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Board prospect presentation 06.21.12

  2. 2. About Technology Association of Georgia TAG is dedicated to the promotion and economic advancement of the states technology industry and provides leadership in driving initiatives in the areas ofpolicy, capital, education and business development. TAG also brings the technology community together through events, initiative programs and networking opportunities.
  3. 3. Mission StatementThe Technology Association of Georgia educates, promotes,influences, and unites Georgias technology community to fosteran innovative and connected marketplace that stimulates andenhances a tech-based economy.As a result, TAG’s loyal and growing membership is betterprepared to meet future challenges as Georgia’s technologycommunity becomes a world-class benchmark.
  4. 4. Our VisionBy educating, promoting, influencing, and uniting ... connect and drive economic development / Georgia’s technology community TAG will … growth for the state of Georgia Cohesive, Globally collaborative Growth in recognized as tech Cohesive and Connecting technology Georgia’s leading state networked tech technology community technology community in members sector Georgia 2011 2015 By January 2011, By January 2015, Georgia will be Georgia will be one of the fastest Technology one of the Top 5 Highly growing policies accelerate Technology States attractive technology technology states Superior economic organic in the USA.* Industry best are market in the USA. growth for growth and recruitment celebrated the state State policies Ready workforce that support matches current technology and anticipated growth needs. * Vision will be measured according to national standards
  5. 5. TAG ALIGNING ALONG TWO MAIN STRATEGIC OBJECTIVESStrategic Core Activities MetricsObjectives________________________________________________ • Knowledge Creation • Grow membership toOwn “Connecting • Corporate Activities 20,000 over 3 yearsTech • Success celebrationsCommunities” • Revenue growth opportunities for participating companiesOwn “Position • Own “Influence GA public policy” • Increase GA’s positionGA in Top 5 in national tech stateStates to conduct rankingsTech Business” • Increase state incentives for Tech business
  6. 6. Strategic Shifts Old TAG Focus New TAG FocusEmphasis on Individuals Balance: People, Companies, CommunityVoice for Technology Leveraging Meaningful Legislative ChangeConnecting Tech Community Uniting Community to Achieve Common GoalsProvide Education & Training Trusted Source for Education & TrainingBroad Portfolio of Services Broad yet Deeper in Targeted AreasIdentified Sources of Capital Stimulate New Sources of CapitalMetro Atlanta Services Metro Atlanta, plus Targeted Regions / ServicesValue Proposition for Large Exceptional Value Proposition for Large & Midsize CompaniesompaniesSupporting TEC through Resources Leveraging Membership to Support TAG Education CollaborativeWe Provide Programs and Services Move Georgia’s Position as a National Leader in TechnologySecuring Resources for TAG Securing Resources for TAG and the “Industry”Information Repository Thought Leader
  7. 7. TAG Connections Georgia Technology Communities TAGEdOpportunities 7
  8. 8. TAG Operating Plan: Focused Strategies to achieve Strategic Goals Goal I – “Own” Connecting Technology Stakeholder Community Task Force Serve as a connection point for work-ready individuals and Georgia technology and tech-enabled companies who1 Staff seek talent. Create, effectively market, and flawlessly execute, compelling and well-attended Societies and Society events on Professional2 specific topics via TAG Societies, and acknowledge and empower “super Societies” as appropriate. Development & Training Coordinate on strategic initiatives, with like-minded organizations to optimize benefits for the greater technology Georgia Awareness3 community. Campaign Provide an environment for executive peer relationships and connections to be developed, and where thought-4 CEO-to-CEO leadership, around existing and needed technology issues and opportunities, can be influenced. Leveraging On-Line5 Foster relationships with universities, tech colleges, military basis and other potential strategic partners. Communities Grow Premier memberships around the state. Also, bolster general membership in order to connect the tech6 Premier Program community, and to help companies reach their goals. Statewide Networking7 Connect people to create relationships which ultimately result in buy/sell transactions. Initiative Statewide Networking8 Promote technology spirit, within the community, through the effective execution of social events. Initiative Support entrepreneurs and start-up business through creating & implementing opportunities for advancement and Business Launch &9 growth. This includes mentorships, training, recognition and funding. Entrepreneur Initiatives Educate and orient members, prospects, students and the technology community about TAG’s scope, so that they10 Premier Program can take full advantage of the organization’s many offerings. Joint planning with key public/private partners to yield a return on the time investment through benefiting the Tech America11 members with more opportunities and less confusion and creating efficiencies in service offering for all participants Government Relations
