MLM Companies: Better Choose Wisely


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Choosing the right MLM Company is a little trickier than you may think. Read on to learn the hidden traits to always looks for so that you will avoid pitfalls and achieve success.

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MLM Companies: Better Choose Wisely

  1. 1. BLOG CONTACT KEN ACREE HOMEMLM Companies: Better Choose Wisely Recent PostsPosted In MLM Success | No comments Twe e t Like 0 MLM Companies: Better Choose WiselyMLM Companies: How to Choose Wisely MLM Training: Darren Hardy’s “Making the Shift” MLM Success Starts with Clarity of Focus Find a Money Making Mentor Free Mercedes Benz
  2. 2. A Quick StoryI know you’re here because you want some inf ormation about how to choose the right MLMCompany.I’m going to get to that in just a minute, so don’t hit the back button just yet.Bef ore I get to that, if you can give me about 2 minutes of your time, I’m going to tell you ashort story that will have a big impact on your lif e…IF you heed the message.Once upon a time there was a kid. 20 year old actually. T his kid had a f riend whose brotherhad been a broke, down on his luck basketball coach 3 years earlier. Now this brother wasmaking six f igures a month with a business opportunity.T he 20 year old kid joined the company, made a little money, but he was too late. Everybodywas already in.T he ex-basketball coach was making $1.6 million per month 2 years later, but that was onlybecause he got in early.T here were people who got in af ter the 20 year old kid that went on to make 5 f igures permonth, but that was only because their markets weren’t saturated yet.T he kid tucked his tail between his legs and f inished college. Had some kids of his own andgot a regular J.O.B. (Jump outta bed).A f ew years went by and another great opportunity popped up. T his time he was a little moresavvy. Prof essional.But it turned out to be a bad deal anyway. He thought this was T HE ONE because hepersonally knew the owner of the company. But the owner wanted to help everyone else
  3. 3. succeed except f or him. T he owner even helped one guy in Arkansas earn over $100,000 permonths. Clearly the owner played f avorites.T he kid (now a man but honestly never really grew up ) swore of f the Network MarketingProf ession.He got into traditional sales where he would get paid directly f or what he did each day.It kind of sucked that if one of his kids needed him f or something, he had to choose betweenbeing a Dad or getting paid.It was no f un to be threatened with cancelled f amily vacations if he didn’t hit his sales quotas.But MLM didn’t work because you would always be a day late, or somehow cheated by T HEMAN. And that was that.Until a f ew years later.T he Sales Prof essional lif e had been up and down. It was taking a toll on him and his f amily inmany ways.Stress. Poor health. Anger. Resentment.Have you ever had any of these issues af f ecting you? Maybe they are troubling you right now…Kind of out of nowhere, someone tricked him into trying MLM again.A f riend of his sneakily of f ered him a product, which happened to be quite good.Almost by accident, he started making some nice part-time income sharing this product withothers.But accidental success usually doesn’t stick.
  4. 4. 13 months later, everything boiled over.T he kid/man lost his job.He was down to his last $62, with no savings, no credit cards, and 3 kids to f eed.For 13 months he had continued to use these MLM products, because he liked them. T heyhelped him.But he hadn’t really worked the business f or a number of reasons.It was too late.T he market was saturated.Leadership played f avorites.T hey were doing it all wrong.He was stubborn.He was stubborn.He was stubborn.Maybe that was it…4 months later, this man was earning a f ull-time income f rom home through the vehicle ofNetwork Marketing. Not f rom sales, tools, or a constant daily grind. A true residual incomef rom building a vast network of distributors.Now several years later, that income continues to f low and grow. He and his f amily now go onvacation 4-5 times a year and enjoy a brand new Mercedes Benz paid f or by the company.
  5. 5. In case you haven’t f igured it out, that guy and his f amily are near and dear to my heart. Youmay even be able to f ind his picture on this website .Choosing the right MLM CompanyI promised you inf ormation about how to choose the right MLM company, so here it is.If you paid close attention to the above story, I already dropped in several clues.The LeadershipT he most important thing about a Leader is that he/she is someone that you will enjoyf ollowing. If something doesn’t seem to click between you and leadership f rom day one, f ollowyour gut.T here are a lot of companies out there, so choose one where you will be comf ortable.If this is the right opportunity f or you, then you should expect to be involved f or YEARS. T hatshould excite you. If it doesn’t, then keep looking.Good leaders have been there bef ore. Good leaders are f air.Do you know what f air is? Fair is helping the ones who deserve it.People don’t earn six f igures a month because leadership helps them. People get help f romleadership because they have earned six f igures per month. Earned it. Not that you have to bea million dollar earner to get support f rom leaders. T he point is that there is no f ree ride.The CompanyWow. T his may sound crazy, but to a large degree the company itself doesn’t matter much.Is it something that you will f eel good about doing?Can you see yourself on stage at this company’s events in a f ew months, gushing about how
  6. 6. much you love it?Listen. Do you hear the crowd buzzing? Are you excited?Again, there are a lot of companies out there. Find one that hits all of your buttons and rollwith it.Otherwise, it will start to f eel like a JOB. You don’t want another job, do you?One small point is that you might want to f ind a company that has been around f or a while. Af ew years anyway.Many seemingly good ideas f ail f or all kinds of reasons.It can be extremely f rustrating to pour all of your energy into a company, only to have the plugpulled.So f ind a company that has been around f or a little while at least. Proven. Some buzz in theair.Ground f loor sounds awesome, but is only best a small f raction of the time.T he early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese, right?The ProductsT his is a bit of a sticking point f or me. Some people will tell you that the products don’t matter.T here is some truth to that.If you don’t mind jumping f rom company to company every couple of years.Which to me, is like being back in a sales job.Which is ok f or some people. Is it ok with you?
