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10 Affiliate Marketing Statistics And Wealthy Affiliate Review


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We've curated a list of the top 10 affiliate marketing statistics that every aspiring digital marketer needs to know today.

As you may very well know, in affiliate marketing, you'll be promoting a brand, a product, or a service on the internet. To succeed in affiliate marketing, you will need a place where you can write about the product.

Most of the time, affiliate marketers have their websites and social media accounts where they can create content about the product they want their readers to buy. By driving traffic to these platforms, you'll gain a higher chance of making a sale.

Affiliate marketers earn a set amount or a percentage of the product's price, which is primarily how they make money. What's great about affiliate marketing is that you won't need to invest a considerable amount of money to get things started. It's lucrative when done right, and you can enjoy a significant boost in cash flow.

What's more, this kind of money-making opportunity can be done in the comfort of your own home.

How Wealthy Affiliate will help you with your affiliate marketing business.

Wealthy affiliates is a community that helps its members about different topics related to online marketing. Think of it as a support group for online marketers.

For instance, there is an online chat area where members ask each other questions, write their blogs, and the like. If you're new to affiliate marketing, then Wealthy Affiliate is an excellent source for finding relevant solutions to online marketing issues you may have. Read more about affiliate marketing at

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10 Affiliate Marketing Statistics And Wealthy Affiliate Review

  1. 1. Affiliate marketing is a unique type of marketing that drives sales and generates revenue. Affiliate marketing benefits the business that gets additional income and the affiliates who earn a share from the sale. It is a viable marketing strategy that is proving to be more convenient and cost-effective for the business to explore more such initiatives. The following sections outline the different statistics of affiliate marketing to help you understand why affiliate marketing is ever-growing in volume, popularity, and power. 1. Most of the revenues for business today are generated from advertising its products and services. As per Business Insider, affiliate marketing makes about 15% of the total revenue through digital media marketing. It is bound to increase beyond these levels as new technology and trends evolve.
  2. 2. 2. Affiliate marketing has been growing steadily every year, with an annual increase of 10.1%. As per Digital Global, the total spend on the affiliate market is expected to reach $6.8 billion by 2020. The Affiliate market was worth #12 billion in 2017, as per the Hosting Tribunal report. 3. Affiliate marketing is growing in popularity and very powerful in cost-effectively driving quality sales.
  3. 3. The Web Market Support has claimed that more than 81% of marketers and 84% of publishers leverage the power of affiliate marketing by adopting them to capture new customers and engage the existing ones. 4. The search for the term "affiliate marketing" has been increasing every day. As per estimates by Google Trends, the search frequency grew by 44% is less than a year between Dec 2017 and Jun 2018. Affiliate marketing continues to keep growing as more and more readers lookout to search product data and reviews to make an informed purchase. How To Start Affiliate Marketing Business The world today is connected to the internet in ways that several decades ago were unfathomable. Every service is automated through the web, making processes effective and efficient. It is possible to send and withdraw money, measure your body temperature and video chat using a simple device such as the mobile phone. Despite the many incredible benefits, the internet has created a dependency on humans that some people consider unhealthy. While others mark time on the dangers and moral weaknesses of the web, others have exploited it for maximum benefits. Good examples of those who have made use of the internet are online business owners.
  4. 4. 5. Affiliate marketing boosts conversions and drives online sales. The two primary reasons for using affiliate marketing by digital marketers are for conversions and driving online sales. As per a report by Rakuten, 83% of publishers use affiliate marketing for promoting their brand awareness, and 79% of them use it to drive conversions and sales. 6. Affiliate marketing applies to almost every industry and niche.
  5. 5. Of the most popular categories for affiliate marketing, fashion niche accounts for the largest with a share of 18.7% of the total market, followed by sports and outdoor with 14.6% of the market. Industry-wise, the retail niche generates the most significant revenue with its massive share of 43%, as per the Hosting Tribunal. 7. Most of the digital publishers opt for affiliate marketing as their passive income stream, as it is easy to generate revenues from it. According to iAffiliate Management, 65% of the publishers use affiliate marketing for additional revenue, and 76% of publishers find it easy to monetize by affiliate marketing. Online platforms are excellent marketing tools. In this generation, the only way to target a market niche is through online platforms. This generation is inclusive of people well past their fifties to the teenagers who somehow communicate with emoticons and abbreviations. They spend most of their time scanning through websites looking for services and products to satisfy their needs. It, therefore, means, opening up office space and advertising through traditional platforms is a good business strategy but not a relevant one in the new economy. Opening an online company allows a business owner to market and promote products across a variety of platforms. Websites are the first step to start an online business, and affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online.
  6. 6. Using a business website, one can share specific information to targeted groups through social media sharing. Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are social media platforms that can make information go viral in a matter of hours. Sharing information online means others get to promote a business saving the owner money on marketing and advertising. Multibillion makeup companies use testimonial sharing to get the word across the globe on some of their new products. Today teenage girls no longer need to buy hard copies of fashion magazines. They get them online. The companies use online sites to promote products such girls would appreciate. The best thing about online businesses is they offer the same fighting chance to both large and small companies. The audience and market are the same; what makes a difference is how well a business packages its product or service. 8. There are over 2 billion mobile users worldwide, and the numbers keep increasing day by day. This massive user base combined with mobile internet has significantly contributed to the rise of mobile affiliate marketing. Mobile affiliate marketing involves the use of offers and tactics tailored for mobile users. More than 50% of the affiliate traffic is generated from mobile devices. Responsive websites, i.e., mobile-friendly, are likely to generate more traffic and conversions.
  7. 7. In July 2018, the speed of the mobile page was one of the factors for ranking the page on search engines, which further reiterates the importance of mobile websites. 9. Affiliate marketing forms a primary source of income for many affiliates and secondary income stream for about 65% of affiliates. According to Job2Joy, about 12% of affiliates make over $75,000, and 35% of them make more than $20,000 per year. A majority of the affiliates about 48.36% make less than $20,000. Only a meager 3.2% of the affiliates make more than $150,000 per year. There is a large number of affiliates who have made six figures from affiliate marketing who have invested a lot of time and effort into it. You can learn how to start affiliate marketing business online and join other digital marketers who are using the internet to earn a full-time income from anywhere around the world. For example, the wealthy affiliate started as a membership site featuring just a simple list of pertinent keywords. Since that time, it has expanded to provide more comprehensive services and marketing tools such as lessons, training tutorials as well as an integrated website builder. More than a few reviews reveal that the Wealthy Affiliate support community is one of the most helpful and active affiliate communities in the niche of marketing. The platform is specially built with advanced functionality, a well-designed user experienced, and user interface. It has outlasted a lot of the competition in the same field, and thus, it gets two thumbs up!
  8. 8. 10. Though content marketing continues to drive affiliate marketing, AI and voice search could turn as game-changers down the line. The intuitive ability of AI combined with voice search provides even more natural ways to make affiliate marketing more easy, lucrative, and efficient. These affiliate marketing statistics indicate a continuous and robust upward growth of the market that has been supported by the explosive growth of content and changes in consumer behaviors triggered by an outburst of new technologies. As readers need more information to make an informed purchase, they tend to read a lot of branded and unbranded content on blogs, tweets, and emails. The initiatives by readers, marketers, publishers, and businesses make the affiliate market to position itself as a unique, reliable, and profitable marketing channel for all ages and gender. Visit to learn more about affiliate marketing and how you can start your own successful blog today, increase website traffic, and make money online without the guess-work.