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WARNING DATED: How To Incorporate Facebook Onto Your Webpage


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WARNING: This document is dated some information may no longer be accurate.

VISIT: at the bottom is a link to developer integrations with webpages.

WARNING DATED: How To Incorporate Facebook Onto Your Webpage

  1. 1. How to incorporate Facebook onto your webpage:<br /><ul><li>Using a dynamic custom Facebook Widget like:</li></ul>Head on over to Facebook Widgets!<br />Head over to this site:<br />It’s pretty easy. Facebook will spit out customized bits of code you can pop into HTML (the back end of a webpage). For front end try switching to HTML in your interface and pasting the code you are given. If you’re brave you can read the code and manipulate it or google how to mess with the code of Facebook Widgets to find more…<br /><ul><li>Using a badge to link from your site to Facebook like:</li></ul> <br />NOTE: According to Facebook’s usage of logo policy they want us to use the top left “Find us on Facebook”. If you plan on trying to work with Facebook in a major way (IE: Beyond basic CPC Advertising) then it is best to use this badge or the more dynamic badges discussed later on…<br />The easiest way is to find many different Facebook logos and icons is by using to search for “facebook badge” or “Facebook Logo” and right clicking the image then: <br /><ul><li>Save the image as put it somewhere you know how to look for it.
  2. 2. Once you’ve saved the image upload it to your site then…</li></ul> FRONT END: Link your facebook page, profile or group to the image by going to the site and copying the address from the browser address window and pasting into the link box.<br />CODING: If you want that badge to link to your Facebook page, profile or group you’ll have to use a simple bit of HTML code or if you are using an interface like wordpress or blogger select and link the badges. (Experienced users: don’t laugh)<br /><a href=http://youraddress>IMAGE</a><br />