MLM Marketing is Much Easier Than You Think


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MLM Marketing Success is much easier than you think. All you have to do is grasp these 3 simple concepts that I will teach...

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MLM Marketing is Much Easier Than You Think

  1. 1. HOME Contact Ken Acree Online Marketing Tools MAKE MONEY TODAY! MLM Marketing Success is Much Easier than You Think Ken Acree By Ken Acree, MLM Marketing Like 0 Share Search MLM Marketing Success is actually very easy once you get a handle on 3 basic concepts. Don’t believe me? LUCRATIVE NEW PROGRAM! Stick around for just a minute and allow me to convince you  .  But first, let me share a  personal story… My MLM Marketing Success was EXTREMELY DIFFICULT…until SUDDENLY it wasn’t SCHON ROLL – MOM & HOME Back in 2009, I became involved in an MLM opportunity and had modest success. BASED ENTREPRENEUR This wasn’t my first rodeo. I first learned about Network Marketing back in 1994.  A local high school coach had  become an overnight millionaire RICK STALEY – RETIRED AT 45! and like everybody else.. I WANTED IN! I studied and learned all of the concepts in MLM. NICOLE LAUCK – PERSONAL I enjoyed modest success before things fizzled out and I quit. TRAINER & NETWORK A few years later, I tried it again. MARKETING PROFESSIONAL Then a few more years went by, and I gave it one more shot. The story was always the same. SCOTT HAGER – MBA & I had a good understanding of the MLM Model.  I would experience modest success,  make a little cash, then quit. INTERNET MARKETER Things were no different in 2009, until all of the sudden they had to be.Generated with Page 1 / 5
  2. 2. Disaster struck! RECENT POSTS At least a personal disaster. I lost my job.  My family and I were behind on every bill. MLM Marketing Success is Much Easier I literally was down to my last $62, with credit cards maxed out, and 3 kids to feed. than You Think Then something happened that changed my life very quickly. Video Email Marketing: Finally an Affordable Solution I learned about the 3 basic concepts that I’m about to teach you. Pure Leverage Reviews You see, up until this point I had understood all about MLM, but I didn’t really KNOW how to do it. There is a big difference. ARCHIVES Once I finally grasped these 3 basic concepts, I was FLUSH with cash within 120 days. Since then, my family and I have gone on vacation 4-5 times every year (we are big fans of March 2013 Disney World and have visited 8 times). Last year my primary MLM Company bought me a brand new Mercedes (before I started I was driving a 2003 Buick). CATEGORIES And it all started with these 3 basic MLM Marketing Concepts… By Ken Acree 3 Essential MLM Marketing Concepts MLM Marketing 1.  If you think it’s hard, that’s why it’s hard Online Marketing You might want to read that one a couple of times and REALLY let it sink in. Reviews There is NOTHING hard about MLM.  In fact, it’s only difficult if YOU imagine it to be. Let’s dig a little deeper into why this fundamental concept is true… Have you ever been around someone who was perpetually negative, and felt like you needed a shower afterwards? On the other hand, what happens when you spend time with someone who is positive and cheery?  Lifts your whole day, right? The signals that we send out into the universe are what we receive back. Another way of saying this is, “You get what you give.” When you believe that MLM Marketing is difficult, that’s the signal that you send out to the rest of the world. If someone is sending you a signal that their business is difficult to do, would you want to join them in business?? In a business model where attracting other people is essential to success, wouldn’t you agree that sending out good vibes is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY?? Change your mindset, change your signal. Positive signal = Positive results. So how do you improve your mindset about MLM Marketing? Here’s a tip that will absolutely work. Ask yourself this question:  “Why does MLM Marketing come so easily to me?’ Ask it several times per day.  If you’re feeling good, it will make you feel better.  If you’re down, it will break the spiral. You cannot ask yourself this question repeatedly without putting a smile on your face. Your mind is more powerful than any computer ever invented.  Ask it a question, and it will  work out the answer while you go about your day. If you desire positive outcomes, constantly ask your mind questions that require positive answers. On the same note, constantly listen to positive messages on audio, watch uplifting videos, read inspiring books and blogs. If nothing else, go to Youtube and search for Zig Ziglar and Jim Rohn. Also associate with positive people who make you feel good about life and MLM Marketing.Generated with Page 2 / 5