  9. 9. TAG Operating Plan: Focused Strategies to Achieve Strategic GoalsGoal II – Position Georgia in the Top 5 States to Conduct Technology Business Task Force Develop and implement a public and media relations strategy that promotes Georgia’s technology1 Georgia Awareness Campaign prowess, from inside our State to around the globe Promote, celebrate, and recognize, exemplary leadership, in tech, that emanates from people, Business Launch & Entrepreneur2 companies, and industries, to position Georgia as a leading tech state while igniting the spirit in others Initiatives to excel in their respective endeavors. Fuel a rapid & sustainable tech Industry by adding value along a company’s life cycle; from startups to3 Georgia Awareness Campaign mature enterprise companies. Establish TAG as a thought leader - a source of intellectual capital - by conducting and promoting4 Government Relations research and mobilizing TAG’s BOD, L C, staff , and key partners to be communication evangelists Leverage, influence, and promote state public policies that will ultimately foster Georgia’s5 innovation/technology economy, to drive organic growth, new company formation, and recruitment of Statewide Networking Initiative new companies. Judiciously expand reach, services, and impact beyond Metropolitan Atlanta, thus expanding TAG’s Professional Development &6 sphere of influence and becoming recognized as providing value to a broader swath of technology Training stakeholders. Supporting TAG companies by helping people to grow and be better prepared to do their job through7 Georgia Awareness Campaign education and training programs
  10. 10. TAG Operating Plan: Focused Strategies to Achieve Strategic GoalsGoal III – Continued Enhancements to Operational Excellence to Achieve Goals Task Force Extend TAG’s impact through the effective utilization of technology. (Examples: credit card Professional Development &1 machines, CRM, LinkedIn, streaming, webinars, website, social media blogs Training/ Staff Refine & automate fiscal systems and processes anticipating, and in lock-step with, planned growth.2 Staff Assure manpower capacity is aligned. Member & sponsor relations enhanced through further institutionalization “touch points” and full3 Staff implementation of CRM Proactively develop and implement, fiscal growth strategies to: produce net surpluses; add4 stakeholder value; drive strategic imperatives; and assure long-term viability of TAG, TAG Ed, and any Finance Committee/ Staff other established subsidiaries. Improve communication systems & practices to all stakeholder groups by understanding how & Staff/ Promote GA’s Technology5 when people want to receive information and applying and delivering Industry Around the Globe Build staff retention and position for organization growth by selecting the right employees and then Professional Development &6 training, motivating, and competitively rewarding the performers. Training/ Staff Staff/ Premier Member Growth7 Create a sales culture in respect to membership, sponsorship, and program “business development” and Retention8 All TAG events are of the highest quality, as evaluated & determined by participants Staff
  11. 11. HEALTHY TAG GROWTH ACROSS REVENUE, MEMBERSHIPS AND SPONSORSHIPS HAVE RESULTED IN … • TAG has a good handle on the operational metrics that drive TAG growth • Growth metrics have been focused on inward looking measures such as membership, sponsorship and revenues TAG Total Revenue 3000 2500 2658 2000 2239 1500 1730 1843 Revenue $ 1400 Thousands 1000 1196 500 0 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011* Membership Data as of December 31, 2011
  12. 12. TAG Membership 16000 14000 14748 12000 10000 10406 8000 Membership 8653 Units 6000 4000 4036 2000 1400 0 2005 2006 2009 2010 2011* Membership Data as of December 31, 2011
  13. 13. Sponsorship $ Thousands 1400 1200 1206 1000 998 800 770 Sponsorship $ 600 750 Thousands 559 400 495 200 0 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011* Membership Data as of December 31, 2011
  14. 14. Organization Structure Board of Executive Leadership President Directors Committee Council Strategic Board 30 Societies &Compensation Finance TechAmerica Direction Development Task Forces 10 Affiliate Committee Committee GA Committee Committee Committee Partners Premier Member State Building a High- Thought Growth and TAGit GTS Government Growth Industry Leadership Retention Relations Promote GA’s TAG’s Statewide Technology Workforce Techie 5/10K Excalibur Presence & Industry Across Readiness Impact the Globe
  15. 15. President Director of Public ExecutiveSenior Director Relations & Director of Director TAG Membership of Corporate Georgias Government & COO Educative Team Events Technology Public Affairs Collaborative Evangelist Director of Social Media Programs & Intern Events TAG Ed Intern
  16. 16. COO Director of Director of FinTech Senior Director Director of Industry Economic & eCommunicatio Operations Society of Professional Participation & Office Community ns & Office Intern Intern Development Management Resources Operations Director ofSocial Media Projects Accounting& Business Intern Intern Services
  17. 17. President Director of Director of Associate of SeniorDirector of Director of Corporate Corporate Membership Director of Corporate TechAmerica Relations & Relations & & Customer CorporateMembership Membership Retention Membership Service EventsMembership Intern
  18. 18. About TAG Education Collaborative Mission Statement: Strengthen Georgia’s future workforce by uniting Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) resources with leading education initiatives while emphasizing science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Background:Formerly The TAG Foundation, The TAG Education Collaborative is a 501c3 non-profit organization which was formed by the Technology Association of Georgia in 1999. In 2009, the organization’s name was changed to The TAG Education Collaborative to facilitate a rebranding that would enable it to be a catalyst for Georgia’s K-12 education system to become a leaders and innovator for STEM related education.
