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Choosing A .KE Domain Name & Online Branding


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This a presentation on choosing a domain name and online branding that was made by panelist Moses Kemibaro from Dotsavvy as part of an inaugural webinar hosted by the Kenya Network Information Centre (KENIC)

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Choosing A .KE Domain Name & Online Branding

  1. 1. KENICWebinar ChoosingADomainName&OnlineBranding MosesKemibaro June09,2020
  2. 2. KENIC Webinar | Choosing A Domain Name WhyHaveADomainName? Adomainnameultimatelygivesyourbrandaunique andtransparentidentityonlinethatconsumerscan relatetoinacontextualmanner. Kenyahasapproximately100,000.KEdomainnames foraninternetuserpopulationofover20million. Thismeansthatthereissomuchroomtogetthe domainnameyouwantandneedforyourbrand. .KEgivesyoumorechoicesfortheexactdomains youarelookingforonline. .KEgivesyourbrandauniquelyKenyanidentity .KEdomainnamesaretypicallylessexpensivethan manyinternationaldomainnamesasofthiswriting. youcanregistermoreforlessmoneyandprotect yourbrands. 2
  3. 3. KENIC Webinar | Choosing A Domain Name AcquireADomainName Acquire domain names for your corporate brand as as wellas product and/or service brands. Productand/or service brand domain names can be used for microsites and landing pages as opposed to the corporate website. This maybe required in certain instances. Use domain name aliasing to pointyour domain name(s) to a common / main domain name as a tactic to generate and consolidate organic traffic. This is a defensive strategy for your brand(s). 3
  4. 4. KENIC Webinar | Choosing A Domain Name DirectNavigation Manypeopledon’tusesearchenginesto findawebsite-instead,theytypeinthe presumedwebsite’sdomainname directlyintotheirbrowserwhichisknown as'directnavigation’. Considerthevalueofadomainnamelike Yourdomainnameshouldbepublished onALLyourofflineandonline marketingassetstoincreasedirect navigationthatdoesnotrequireyouto payfordigitaladstodrivetraffic. 4
  5. 5. KENIC Webinar | Choosing A Domain Name ChoosingADomainName 5 Choosedomainnamesthatareconsistentwithyour brand,ratherthangenericones. Brandeddomainnameshavemorevalueand consumerrecognitionthangenericdomainnames. Googlealsoranksyouhigherifyourbrandnameis containedinyourdomainname. Keywordsinyourdomainnameisasignalthatsearch enginesusetorankyourwebsite. Acquiredomainnamesthatareshorterinlengthand moreconciseforbetterbrandmemorabilitywhen peopleneedtoaccessyourwebsiteorwanttosendan email. Avoidhyphensandnumbersinyourdomainnames. Lookfordomainnamesthatareeasytotypeand pronounce.
  6. 6. KENIC Webinar | Choosing A Domain Name BrandingIsKey! Domain names are importantfor professionalcommunicationssuchas brandedemailaddresses and websites. Considerreceiving aproposalfroma gmailemoladdressversusanemail addresswithapersonalizedor brandeddomainname- whichone wouldyou takemore seriously? Whenregistering adomainname, ensure thatyou donotfallfoulofany trademarkissues orintellectual propertylaws- thisisimportantasthe consequencescanbesevere! 6
  7. 7. KENIC Webinar | Choosing A Domain Name OtherConsiderations Ifyoucan'tfindadomainnameyou wantbecauseit'staken,youcanusea domainnamebrokeragetoacquireit. It’salsopossibletousedomainname exchangesormarketplacestotradein pre-registereddomainnames-also knownasthedomainnamesecondary market. Normally,domainnamesacquired usingtheaboveapproachesusually haveasignificantpremium. 7
  8. 8. KENIC Webinar | Choosing A Domain Name 8 Suite 25, Upper Hill Duplex Apartments Upper Hill Road, Upper Hill Nairobi, Kenya +254.20.8077108/9 (tel) +254.736.796505 (mob) @dotsavvy ReachUsAt Our Nairobi Offices