  3. 3. Again, your mind is the world’s best super computer, and you are in TOTAL CONTROL of the input. Empowering concept, isn’t it? 2.  You have to learn the right skills (less is more) The first thing to decide is whether you want to be a Marketer, or a peddler.  A peddler  sells products to anyone and everyone they meet.  If that’s what you want to do, then you don’t need my help. A Marketer builds a business with multiple streams of income for financial security.  If this  is what you’re after, keep reading… This is about unlearning more than it is learning. Most people jump into MLM Marketing and act like sales people.  They want to explain  everything to everyone. There’s a reason that commercials are only 30 seconds. People don’t want to hear everything you have to say.  They only want to know what’s in it for them. Share only enough to get their attention, then give them room to breathe. I have developed a system that you can use for MLM Marketing that is easy to remember, and will keep you on the right track. All you have to remember is LEFT is always RIGHT. Here you go… L is for List.  Who are your prospects?  Who are you going to share your business with?   These people go on your list.  This list should be highly targeted.  You are choosing your  business partners, so choose motivated, excited, driven people.  If they already have a  large circle of influence, that is a PLUS. E is for expose.  Expose your business to everyone on your list.  The less you say the  better.  Again, think 30 second commercial. F is for follow-up.  The sharpest marketers see value right away.  They act quickly and decisively.  However, society conditions us to doubt our own instincts.  For this reason,  follow-up is necessary.  How many times do you usually see a commercial before you  finally buy the product? T is for third-party validation.  Social credibility.  Think stories.  Stories about others who  are having success will signal your prospect that they can also succeed.  Testimonials  from others about YOU will signal that you are someone good to work with. Notice the testimonial videos on the right side of this blog.  Anybody can slap up a  website.  The videos let you know that I am a REAL PERSON with a track record of  helping others like you succeed in MLM Marketing. 3.  You Must Have LEADS When you begin your MLM Marketing efforts, your first leads are your own self-generated list (the L in LEFT). These are usually friends and family.  Church members.  Business contacts. You may have 20-30 names on this list.  If you have a large circle of influence, perhaps  you have as many as 200. Remember, you are a marketer NOT A PEDDLER.  Just because you know someone,  doesn’t mean they go on your list. Again, think HIGHLY TARGETED.  People you CHOOSE to work with. So after you’ve exhausted your list, then what? Keeping it real, many will quit. But you’re not a quitter, you’re a MARKETER.  Dedicated to creating financial stability  through multiple streams of income. So how about cold marketing? This will work. But do you want to do it?Generated with Page 3 / 5
  4. 4. Do you want to cold call on business people during business hours?  Are you even in a  position to do this? If you’re still working another J.O.B., then the answer is probably not. How about MLM Marketing with paid advertising? This too will work…if you know what you’re doing. Do you have a sizable advertising budget to test out your ads? Even marketers with lengthy track records will tell you that 80% of their paid campaigns FAIL! Do you have the time, money, and patience for an extreme failure rate? What about buying leads? I’m going to be extremely straight with you on this one.  These will work too, but you better  get REALLY GOOD, and have VERY THICK SKIN. If the idea of going out into the cold market is scary to you, then the lead market with CRUSH YOUR SOUL. Let’s be realistic for a minute. If this lead was really such a great prospect, then why on earth would somebody sell it to you for a couple bucks?? The truth is that even experienced MLM Marketing professionals do well to close 5% of prospects from opportunity leads. So what to do… As you can probably imagine, I have a solution . What if I could show you a MLM Marketing System, that would actually PAY YOU to build your list? What if this same MLM Marketing System would expose and follow-up with your prospects COMPLETELY ON AUTO-PILOT!?! What would you say if you found out that this system provides all of the social proof that you need (third-party validation) and SEALS THE DEAL with your prospects, without you ever even picking up the phone (unless you want to)? Hey, I know that this sounds too good to be true.  But just the fact that you’re reading this is PROOF that this MLM Marketing system exists, and that it is doing its job! You and I may have never even met, but in just a minute you are going to be able to click a button and check out this MLM Marketing System for yourself. It really and truly is that EASY.  It only becomes difficult if you personally decide to make it  difficult. All you need to do is push a button, whip out your favorite credit card, and spend a couple of bucks to try it out for yourself. And here is the coolest part.  If it is EASY for you, then it will be just as EASY for everyone that you share it with. By doing this now, you will be proving how EASY it is to be a success in MLM Marketing. So RIGHT NOW, you should click on the link where it says MLM Marketing. Unless, of course, the idea of being a MLM Marketing Success is more than you think you can handle. If the idea of having more money than you’ve ever seen in 2 lifetimes, and free time to spend it on whatever your family wants is not for you, then you shouldn’t click on MLM Marketing. But if you are ready to embrace success.  If you are ready to accept the joy that comes  when you finally KNOW how EASY MLM Marketing truly is, get EXCITED and click on MLM Marketing NOW!  Generated with Page 4 / 5
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