  19. 19. Joining the TAG Board of Directors
  20. 20. Why join TAG’s board? Technology is a critical sector to Georgia’s economy, e.g.: - Number of technology companies based in GA: over 11KEconomic Development - Total payroll of these companies: over $12B - Tech companies generate over 180K jobs making GA the 11th ranked state in terms of technology employment Led by a prestigious Board of Directors, CEO Tino Mantella and a talented staff, TAG’s leadership is engaged and committed to being the premier technology Leadership membership organization in the Southeast and to growing Georgia’s technology industry to within the top 3 in the USA by 2015. As a board member of the largest technology membership organization in the Strategic Alliances Southeast you will be engaged in opportunities to forge productive strategic alliances, with the intent to create a unified and efficient group of public and private partners. Help us to enable our technology workforce through participating in professional Education development of technology stakeholders. Provide guidance as to the needs and the trends that will help to keep our organization contemporary.
  21. 21. Roles and Responsibilities Operational ExpectationsStrategy- help set the strategic course and Serve on at least one standing or ad hocplay a key role in the development and committeeexecution of the plan Be actively involved by attending four boardAccess- Open doors to leverage physical, meetings and other special events associal, intellectual, and political capital appropriateResource- Provide support in the procurement Commit a contribution of $5,000 (personal,of human capital and financial resources company or affiliated contacts) • Personal contribution not required butGovernance- Oversight accountability to encouragedassure TAG fulfills its mission Be responsive to helping the staff and Board find answers to challenges and opportunities
  22. 22. Committees DescriptionExecutive Committee Reviews general matters of the Association and is authorized to make decisions on most matters, under the auspices of the Board.Board Development Assesses the current make-up of the board. Takes the lead in recruiting and securingCommittee Board members necessary to achieve goals. Evaluate individual and collective BOD performance and make recommendations accordingly.Compensation Committee Evaluates the performance of CEO. Reviews and improves incentive plan for CEO. Reviews staff incentive plans, payouts, and performance plans with CEO.Finance Committee Reviews and recommends annual budget to the Board. Monitors all financial matters of the organization through regular reports and meetings. Approves the annual compilation vendor and monitors the audit process and reports results to the Board.Strategic Direction Reviews the strategic plan and strategic shifts and recommends to the Board. MonitorsCommittee progress related to the strategic plan and the operating plan. Assures the financial and resource goals align with the plan.Tech America GA Committee Promotes positive federal policies that will effect change and foster the science and technology community. Works on building and retaining membership and delivering the spirit of endeavor awards.
  23. 23. Task Force DescriptionTAGit Puts on a golf fundraising event that attracts high level technology/community leaders. Primary role is to sell foursomes and sponsors and to assist in establishing protocols .Techie 5/10k Primary responsibility for conducting successful event. Tasks include but are not limited to: securing sponsors, selling corporate teams, and keeping the Board appraisedBuilding a High-Growth Support startups and entrepreneurs by connecting them with key resources for theIndustry purpose of supporting early-stage business development within Georgia; provide support for companies as they continue their growth cycles Value packages will be different for small vs. large companies.Excalibur Assist in the development of the event agenda and program theme. Helps to secure speakers and sponsors. Participates in event evaluation.GTS Primary responsibility for conducting successful Summit. Tasks include but are not limited to: securing speakers, securing sponsors, setting the program theme, selling table sponsors, and keeping the Board appraised
