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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Welcome to WiZiQ
  2. 2. What is WiZiQ? WiZiQ is the new-age platform for the teachers and the learners. Strategically it’s an educational core that brings out the best of teaching talent to the learners’ world.
  3. 3. Values and Beliefs There is a teacher in every one At WiZiQ, we believe and you too agree that every individual has some core knowledge that he can give to others. In simple terms, every one is a teacher. WiZiQ offers a platform for those core competencies to reach the acquiring hands and minds. Network extends learning through informal connections and acts as a potential boundary free container to share knowledge for an increased individual effectiveness and competitive advantage. Network brings trust to learning
  4. 4. Competitive Advantages to the teachers Why WiZiQ? • Explicit profile for your online presence • More career growth and opportunities with your profile searched by learners on WiZiQ and Google • A start to teach in your own virtual classroom • An access to International student community gaining valuable multi-cultural and multi-dimensional experience • Complete focus on what you are best in i.e. teaching without worrying about the associated activities
  5. 5. Benefits to the learners Why WiZiQ? • An access to the best teaching resources from the world • An opportunity to receive compelling content from experts, ask questions, homework help, and network with friends • Ease with which even geographically dispersed groups can collaborate to obtain resources and knowledge • An accelerated learning and sharing of knowledge through the network of friends and contacts22
  6. 6. Value for Teachers • Teacher Profile to showcase your experience and expertise • Network of learners & friends to strengthen teaching opportunities • Calendar to schedule and manage sessions with your learners • Virtual Classroom to teach students from home
  7. 7. Features for Learners • Search for the teacher of their choice in their area, country, across the globe • Network of friends to elicit and share practical know- how • Calendar to schedule and manage sessions in their discussion forum • Virtual Classroom to learn at their place and pace from their teachers and network members
  8. 8.