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  1. 1. HOME CONTACT KEN ACREE ONLINE MARKETING TOOLS MAKE MONEY TODAY!Jusuru – Balanced Reviewfrom a Non-Rep Ken Acree By Ken Acree , Reviews Like 0 T weet 14 0 Share 2Jusuru SearchChances are, you have searched Google and encountered several Jusurureviews. Some reviews scream at you about the Jusuru Scam. Othersproclaim that Jusuru has discovered the “f ountain of youth.” LUCRATIVE NEW PROGRAM!What to believe?Maybe you are reviewing Jusuru to make a decision about whether or notto join.Or perhaps you have already joined, and want to make sure you haven’tmade a big mistake!Either way, stick around and spend the next f ew minutes reading thisJusuru review.By the time you f inish reading, you will see f or certain if Jusuru is right f oryou. SCHON ROLL – MOM & HOMEFurthermore, you will learn how to ensure your success if you do plan to BASED ENTREPRENEURrun with this opportunity.I will get to all of that in just a second…but f irst, a little background inf o.My Jusuru BackgroundI don’t have any direct involvement with Jusuru, but I have built a downlineof several thousand peopleover the past f ew years in a similar MLM Company.In f act, I’ve been earning a f ull-time income f rom home since 2010, with thevast majority of that incomebeing produced through MLM Marketing and Online Marketing.
  2. 2. So in this case, you get the best of both worlds. A review f rom someone RICK STALEY – RETIRED ATwho understands the business, 45!without the emotional pressure of trying to get you to join me in thebusiness.Is Jusuru a Scam?Let me go ahead and say that to my knowledge, Jusuru is in no way ascam.T he owners of Jusuru have chosen to market their product through MLMMarketing or Network Marketing, which is a legitimate and viable businessmodel.T he concept behind MLM is simple…rather than spending advertisingdollars on things like radio, tv, newspapers, and celebrity endorsers,companies like Jusuru choose to give that money to the distributor f orce.For a lot of companies, MLM makes the most sense.If you know that you have the best products around, why not pay theproduct users to spread by word of mouth?Makes a lot more since than sitting on a dusty shelf at Wal-Mart, right?Since we can agree that nothing about the Jusuru business model is ascam, the real question then becomes about the products. Are theproducts worth the price? T hat is a crucial question, and we will explorethe answer momentarily.Has Jusuru Discovered the Fountain of Youth?HaHa…no of f ense intended, but I have to laugh at this one a little bit.Jusuru products contain an ingredient called BioCell Collagen®. Could thisbe the new super ingredient that allows us to live to be 200? NICOLE LAUCK – PERSONALI will very politely say that I have no idea. I hope so. TRAINER & NETWORKA word of caution if you are a Jusuru Rep…make sure not to make any MARKETING PROFESSIONALwild claims that can’t be backed up with f acts.It is ok to be excited about your product. Awesome, in f act.But making claims without documentation is a big no-no and can getJusuru in hot water with the government, even if the mistake was innocentand unintentional.So what is the truth about Jusuru and this f ountain of youth?T he truth is, if you like the product and it makes you f eel good, then buy it! SCOTT HAGER – MBA &T he opinions of the naysayers really don’t matter. INTERNET MARKETERT he issue is not how many people think Jusuru is a scam. T he issue ishow many people think Jusuru is worth buying at its market price.T hat is the beauty of the f ree enterprise system.Should you Join Jusuru?Obviously this is a personal choice, but let me throw in my two cents.I give Jusuru high marks f or their business model and pay plan.Af ter a thorough review of their compensation, I believe they do a greatjob of balancing the pay of newcomers, mid-level executives, and Super RECENT POSTSStars.I also like the Jusuru car bonus program. I’m not always a big f an of car Jusuru – Balanced Review fro m a No n-bonuses because I hate to see someone earn a car then lose it quickly. RepT his has a negative ef f ect on downlines. MLM Lead System Pro – MLSP ReviewJusuru makes you hit a pretty decent volume level (25,000 per month) f or 3 Blo g Writing Tips: Why I Cho o se to Staystraight months bef ore you qualif y f or the car. Po sitiveT hen you stay qualif ied, or at least partially qualif ied unless you f ail to MLM Lead Generatio n Strategies thatmeet requirements f or 3 straight months. DELIVERSo it’s a doable challenge to get, but tough to lose once you get there. I Javita Co ffee Review: Go All In o r Take alike that.
  3. 3. like that. Pass?T he f inal question really becomes the products.Do YOU think the products are worth the money that is charged f or them?Do you believe that others will see enough value in the products to buy ARCHIVESthem at that price, even if they don’t make one red cent? March 20 13Ultimately, the measure of any successf ul business is whether end userswillingly buy their products.T hat’s true of Jusuru, or McDonald’s , or Dunkin Donuts. CATEGORIESWith a solid ownership team, and an agressive, balanced compensationplan in place, the only real question I see with Jusuru is the products By Ken Acreethemselves. MLM MarketingIf you are a believer in the products, then you should be not only satisf ied Online Marketingbut EXCIT ED with the Jusuru Opportunity. T his may be exactly the rightvehicle to get you what you want in lif e. Reviews How do you Plan to Promote Jusuru?If you have decided to go All-In with Jusuru, how do you plan to promoteyour business?You may f ind it helpf ul to read a recent article I wrote about how to easilysucceed in companies like Jusuru.Usually, your upline will advise you to speak to f riends, f amily, neighbors,and co-workers.T his is great advice f or starters, but what then? Who do you talk to whenyou run out of f riends and f amily?I use an automated system to generate laser-targeted leads f or my MLMBusiness, 24 hours a day.T o get a f ree overview of this system and see exactly how it can help yougrow you business, click here.I hope that this review helps you make an inf ormed decision about whetherjoining Jusuru is right f or you. What other questions do you have? Leavea comment below and I will be happy to research and get you someanswers.Make it a Great Day,Ken Acree“100% Boss-Free Since 2010″P.S. – MLM Leads|MLM Tools Like 0 T weet 14 0 Share 2
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