  24. 24. Task Force DescriptionPromote GA’s Technology Contributes to the development of a PR strategy that promotes Georgia as aIndustry Across the Globe leading technology state.State Government Relations Assist the Director of Government Relations in tasks related to TAG’s legislative Agenda. Lead TAG’s policy platform planningTAG’s Statewide Presence & Connect people via a statewide footprint of influence to foster meaningfulImpact professional relationships; be recognized as providing value beyond Atlanta to the rest of the state (Savannah, Macon / Warner-Robbins, Augusta, Columbus, etc.).Thought Leadership Establish TAG as a source of intellectual capital through targeted use of funding and research. Helps establish ways to leverage TAG board members and stakeholders to position us as thought leaders.Workforce Readiness Connect technology based job seekers with Georgia technology and tech-enabled companies seeking talent; also support TAG companies by helping people to grow and be better prepared to do their job through education and training programs. Connect companies with universities, colleges, and vocational schools. Promote technology through student-oriented events. Lobby to have school drop-out age increased. Seek funding for retraining programs.Premier Member Growth and Recruit, retain, and grow Premier and general membership in order to connectRetention
  25. 25. TAG’s Current Board of DirectorsKevin Abel, President, Abel Solutions, Inc.Don Addington, CEO, Mobile LabsKent Antley, Partner, Miller & Martin PLLCClaire Arnold, CEO, Leapfrog ServicesNeeraj Basandra, Co-CEO & President, Primus SoftwareTodd Bell, Vice President, Information Technology, Verizon WirelessMichael Cassidy, President & CEO, Georgia Research AllianceGraham Clark, Partner, Customer ResultsDallas Clement, CFO, AutoTrader.comKen Cornelius, President and CEO, Siemens OneKevin Costello, President, Ariba, Inc.Alan Dabbiere, Chairman, AirWatchDan Darling, CIO, Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.Justin Eggart, GM of Technology for the GE Energy Monitoring and Diagnostics CenterSean Feeney, CEO, CritigenStephen Fleming, Vice Provost, Georgia Institute of TechnologyBob Fugate, EVP and CFO, CbeyondGina Gallo, President, Stratix CorporationSandeep Gauba, President & CEO, Metasys Technologies, Inc.Patrick Gaul, Founder & Managing Director, Patrick D. Gaul, Inc.Stacie Hagan, Chief People Officer, EarthLinkPrice Harding, Partner, CarterBaldwin Executive Search ServicesAdam Harrell, President, Nebo AgencyMike Hartness, Executive Vice President, Enterprise Delivery Services, SunTrust Bank
  26. 26. TAG’s Current Board of Directors ContinuedRobert Hendricks, Jr., SVP, Program and Portfolio Management, Office of the CTO, McKesson CorporationJoan Herbig, CEO, ControlScanBrenda Holmes, Partner, Kilpatrick TownsendTony Huey, 2nd Vice President, IT, Advanced Technology Group, AflacBob Johnson, Lead Audit Partner, Deloitte & ToucheMark Johnson, Partner, Total Technology Ventures, LLCSam Lim, VP & GM SPVTG, R&D Administration, Cisco Systems, Inc.Glenn Lurie, President, Emerging Devices, National Distribution & Resale, AT&TGary May, Dean, College of Engineering, Georgia Institute of TechnologyMike Mayoras, CEO, RedPrairieBarry McCarthy, GM, Strategic Clients and Alliances, First DataKevin, McDearis, SVP & CTO, FiservMark Metz, CEO, OHC, parent company of Canvas Systems and CorusBob Miller, VP, Energy & Utilities, Global Technology Services, IBMDan Mondor, President and CEO, ConcurrentMike Morris, Vice President, North HighlandAllen Moseley, General Partner, Noro-Moseley PartnersSig Mosley, President, Imlay InvestmentsMike Neumeier, Principal, Arketi GroupThomas Noonan, President & CEO, JouleXDawn Patrick, Partner, Cherry, Bekaert & Holland LLPJoe Patton, SVP Sales, FiberLight, LLCMike Reidenbach, CIO, Greenbush ConsultingChris Reinking, Partner, Jabian Consulting
  27. 27. TAG’s Current Board of Directors ContinuedAndrew Rico, SVP/Senior Relationship Manager, Silicon Valley BankBrian Shield, EVP & CIO, The Weather ChannelPeter Sinisgalli, CEO, Manhattan Associates, Inc.Keith Smith, President & COO, CorFire from SK C&C USAMark Taylor, VP & General Manager, Arrow ElectronicsMartin Tilson, The Tilson GroupSanjeev Tirath, Co-Founder & CEO, Pyramid Consulting, Inc.Bill VanCuren, Vice President & CIO, NCR CorporationDave Webb, CIO, EquifaxLarry Williams, Vice President, Technology Industry Development, Metro Atlanta ChamberOlin Wise, CTO, Distributed Systems, TSYSBart Wood, VP Enterprise Planning & Strategic Support, Southern CompanyJohn Yates, Partner in Charge, Corporate Technology Group, Morris, Manning & Martin, LLPDennis Zakas, Chairman, CEO & Manager, Zakas & Leonard, LLP and One Stop Dorm Shop, LLCNigel Zelcer, Partner, Jabian Consulting
  28. 28. Contact Information Technology Association of Georgia 75 5th Street, NW Suite 625 Atlanta, GA 30308-1019 (404) 817-3333Tino Mantella,