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Voicer Radio Story Research


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Published in: Education
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Voicer Radio Story Research

  1. 1. Parentswere warnedlastnightthattheyare partlyresponsible forthe underage drinkingepidemic. A Home Office surveyrevealedthathalf of all under-18drinkersare giventhe alcohol bytheir motheror father.The studyalsosaidthat tensof thousandsof parentsare turninga blindeye to childrenasyoungas tengetting'verydrunk'. It said:'As parentswere oftenreportedasbeingthe mainsupplierof alcohol totheirchildrenand were generallythoughttobe aware of theirchildren'sbehaviour,the findingsindicate thatparents may alsoneedtotake some responsibilityforaddressingtheirchildren'sdrinkingbehaviour.' A spokesmanforAlcohol Concernsaid:'It'simportanttorememberthatalcohol isadangerous substance whenmisused,andthere are no"safe levels"atwhichyoungpeoplecandrinkwithout riskingtheirwell-being. 'An average of 13 under-18sa weekendupinhospital because of drinkingtoomuch,notto mention the fact that alcohol can leadpeople tomake riskydecisions.' LiverspecialistIanGilmore,of the Royal College of Physicians,saidmisuseof alcohol byparentsmay helptoexplaintheirattitudetowardstheirchildren'sdrinking. ProfessorGilmore said:'Manypeople feel alittle uncomfortable withtheirowndrinkinghabits,so do notfeel ina positiontocriticise others,includingtheirchildren.' The surveyof 5,205 youngstersfoundthe vastmajority - includingsome asyoungasten - whotry to buyalcohol have no probleminbeingservedbystaff. Some 93 percent of those agedtento 15 had successfullyboughtalcohol inpubsandclubs,and84 percent had made a purchase inshops. On Wednesday,police condemnedparentswhosupplied£400-worthof alcohol at an impromptu end-of-termpartyforpupilsaged15 and 16 fromThornhill Science College,Dewsbury,andWest Yorkshire. Officersrespondingtoatip-off pouredawaythe drinkafterdiscoveringitstashedunderbushesina park. Theywere thenastonishedtoreceive complaintsfromparentswhoclaimedthatthe officers had 'thrownaway theirmoney'. Just 12% of 11 to 15-year olds said they had drunk alcohol in the previous week in 2011 - down from 26% a decade earlier, according to National Health Service statistics. The proportion who said they had ever drunk alcohol fell from 61% to 45% over the same period. Among older teenagers and young adults, the pattern was the same. In 1998 71% of 16 to 26-year-olds said they'd had an alcoholic drink that week. By 2010 only 48% did so.
  2. 2. Alcohol consumption is linked to nearly half of all violent incidents, and alcohol harm costs a total of £21 billion a year through NHS costs, alcohol-related crime and disorder, and lost productivity. alcohol-related-harm A project set up to give young people with a safe place to meet up has helped cut youth anti-social behaviour in Winton, Salford, by 90 per cent. Matt Jones, from City West, said: “We believe all of our customers have the right to feel safe in their communities – which is why we are committed to tackling anti-social behaviour and its causes. A 90 per cent drop in youth anti-social behaviour may seem like a difficult thing to achieve. But if we can work effectively with our partners to ensure that young people have a place where they can socialise safely, then half the battle is already won.” Figures show that since the Winton ROC Cafe opened in April 2013, there has been a dramatic drop in anti-social behaviour in the area. thats-helped-cut-8213164