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Advanced Twitter Workshop


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Presented at Impact 99 Summer 2011.

Published in: Technology, Business
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Advanced Twitter Workshop

  1. 1. Advanced Twitter SocialHRCamp By: Kemp EdmondsFor: Social HR Camp 2012 - VancouverDownload Now:
  2. 2. Who is this guy?Choose Your Own Adventure:• NASA• Pakistan’s First Social Media Company• Canada Post Facebook Fired Expert Witness
  3. 3. The Basics@ - Public MentionDM - Direct Message (Private message)RT - Retweet (Repost with credit)# - Hashtag (Group messages)
  4. 4. Agenda• We’ll be spending 45 minutes together talking about advanced uses and implementations of Twitter. Sometimes I will veer off track. Sometimes you will show me something new.1. Advanced Search - Demonstration2. Followers – Discussion3. Advanced Tools – Exploration4. HR Applications & Benefits
  5. 5. Advanced Twitter Search Demonstration• Basic Search• Advanced Search• Research• Find, Filter & Evaluate• Geo• Language
  6. 6. Followers Discussion• Social Garden - Reap what you sow• Be liberal this is not Facebook or LinkedIn• Black Hat + Outcomes• White Hat + Outcomes• Use tools – TheTwitCleaner• Twello• Klout• What do you use?
  7. 7. Advanced Twitter Tools Exploration• Scheduling• Tracking• Collaboration• Content Discovery – Search• Optimization• Follower Management• HootSuite, Buffer, Crowdbooster,
  8. 8. Direct HR Applications & Benefits• Internal Community• Internal Communications• Employee Empowerment – Bigups!• Chances for coaching and contact• Seeking Talent• Evaluating Applicants
  9. 9. Thank