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Responsive Web Design, Native Mobile Websites and Mobile Apps using WordPress


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Increasingly, Internet users globally are using mobile devices as the default mode of going online. In this respect, web sites and blogs need to take into consideration that the web is more often than not mobile and there is a raging debate on how to best tackle this approach using responsive web design, native mobile web sites and mobile apps. This presentation looks at how users of WordPress can take advantage of all of these approaches to reach mobile users effectively and efficiently on a global basis.

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Responsive Web Design, Native Mobile Websites and Mobile Apps using WordPress

  1. 1. Responsive  Web  Design,  Na1ve  Mobile  Web  Sites  and  Mobile  Apps  Using  WordPress    Moses  Kemibaro    WordCamp  Kenya  Maanzoni  2012  
  2. 2. A  li8le  but  about  me…  •  Award  winning  TechBlogger  @  •  UnEl  recently  Sales  Director  for   Africa  at  InMobi,  a  leading  global   mobile  ad  network  •  Founding  Regional  Manager  at   Dealfish  East  Africa  (Now  OLX   Kenya)  for  online  classifieds  •  Founder  at  Dotsavvy,  a  leading   digital  agency  in  Kenya   established  10  years  ago  
  3. 3. Africa,  and  Kenya  are  Mobile!   •  Over  90%  of  all  phones  in  Africa  are  mobile.   •  At  the  end  of  2011,  Africa  had  650  mobile   subscribers.  At  the  end  of  2012,  this  number  will   rise  to  735  million   •  Kenya  now  has  approximately  30  million  mobile   subscribers  –  75%  mobile  penetraEon   •  Mobile  accounts  for  over  98%  of  ALL  Internet   subscripEons  in  Kenya.     •  East  Africa  has  approximately  70  million  mobile   subscribers  Sources: GSMA and the Communications Commission of Kenya
  4. 4. Demographic  Profile   GENDER   41%   59%   *Sample  weighted  to  underlying  mobile  populaEon   AGE   18%   45%   25%   12%   15-­‐19   20-­‐24   25-­‐34   35  and  above   CITY  TIER   34%   25%   11%   30%   Tier  1   Tier  2   Tier  3   Tier  4   Tier  1:  Nairobi   Tier  3:  Other  City  or  Town     Tier  2:  Eldoret,  Kisumu,  Mombasa,  Nakuru,  Nyeri   Tier  4:  A  Small  Town  or  Rural  Area  Source:  Decision  Fuel  and  InMobi  research;  sample  n  =  1,047      
  5. 5. Reading Magazines / Newspapers Nigeria -  40 mins South Africa -  40 mins 37   Using mobile (ex SMS/calls) 39   111   Nigeria: Online via -  113 mins desktop/laptop THE AVERAGE MOBILE WEB South Africa: Nigeria USER IN KENYA CONSUMES -  113 mins -  50 mins South Africa -  43 mins 6 HOURS OF MEDIA PER DAY 88   86   Listening to Radio Nigeria Watching TV -  52 mins Nigeria: South Africa -  73 mins -  75 mins South Africa -  110 minsSource:  Decision  Fuel  and  InMobi  research;  sample  n  =  1,047      
  6. 6. 77%  use  mobiles  as  either   KENYA: 77% their  primary  or  exclusive   means  of  going  online   NIGERIA: 67% 77%   SOUTH AFRICA: 72% ‘How  do  you  typically  go  online  to  surf  the  web?’   2%   21%   49%   28%   Evenly  split  between   Mostly  via  mobile     Only  via  mobile    Mostly  via  desktop   both   Source:  Decision  Fuel  and  InMobi  research;  sample  n  =  1,047      
  7. 7. 34% “It’s easy to use” 24% “I can use it privately” 34%   29%   24%   23%   4%   Its  easy  to   I  can  use  it   Its  always   Saves  money   Boredom   use   privately   there  Source:  Decision  Fuel  and  InMobi  research;  sample  n  =  1,047      