  7. 7. Which is ok f or some people. Is it ok with you?Or do you want to earn money f orever because you have an ever growing, living breathingnetwork of distributors buying and sharing your products day af ter day?Month af ter month.Year af ter year.Your company needs to have products that you would purchase for the same priceelsewhere.If your products are marked up above a reasonable market price, RUN.T his model cannot last. Some people trick themselves into thinking that it’s ok if the productscost too much as long as the business opportunity attached is amazing.Here’s a news f lash f or you. T he business opportunity won’t stay amazing f or very long if theproducts are over-priced.It isn’t necessary, but it helps if your company’s products are unique.Holding marketing rights to a f airly priced, high demand product that can’t be purchasedelsewhere is a pretty good recipe f or success.The CompensationT he type of compensation plan doesn’t matter much. T here are many dif f erent types of plansthat have proven very successf ul over the years.Here’s what I would look f or when evaluating compensation.1) Is it f air?Does it pay out decent amounts to newbies, mid-level leaders, and rock stars?
  8. 8. If the pay plan is f air and balanced then you can trust it f or the long haul.2) Is it reasonable?What percentage does the company pay out to the f ield? My company pays 50% of revenue tothe f ield every week, plus has a prof it pool f or top leaders. T his is f air, because you have toleave room f or cost of doing business, and a reasonable prof it f or the owners. If the ownersaren’t prof iting, how sustainable is the company?As a rule of thumb, somewhere between a 40% and 60% payout is reasonable.Anything less, and you might have greedy owners or a low-margin product. Either of these area red f lag f or long-term success.Anything more, and you hit the gold mine, right?Not exactly.If 40%-60% is reasonable, why would a company payout 70% or more?T he goodness of their heart??If you are able to pay out that high of a percentage, then you must have a pretty unique, highmargin product, right?Let me ask you this. If you have such a unique, high margin product, does it make any sensef rom a business standpoint to pay more commissions that the industry standard?Extremely high payouts may be a sign of some type of money game or pyramid.It’s a f ree country and I wouldn’t tell anyone what to do with their money, but tread lightly.3) Are people getting paid?
  9. 9. Sounds pretty basic, right? T he company that I represent has paid commissions like clockworkevery Friday f or several years. Nothing will start the unraveling of a network f aster than a f ewlate (or missed) checks.The SystemT his is where the rubber meets the road.I wasn’t a big believer in systems f or years. I’ve always been sort of an against the grain kindof guy.But in a prof ession that is all about going against the grain, doesn’t it make sense to go withthe grain, at least f or this prof ession?Isn’t using a system in MLM actually going against the grain compared to the rest of the world?If reading that made you dizzy, hold onto your seat .Af ter being introduced to this industry by a millionaire in 1994, and struggling to ever have anyreal and lasting success, I f inally bought into the concept of f ollowing a system in 2010.All that a system really involves is f ollowing a plan of action that has already been provensuccessf ul.It’s either that, or come up with your own system and hope it works.One of my upline leaders was a middle school teacher who had never been involved in businessof any kind in 2008 when he was introduced to our company.His mentor taught him a simple system.He f ollowed the system totally and completely.He f ollowed the system so well, that he actually passed up his mentor in rank and earnings
  10. 10. (one of the other cool things about Network Marketing).In only his 4th calendar year in Network Marketing, starting f rom scratch with nothing but asimple, proven, duplicatable system, this leader’s organization produced sales revenue f or ourcompany of $50 million dollars.4 years in business.$50 million.Let that sink in a bit.What makes more sense to you? Re-inventing the wheel?Or f ollowing a simple, proven success system that has worked time and time again?Whatever company you are considering, make certain that there is a system in place that willensure your success, granted you take the appropriate actions.What’s NextIf you are currently trying to f ind the right MLM Company f or yourself , then I trust that thisarticle was helpf ul. Take it to heart.If you’re already involved in MLM, then you have chosen an incredibly rewarding prof ession. Iwouldn’t want to knock anybody of f of what they are doing. Hopef ully this article helped youto clarif y your f ocus and belief in your company.I know that you probably want to know more about what I’m doing f or a living, and how I’vebeen able to work f ull-time f rom home since 2010. If you aren’t at least curious, then there isprobably something wrong with you .To learn more about the company that I’ve chosen to work with, click here.Remember that our Team has worked together f or the past f ew years, f ine-tuning a simple,
  11. 11. duplicatable system that has allowed many of us to walk away f rom traditional jobs f orever.When you click here now, you will go to a page where you will enter your name and email inorder to gain instant access to every last detail about what we do.Go ahead and click on this link and enter your best email. Do that now. Leave A Reply (No comments so far) Name (required) Email (will no t be published) (required)
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