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Javita is generating a lot of buzz, but are they more hype or substance? Let's explore...

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  1. 1. HOME Contact Ken Acree Online Marketing Tools MAKE MONEY TODAY! Javita Coffee Review: Go All In or Take a Pass? Ken Acree By Ken Acree, Reviews Like 0 Share There’s a lot of buzz lately about the new Javita Coffee business opportunity. But don’t just take my word for it… Here is a screenshot of a Google Trends graph from March of 2013 that shows a decided upward trajectory in Javita interest. Search LUCRATIVE NEW PROGRAM! SCHON ROLL – MOM & HOME BASED ENTREPRENEUR As you can see, Javita is HOT right now, but does that mean you should jump RICK STALEY – RETIRED AT 45! in? Maybe. We will explore that in more depth in just a moment, but first:  Full Disclosure. NICOLE LAUCK – PERSONAL TRAINER & NETWORK I am not affiliated with Javita, either as a Representative or a customer.  I  MARKETING PROFESSIONAL don’t personally know any Javita Reps. But I have earned a full-time income from home since 2010, in the MLM and Online Marketing field. In that time, my downline team has enrolled thousands of members around SCOTT HAGER – MBA & the world in a $150 million revenue MLM Company. INTERNET MARKETER So what you are getting is an unbiased analysis of the Javita Opportunity from someone with a backgroundGenerated with Page 1 / 5
  2. 2. in building residual wealth through companies similar to Javita. RECENT POSTS What I like about Javita Company Leadership Javita Coffee Review: Go All In or Take a Pass? Let’s hit the good stuff first. MLM Marketing Success is Much Easier The Leadership group for Javita is fairly impressive. than You Think The founder of Javita is Stan Cherelstein, who is also the President and CEO Video Email Marketing: Finally an of Waiora. Affordable Solution Waiora is a solid, if not spectacular participant in the Health and Wellness Pure Leverage Reviews category of Network Marketing. That isn’t a knock.  Sometimes “spectacular” is not all that it’s cracked up to be. ARCHIVES The fact that Waiora has been in business now since 2004 is a good sign for Javita. March 2013 This signals that you could reasonably expect Javita to stay in business for several years because their management has a track record for knowing what they’re CATEGORIES doing. Compensation Plan By Ken Acree For the most part, I like their compensation plan. MLM Marketing An effective compensation plan will provide for a good balance between the Online Marketing Reviews part-time customer gatherer, the mid-level leader, and the Rock Star. Javita’s pay play does all of that. I do have one minor issue with their compensation plan, which I will discuss in just a minute. Red Flags With Javita Some Javita reviews take issue with the cost of entry to become a Javita Rep. Currently, they have three start-up plans, with price points of $99, $499, and $999. Personally, I have no problem with these.  The larger packages include a  good amount of sample product. Even though the cost of entry to get involved in your own home business is low compared to other options (franchises, store fronts, etc.), you still should expect to spend SOMETHING to be in business for yourself. Red Flag With Compensation Plan This might be a quibble more than a complaint, but I’m not too fond of the car bonus at the level Javita offers it. You can start qualifying for the Javita Car bonus of $400 when your team is producing only 15,000 in monthly volume. This is too low a number. My MLM team has single days of more than $15,000 so 15,000 in a month is no sweat. So why is that a problem, exactly? Like I said, this is more of a quibble.  But I’ve been around MLM long enough to see multiple examples of people who got to 15,000 per month quickly, then fell back to earth because they didn’t have a consistent lead source. If that happens and you lose a little income it’s a bummer, but what if you just bought a brand-new BMW?Generated with Page 2 / 5
  3. 3. What if you have several team members who buy brand new cars then lose their car bonus? Bound to be bad for morale. They key here is to be a good leader for your team.  Instead of hyping the  New Car Bonus, make sure to give your people sound advice about whether or not they can still afford the car if their income goes away. But more importantly, make sure your team has a consistent lead source so that the bonus won’t dry up, but instead will keep GROWING! Even Bigger Potential Javita Red Flag:  The Price For any MLM Company to be successful long-term, they MUST HAVE a product that people would buy at the current price, even if there were no business opportunity attached to it. The reason is simple.  The majority of people associated with any business  over a long period will make LITTLE TO NO MONEY. So if the product isn’t worth its price, people quit buying and the business dries up. When the product has perceived value, people will stick around as customers even if they don’t work the business, leaving plenty of money to be made by the rest of us . Does Javita pass the product value test? Let’s examine… A quick search of the web informs me that single serving coffee sells on average for $0.30 to $0.50 per pack. Starbucks, obviously a premium brand, sells a 12 unit box of single serving coffee for $9.95. That breaks out to $0.83 a pack. Javita sells their coffee wholesale at $35 a box for 24 servings.  That comes  out to $1.46 per cup of coffee. Here is the question to ask yourself: Is Javita Coffee worth paying 75% more than coffee from Starbucks? You might say that it doesn’t really cost that much because you will earn commission from the company to offset the price. But remember, the majority of the people in your business will be customers who make little to no money. Is Javita Coffee good enough that those people will continue to buy it long term instead of Starbucks, or Folgers or whatever? If you believe the answer is YES, then Javita may exactly the right opportunity for you. If you have to shake your head NO, then it is best that you look elsewhere. What are some other options? If you are actively searching for a solid business to work from home, you should take a close look at Pure Leverage Reviews. They have a product that is in high demand, at a price that is a great value.   They also pay 100% commission, which allows the new marketer to get into profit very quickly. You can get started for about $25.  Less than the price of a pizza, bread Generated with Page 3 / 5
  4. 4. sticks, and tip . Actually, if you act now you MAY still be able to take advantage of a $1 dollar test drive.  Subject to change at any time so if you missed it, my apologies. What if I Still Want to Join Javita? Hey, I think that’s great.  You’ve done your due diligence, and if you believe that it is the right fit for you then I wish you much success. Hopefully this Javita Coffee Review was exactly what you needed to hear. My only question is, what do you plan to do for leads? You can read here why a predictable lead source is one of the 3 essential keys to success in MLM Marketing. Rather than trying to “wing it,” I use a turnkey system to generate laser- targeted leads on demand, even while I sleep!  Click the link at the end of this sentence for FREE information about my Lead Generation System. Make it a Great Day, Ken Acree “100% Boss-Free Since 2010″                         Like 0 Share Leave a Reply Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked * Name * Email * Website Comment 5Generated with Page 4 / 5
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