  8. 8. WHERE? 3% In the bathroom 4% 5% in a Shopping meeting or class 14% Lying in bed Commuting KE: 61% ZA: 63% 19% While NG: 70% watching TV 17% Waiting for something 10% social 19% Spending event time with family For mobile users in Kenya, mobile web time is “found” time: it’s usually an incremental media experienceSource:  Decision  Fuel  and  InMobi  research;  sample  n  =  1,047      
  9. 9. WHAT: 25%     Social  Media   (e.g.  Facebook,   Twi8er  etc.)   19%     Entertainment   (music,  videos   etc.)   17%     General  Info   (Search,  Sports,   News  etc.)   12%    E-­‐mail   13%  Games   18%  Local  Search   7%  Shopping  Source:  Decision  Fuel  and  InMobi  research;  sample  n  =  1,047      
  10. 10. WHAT NEXT: 25%     Social  Media   Social  Media   52%   (e.g.  Facebook,   Twi8er  etc.)   Send  and  Receive   28%   E-­‐mail   19%     Search  for  general   26%   Entertainment   informaEon   (music,  videos   etc.)   Entertainment   26%   17%     Mobile  banking   26%   General  Info   GROWTH (Search,  Sports,   News  etc.)   In Kenya, growth in Bill  payments   15%   12%    E-­‐mail   mobile use in the Search  for  local   13%   next year is likely to informaEon  and   13%  Games   come from social Shopping   8%   media, followed by 18%  Local  Search   Virtual  experience  /   6%   general search, e- augmented  reality   7%  Shopping   mail and entertainmentSource:  Decision  Fuel  and  InMobi  research;  sample  n  =  1,047      
  11. 11.  –  Unique  Visitors      
  12. 12.  -­‐  LocaEons  
  13. 13.  -­‐  Browsers      
  14. 14.  –  Mobile  OS      
  15. 15.  –  Mobile  Devices      
  16. 16. What  are  the  numbers  telling  us?    •  As  a  blogger  or  business,  you  need  to  focus  on   mobile  if  you  are  to  have  a  significant  reach  in   Africa,  and  beyond  •  However,  the  caveat  is  that  “mobile”  broadly   defines  a  massive  range  of  mobile  devices   spanning  everything  from  laptops,  tablets,   smartphones  and  feature  phones  •  The  truth  is  that  its  really  hard  to  be  truly   compaEble  across  all  of  these  mobile  devices  
  17. 17. The  reality  is  that  over   90%  of  mobile  internet   usage  in  Kenya  is  done   over  low-­‐cost  feature  brands   phones  that  typically   have  GPRS/EDGE   speeds.  The  most   popular  mobile  internet   device  from  research  is   the  Nokia  1680  Classic  
  18. 18. The  inexpensive  Huawei  IDEOS  kicked  off  Kenya’s  smartphone  revoluEon  2  years  ago  as  hundreds  of  thousands  of  units  sold.  Android  is  the  fastest  growing  smartphone  OS  in  Kenya.  Smartphones  are  less  than  10%  of  ALL  mobile  internet  usage  in  Kenya  
  19. 19. Kenya  has  become  a  global  hotspot  for  mobile  app  developers  on  feature  phones  and  smartphones.  However,  the  reality  is  that  Kenya  is  a  very  nascent  mobile  app  market  with  reach  being  less  than  5%  of  total  mobile  internet  traffic.    
  20. 20. Which  way  forward  for  WP  mobile?      •  The  reality  is  that  when  targeEng  users  in   Kenya  and/or  Africa,  naEve  mobile  web  sites   will  give  you  the  best  reach  across  ALL   devices.  •  However,  as  inexpensive  smartphones  take  off   and  data  plans  become  more  affordable,  users   want  more  sophisEcated  engagement  and   therefore  responsive  web  design  and  mobile   apps  are  becoming  important.  •  How  can  you  take  advantage  of  ALL  of  these   approaches  using  WordPress?  
