IDEA Jam 2012A TAGSocialBusinessEvent                                                      N o v e m b e r             8 ,...
Paul MillerCorporate IT Director, Collaboration and End User Computing ProductManager at McKessonIdea Jam Co-FacilitatorPa...
Will Johnson Manager at The North Highland Company The Impact of Corporate Culture on Social Business ResultsWill has 10+ ...
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IDEA Jam 2012


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IDEA Jam 2012

  1. 1. IDEA Jam 2012A TAGSocialBusinessEvent N o v e m b e r 8 , 2 0 1 2Agenda Register Here 4:30pm— Registration and Interactive and Collaborative networking 5:00pm—SPSU Socialite bar is Meeting open...learn about the latest and TAG Social Business: Idea Jam 2012 – Bring your iPad/smartphone, have a beer, and brainstorm with our experts! greatest apps from How do your returns and experiences from Collaboration compare to that of your peers? the pros Over 300 Georgia companies completed the TAG Social Business Survey this summer, sharing internal company details about their social business technology deployments, company 6:00pm—Georgia cultures, and change leadership practices. How do you rate? And how can you improve? Social Business Index Readout  Do you offer a competitive experience for your employees?  Would your customers or staff consider you a good communicator? 6:30pm—Idea Jam Session I  What are others doing (or not doing) to communicate with your employees, prospects, customers and vendors that you should be thinking about? 7:00pm—Idea  How does your C-level exec’s worldview differ from that of the staff employee? Jam Session II  For technologies you might be considering, what’s working and (more importantly) what’s not? Be sure to bring your smartphone and/or iPad. You’ll want to use it during the Jam! This will NOT be your typical meeting where you sit and watch a PowerPoint go by. It’s an IDEA JAM after all! The program will include a read out of the survey results. You’ll then be able to participate in breakouts to discuss key findings from the survey, led be subject matter experts, followed by a reception and networking. You will be challenged to learn by doing! We’ll put into practice a number of emerging social business tools and best practices, including better use of LinkedIn (it’s not just for job seekers!). Plan to take home nuggets that will immediately make you more effective in the New World of Work. Prepare to learn, share, engage and have fun!
  2. 2. Paul MillerCorporate IT Director, Collaboration and End User Computing ProductManager at McKessonIdea Jam Co-FacilitatorPaul is the IT Product Manager for the everyday tools people use to do their jobs - from Collaboration and Social technologies(Email, IM, video web conferencing, social), to PCs,VDI, Mobile devices, etc. He has this role at McKesson, the largesthealthcare service provider in the world, in many ways a microcosm of the broader marketplace, as a federation of BUs ofvarious business types.At Idea Jam 2012, Paul will partner with Eleanor to share the Georgia Social Business Index, as well as help moderate theevening’s activities.Paul is a graduate of Duke University; he also has an MS from Georgia Tech and an MBA from Emory University. Meredith Martini Manager Founder & Chief PlayWorker at PlayWorks Group Convergence between Social Business and traditional Meetings and Events Meredith is the founder and creative force behind PlayWorks Group. PlayWorks Group is a meeting design and team building event planning company specializing in customizing and creating interactive team programming and participatory meetings for corporate groups of all shapes and sizes. Meredith is the meeting designer for Idea Jam 2012! She will also serve as a lead facilitator during table-jam ‘breakouts’ to explore how social business technologies are transforming the way ‘meetings’ are held, turning them into ‘hybrids’ of traditional meetings and social technology-fueled experiences. Meredith is a graduate of Kenyon College, and has a Masters Degree from Georgia State.Peter J. StewartSVP Collaboration Services & Strategic Partnerships at PGIApplication of virtual meeting technologies to drive business value in highly socialbusiness contexts, such as recruiting, inside sales, online marketing and training Peter leads the sales, solution engineering, and business development teams that support annual revenues of $500M and 35,000 enterprise customers. He builds partnerships with technology providers across industries that enhance and extend the capabilities of PGi’s virtual meeting products. Peter is providing the virtual meeting technology platform, iMeet, that is helping to power Idea Jam 2012. He will also lead a discussion of how new virtual meeting technologies are being applied to help businesses of all types be more agile. Peter is a graduate of Georgia Tech, and the Goizueta Business School at Emory University. IDEA Jam 2012
  3. 3. Will Johnson Manager at The North Highland Company The Impact of Corporate Culture on Social Business ResultsWill has 10+ years of accelerating the time to value and maximizing the impact of technology adoption at large enterprises, through afocus on organizational change management, culture change, organizational effectiveness, leadership, and corporate communications.At Idea Jam 2012, Will will be available as a lead facilitator during table-jam ‘breakouts’ to explore how cultural issues at a companyimpact the meaningful adoption of social business technologies.Will is a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis, and the Goizueta Business School at Emory University. Eleanor Meacham Investment Analyst at Cisco Systems The ‘Georgia Social Business Index’ Eleanor analyzes technologies and technology companies through a business lens for Cisco’s partner organization and internal operations. She was the analyst who aggregated TAG members’ survey results into the “Georgia Social Business Index” we’re reviewing at Idea Jam 2012. She is a graduate of Elon University.Kelsey Bouton Ally SheintalDirector of Social Media and Business Business Development Manager at ModisServices at Technology Association of Social Business for YOU!Georgia (TAG)Social Business Technologies in Practice Ally Sheintal is a senior member of the Atlanta office of Modis, the secondKelsey is responsible for TAG’s online presence on social business sites largest IT staffing services company in North America. She has a uniqueincluding LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and She manages the vantage point on the role of social tools in the placement process – from theSocial Media Council, which includes the social media managers for each of inside, that is the view of the hiring company.TAG’s 31 societies. Ally will be a lead facilitator duringAt Idea Jam 2012, Kelsey will table-jam ‘breakouts’, sharingdemonstrate how to use TAG’s social ‘insider’ information about howprograms to learn, connect, and your “Social Business IQ” can be acontribute – on your own time, outside key asset in finding the perfect fit forof TAGs regular society meetings. your career.She is a graduate of Georgia Tech. Ally is a graduate of the University of Georgia.
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