Getting on the Bus: A Social Media Story


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This updated version was first given to Kwantlen University's BBA and Marketing program on October 26th, 2011.

This presentation was first given June 4th, 2011 at Social Media Camp Victoria.

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  • Social is part of an amazing and changing world that is blending our online and offline lives.
  • Pick up the social telephone it’s ringing
  • We want to build an legion of people for
  • - broken stereo (listening)
  • Social Media isn’t reinventing the wheel it’s reinventing how we interact with one another and taking us to another time. A time when asking you neighbour for a cup of sugar was the norm and we all knew who lived next door. Service is at the core of social media communications.
  • - the tech will change again, but the foundation is same
  • - find eyewitnesses
  • - charts/graphs (know is all) even if your not a geek. Send out 3 tweets a week to experiment. White papers, cats, different messaging, different posts.
  • This is how we derive the value of our metrics. Having Google Analytics isn’t enough. Analysis isn’t enough. It’s when we take those insights and test and optimize our activities that the majority of the value is found.
  • - information into intelligence That is the key. Master this and make it happen.
  • The origins story of HootSuite. A need, a tool for a marketing firm, an amazing tool for the world.
  • - egypt (wormholes to the world) as you recall egypt. In the dictator hand book rule one is pull the plug. We realized the power as the word spread around Egypt that HootSuite was still accessible despite Twitter and Facebook being restricted. As soon as the web was restricted people continued to dialup to ISps outside of egypt to spread the word of what was happening in the coutry.
  • - japan (inflection point of traffic)  Twitter huge in Japan. It was our first community localization. We were all really effected when the Earthquake hit. We track everything and we able to see that this activity was one of our highest on record. We are big in Japan. And social media is a tool for crisis MGMT. The highest tweets/sec was 6900/sec VS. Osama 3800/sec
  • Often we are hesitant to relinquish control to our users and our communities. There are ways to enable users and maintain enough control to keep branding on point. Brazil = Android, N.etherlands = Mobile, Spanish is used in over 20 countries around the world we needed to reach out to the users to learn what we should be focusing on as our next project
  • Cause and effect, see how social effects conversions and goals within other analytics like GA, FB Insights
  • Of course you love all of your followers equally, but when it comes to outreach you want to reach important influencers. While Klout may not be a perfect tool it can be very effective when used judiciously. Especially in terms when you have the need to amplify your message quickly and broadly.
  • Getting on the Bus: A Social Media Story

    1. 1. This presentation is available now:
    2. 2. Getting on the Bus: A Social Media Story
    3. 3. Who is this guy?
    4. 4. No one is an island
    5. 5. Inspiration
    6. 6. and never ends. It started here...
    7. 7. Self-directed Learning
    8. 9. Love and Work
    9. 10. Enough about me...
    10. 11. It’s not this.
    11. 12. <ul><li>“ IT’S ABOUT GENERATING REVENUE </li></ul><ul><li>THROUGH SOLID MARKETING AND </li></ul><ul><li>STELLAR CUSTOMER SERVICE, JUST </li></ul><ul><li>LIKE IT’S BEEN SINCE THE </li></ul><ul><li>BEGINNING OF TIME.” </li></ul>
    12. 13. It’s more like this.
    13. 14. It’s young. It’s growing. Sources: (US) Feb. 2011 Pew Internet Research (US) June 2011 Pew Internet Research (US) Nov. 2010 50% of Americans have an account on 13% of online Americans use 4% are using location based services like
    14. 15. Nearly 100% of online users...
    15. 17. Funnel Evolution
    16. 18. The Sales Funnel (Pre-Internet)
    17. 19. Early Social Media Funnel
    18. 20. Death to the Funnel
    19. 21. The Customer Hourglass Altimeter Group - @jowyang
    20. 22. Traditional Marketing Product & Service
    21. 23. Successful Social Media Product & Service Customer Lifestyle
    22. 24. What kind of Bus?
    23. 25. It starts with Listening
    24. 26. Go Where the People Are
    25. 27. Build a Base
    26. 28. Incentivize + Social Good
    27. 29. It’s old made new again This isn’t new
    28. 30. Tech will Change Again
    29. 31. Participation is Everything
    30. 32. It’s not the numbers
    31. 33. SM Optics
    32. 34. Set expectations
    33. 35. Over deliver
    34. 36. Find, foster and activate... Brandgelists
    35. 37. Measure
    36. 38. The 5-25-70 Rule
    37. 39. Information into Intelligence
    38. 40. The HootSuite Story You never know...
    39. 41. Egypt Scott Nelson for The New York Times internet banned
    40. 42. Japan earthquake Access to HootSuite
    41. 43. Let users drive, While you ride shotgun
    42. 44. HootSuite Crash Course
    43. 45. Measure, Analyze, Report
    44. 46. Search to Serve
    45. 47. Find Influencers
    46. 48. Save time; Schedule
    47. 49. Geo Search
    48. 50. Scale with Drafts
    49. 51. Drag & Drop
    50. 52. Bridge the Digital Divide Photo By: dkillm . Used under Creative Commons License.
    51. 53. Thank You – Kemp Edmonds  HootSuite, BCIT,   Twitter: @KempEdmonds & @HootBusiness