  21. 21. Responsive  Web  Design  (RWD)      •  The  term  “Responsive  Web  Design”  (RWD)   was  first  quoted  by  Ethan  Marco8e  •  RWD  provides  an  opEmal  web  site  experience   -­‐  easy  reading  and  navigaEon  with  a  minimum   of  resizing,  panning,  and  scrolling—across  a   wide  range  of  devices  (from  desktop   computers  to  mobile  phones)  •  RWD  uses  CSS3  media  queries,  fluid   proporEon-­‐based  grids  and  flexible  images  
  22. 22. The  “promise”  of  RWD      
  23. 23. The  “reality”  of  RWD      •  Its  NOT  the  “end  all  be  all”  of  web  design  for   mobile.  It’s  a  compromise  of  sorts.    •  CSS3  Media  queries  mean  it  will  NOT  work  on   most  feature  phones.  This  is  Africa!  •  Images  and  elements  can  take  forever  to   download  on  slow  mobile  internet   connecEons.  This  is  Africa!  •  It  CAN  cost  more  and  take  longer  to  execute   than  a  dedicated  mobile  web  or  desktop   opEmized  web  site.    
  24. 24. But,  RWD  is  really  easy  on  WordPress      •  Lots  of  free  and  paid  WordPress  Themes  and   Plugins  support  RWD  •  Deployment  in  my  experience  can  be  done  in   a  ma8er  of  minutes  so  its  easy  to  do  •  It  can  save  you  Eme  and  money  to  go  this   route  depending  on  WHO  your  target  market   is  (its  not  always  just  Africa  where  feature   phones  dominate  –  it  can  be  global  too)  •  It  just  “works”  right  out  of  the  box!  
  25. 25. The  “free”  RWD  CatchBox  WP  Theme      
  26. 26. RWD  WP  Themes  Galore!  
  27. 27. NaEve  Mobile  Web  on  WordPress      •  In  addiEon  to  RWD,  and  especially  relevant  in   Africa,  WP  has  dedicated  mobile  web  themes   that  ensure  a  vast  majority  of  feature  phones   and  other  mobile  devices  effecEvely  access   your  web  site.  •  The  main  caveat  to  these  sort  of  themes  is   that  your  web  site  tends  to  display  in  a  fairly   “dumbed  down”  manner  on  mobile  devices   without  the  rich  funcEonality  possible  on  RWD   WP  themes.    
  28. 28. WordPress  Mobile  Pack  
  29. 29. WP  Mobile  Pack  is  probably  the  most  ideal  mobile  soluEon  for  WP  in  Africa  given  that  most  users  are  on  feature  phones.  Its  simple,  easy  to  deploy  and  will  work  on  most  mobile  devices  including  smartphones  and  tablets.    
  30. 30. Mobile  Apps  on  WordPress      •  Although  mobile  apps  are  only  sEll  just  taking   off  in  Kenya  and  Africa,  they  are  hugely   popular  in  markets  like  North  America,  Europe   and  Asia.  Therefore,  it  makes  sense  to  reach   these  markets  using  mobile  apps  for  your   content  on  WP.  •  WP  has  free  and  paid  plugins  that  enable  you   to  publish  fully  funcEonal  mobile  apps  for  iOS,   Android,  BlackBerry  and  Windows  Phone  8.    
  31. 31. JoeMobi  WordPress  Plugin  
  32. 32. Weever  Apps  WordPress  Plugin  
  33. 33. Nokia  Xpress  Web  App  Wizard  
  34. 34. In  Concluding…  •  Going  mobile  on  WP  is  really  not  that   complicated  with  a  myriad  of  plugins,  themes   and  approaches  for  responsive  web  design,   naEve  mobile  web  and  mobile  apps.    •  However,  the  big  quesEon  is  who  is  your   target  audience  and  how  can  you  best  reach   them  on  mobile  for  the  best  results  via  WP.    •  Its  not  “one  size  fits  all”  so  use  one  or  all  of   the  mobile  channels  available  to  you  via  WP.  •  Start  off  small  and  gradually  expand  across  the   board.    
  35. 35. Thank  You!  Moses  Kemibaro    e:  w:    t:  @moseskemibaro