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Good UI design makes your API better


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Learn how to apply principles of User Interface Design to your API documentation / Developer Portal and help your API thrive.

Presentation from Nordic APIs (, Stockholm, september 2013.

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Good UI design makes your API better

  1. 1. presented by kemie guaida Good UI design makes your API better
  2. 2. kemie guaida @kemie Hi.
  3. 3. Design?
  4. 4. Design is not about making things pretty
  5. 5. API meets world ‣Point of contact= Developer Portal ‣Attract, get started, production, maintenance, support
  6. 6. vs.
  7. 7. Successful UI Design ‣Understandable ‣Usable ‣Attractive ‣Branding = Good Developer Experience
  8. 8. How do I get good design?
  9. 9. the building blocks Good UI design ‣Information Architecture ‣User Interface ‣Visual Design
  10. 10. content & structure Information Architecture ‣What info do different groups need Mugglesn00bs 1337s
  11. 11. content & structure Information Architecture How do you structure the information needed?
  12. 12. interacting with info User Interface What can I do? How can I do it?
  13. 13. interacting with info User Interface Consistency (internal & external), Clarity Text is also part of the interface!
  14. 14. interacting with info User Interface Sketch, wireframe, prototype
  15. 15. interact with the info User tests User Interface
  16. 16. look & feel Visual design Subjective experience (how does it feel) Branding
  17. 17. look & feel Visual design Layout: Hierarchy Grouping
  18. 18. look & feel Aesthetics: Type, color, grids T Visual design
  19. 19. Process Don’t reinvent the wheel. Apps (css), frameworks
  20. 20. check every step Checklist The right information & structure
  21. 21. check every step Checklist Easy to interact with.
  22. 22. check every step Checklist Reflects your brand Makes people want to come back
  23. 23. Design is about making users happy Design is
  24. 24. Happy users = Happy API
  25. 25. Questions?