ve been searching for an affordable solution for how to do effective video email marketing…before you hit the back button go ahead and pat yourself on the back.  You’ve finally found it! I will give you all of the details in just a second, but first listen to these statistics that may ASTOUND you! Youtube is the 3rd highest trafficked site on the internet, and EACH DAY over 4 BILLION videos are viewed on Youtube alone.  That means ON AVERAGE, more than HALF of the  world’s 7 billion people are viewing Youtube videos EVERY DAY! A staggering 145 BILLION emails are sent each day around the world.  That’s 20 emails Search per person.  Crazy! With numbers like those, video email marketing is an obvious choice as a great way to grow any business, whether online or traditional. LUCRATIVE NEW PROGRAM! But up until now, there’s been a problem. It hasn’t been affordable. Enter the solution… SCHON ROLL – MOM & HOME BASED ENTREPRENEUR Video Email Marketing Service Solution RICK STALEY – RETIRED AT 45! NICOLE LAUCK – PERSONAL TRAINER & NETWORK MARKETING PROFESSIONAL After doing a routine google search, I discovered that one of the most popular options SCOTT HAGER – MBA & today for video email marketing costs $65 per month when you have a list of 10,000 INTERNET MARKETER people.  And if you plan on making any money, you want and need to grow a list that big,  right?Generated with Page 1 / 3
  2. 2. Another popular option that is doing a lot of business is actually much higher, checking in at $120 per month.  Ouch. RECENT POSTS What if I told you that you can now get a video email marketing service that will accommodate a list up to 10,00o for only $24.95 a month. Video Email Marketing: Finally an Affordable Solution No-brainer, right? Pure Leverage Reviews But wait, there’s more! What if I could show you that this video email marketing service also included a push- button simple auto-responder interface. ARCHIVES AND… a video conferencing webinar room with up to 100 seats. March 2013 AND… a high PR authority blog. CATEGORIES All for the COMBINED price of only $24.95 per month.  There is actually EVEN MORE  included, but those four things alone are an INSANE VALUE at $24.95 per month, right? By Ken Acree OK, you’ve been patient…here is the video email Online Marketing marketing service that you came to see Reviews You get everything above and more with the new Pure Leverage Tool Suite. Pure Leverage is the brain child of Joel Therien, the founder and owner of GVO. Joel has been successfully marketing online since 1998.  So even though Pure Leverage  is a brand new suite of products, the brains behind it knows what he’s doing.  This isn’t his first rodeo. Pure Leverage Video Email Marketing Service and Much, Much More Since you have sought out information on video email marketing, I assume that you are in business for yourself.  (Maybe not…if you just like to send video email to your friends, that’s cool too). If you want to get your hands on this product and could not care less about making extra money, go ahead and click this link to pick up your Pure Leverage Tool Suite today. If you do like the idea of putting extra cash in your pocket (and all of the ways that extra cash can improve your life), check this out… Pure Leverage pays out 100% commissions! You can find out exactly how that all works by reading Pure Leverage Reviews, but I will go ahead and give you a 30 second breakdown… Month 1:  You earn 100% of your customers first order. Month 2 and Beyond:  You earn 50% of you customers monthly subscription PLUS… a 50% CHECK MATCH on the efforts of your personal affiliates. Get out your calculator.  Figure up how many people you can share this with.  Who will  need and use this product (everybody operating any kind of business for starters). If the kind of money that you can make here doesn’t keep you up at night… well then, you and I are just different . That’s it folks.  Simple.  Take advantage of this tremendous value on video email marketing right now! If you want to learn more about how you can pad your bank account by sharing this service with others, click through for immediate access to info on the Pure Leverage Business. Make it a Great Day,   Ken Acree “100% Boss-Free Since 2010″Generated with Page 2 / 3
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