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Paris Assembly open textbooks 4 Africa


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Panel Discussion for OER - Paris Assembly

Published in: Education
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Paris Assembly open textbooks 4 Africa

  1. 1. half the population is under 19 1-5 people will be African by 2050 Monday, April 13, 15
  2. 2. mobile literacy open policyCC4Kids open access textbook piracy #OpenAfrica affiliate training Monday, April 13, 15
  3. 3. Unnamed Major SA Funder •large school funder in South Africa •comissionsed school readers •no formal IP policy established •tried to open after IP was fought by NGO Siyavula (we are opening) •CC-BY default •Maths & Science gr.10 11 &12 •Collaboratively written •Dept of Basic Ed Approved Result •700,000 readers produced •one language •readers are ‘Bricked’ Result •2.4million books to learners •15% increase in final exam marks nationally •community translated in 3 languages •zero data delivery through Mxit to +1.2M learner in 2014 Monday, April 13, 15
  4. 4. 1. Importance of community engagement 2. Open Licences * Open Licences * Open Licences 3. Easier to solve the problem before it’s a problem with an effective Open Policy Lessons Launching OpenTextbooks4Africa Kelsey Wiens @bella_velo & Whats next? Monday, April 13, 15