Meet Bhargav, Load Balancer Innovation & Research @KEMPtech


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Meet Bhargav Shukla, our Director of Product Innovation and Research at KEMP Technologies, building and designing Load Balancer ADC Technology for the Microsoft Platform.

Bhargav is a Microsoft MVP with expertise on Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Lync and the Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud Platform.

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Meet Bhargav, Load Balancer Innovation & Research @KEMPtech

  1. 1. “ShootingNever Never Stars “Shooting Stars Stopwhen they Even when they Stop Even Reach the Top” the Top” Reach introducing Bhargav Introducing Bhargav Shukla Shukla
  2. 2. This is Bhargav. Our superhero Director of Research and Innovation
  3. 3. Due to the rigors of Microsoft’s certification; it’s rare for Microsoft Experts to hold an MCM for more than one product
  4. 4. That is until 2011, when the rules were broken
  5. 5. Bhargav Shukla became one of very few people to be a Microsoft MCM in both Exchange and Lync
  6. 6. In 2012 Having consulted with his family Bhargav moved to KEMP Technologies convinced by Peter Melerud, it was the right move, one he has never regretted.
  7. 7. Bhargav’s path to KEMP
  8. 8. ∂ It all started in 1996...
  9. 9. When Bhargav was challenged: You have 2 weeks to deploy and deliver a Microsoft Exchange V4 project and having no experience is not an excuse!
  10. 10. Then in 1998, Popping out to help a friend with an Exchange problem Bhargav one of India’s few MCSEs found himself recruited by a US company...
  11. 11. And was whisked off to the United States
  12. 12. Bhargav developed his Microsoft platform skills like a Swiss Army knife moving across the world helping resolve problems
  13. 13. 2008. Big shoes to fill for Microsoft. Recruited as a Microsoft Exchange Expert, Bhargav was contracted to customers as a specialist, his word was treated by customers as Microsoft’s
  14. 14. 2010. As a recognized MS Exchange guru Bhargav found the only Hyper-V Virtual Load Balancer for Exchange 2010 came from KEMP!
  15. 15. From 2012, having moved into KEMP Technologies life for Bhargav is never dull in focusing on Microsoft’s expanding portfolio of applications and platforms
  16. 16. He constantly studies how KEMP Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs) can solve the day to day business problems.
  17. 17. What occupies Bhargav today?
  18. 18. How to optimize solutions in the cloud
  19. 19. Flexibility for easy deployment
  20. 20. KEMP ADCs for Managed services as SaaS with SLAs
  21. 21. What drives Bhargav today?
  22. 22. Dedication and the constant call that “life's a wonderful journey with opportunities to learn at every step”
  23. 23. Bhargav’s blog helps many MVPs and Microsoft professionals.
  24. 24. And in 2014, Bhargav was awarded the coveted Microsoft MVP Status
  25. 25. Bhargav is always keen to extend his knowledge to the community
  26. 26. Plan on attending a TechEd, Exchange, Lync, Azure or other Microsoft orientated events?
  27. 27. Well look out for Bhargav! He could be there, take time to find him as he will always have time for a helpful word and some sound advice! y hi! d sa e an Com
  28. 28. Resources: Exchange Load Balancer Lync Load Balancer Microsoft TMG Azure Load Balancer Microsoft Load Balancers Load Balancer Videos