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Air conditioner is an instrument which alters the temperature and humidity of the air

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Air conditioner is an instrument which alters the temperature and humidity of the air

  1. 1. Air conditioner is an instrument which alters the temperature andhumidity of the airAir conditioner is an electrical instrument which alters the temperature and humidity of the air. Airconditioners basically used for the purpose of cooling and heating the indoor area and helps to makefavorable condition. We can also say that an air conditioner is a development of technology which helpsus to make favorable condition of air at our home or at any other place. In present scenario airconditioners are used at almost all places as well as vehicles.Most of the time air con, AC or A/C are used as abbreviation of air conditioner. An air conditioner is amajor or home appliance, system, or mechanism designed to cooling or heating the air within an area.The cooling is typically done by using a simple refrigeration cycle, but sometimes evaporation is used,commonly for comfort cooling in buildings and motor vehicles.There are different types of air conditioners in market. Some of these are as follow.1. Window air conditioners- window air conditioners are designed to be fitted in window. AWindow Air Conditioner had all the necessary components, like the compressor, condenser, coil orexpansion valve, evaporator and cooling coil enclosed in a single box. Since a window AC is a single unit.There is very less effort to install as well as for maintenance of a window air conditioner. Benefits of awindow air conditioner are as follow.i. Single unit air conditioner
  2. 2. ii. Less effort needed for installationiii. Costs lesser in comparison to other varieties2. Split air conditioners- spilt air conditioners are kits of 2 units, one internal and another external.The internal (indoor) unit installed inside room intakes warm air and throws in cold air. The outdoor unitis installed out of the house. The outdoor unit contains the compressor and is linked to the internal unitvia drain pipes and electric cables. This external unit throws out the warm air. Benefits of split airconditioner are as follow.i. Internal unit takes up less space for installationii. Usually more silent than window ACsiii. Minimally affect your home decoriv. Can be installed in room with no windows3. Tower air conditioner- tower air conditioners are also known as floor-standing air conditioners.A tower AC set consists of 2 units just like as split AC- internal and external. However, the indoor unitdoesn’t need wall support or wall installation it needs to be stand on the floor. Tower air conditionersare able to cool the air at very high level and they are very useful for large room or large area. There aresome benefits of tower AC i.e. high cooling capacity, good for large rooms at home and in offices areas,do not required any support like support of wall4. Cassette air conditioner- cassette air conditioners are space-saving ACs and these airconditioners are shaped like cassettes. They are designed to be installed on ceilings. The panel of theseair conditioners is designed to blend with all kinds of home décor. They are very good looking, and areknown for their performances. Most cassette type air conditioners require no ducting. They are perfectfor large area and can perform very well as compare to windows or split AC. Plus point of cassette AC isthat it can be blend with décor.