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MSU New Media Final Presentation

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  • Babolat strategy presentation

    1. 1. TeamBabolatOnline Marketing Strategy
    2. 2. Innovation Innovation Founded in 1875 Invented the 1st type of racquet string 5 generations of racquet sport specialization
    3. 3. Babolat Focuses on the game oftennis becoming a way of life and treating every Challenges themselves player as a to continue a legacy of professional being a premier company Aspires to keep their name global, yet moreover, expand to a different demographic
    4. 4. Online StrategyProposal: Expand target demographic to high schoollevel tennis teamsFocus: How Babolat affects their love for the gameand being part of a teamStrategy: Utilization of blogging, social networks, andonline video marketing
    5. 5. LoveGame blog love●game def: 1. a shutout game, won with the opponent scoring 2. for the true love of the game High school teams around the nationwill be fully outfitted with Babolat apparel and gear The blog will follow their storiesand experiences, as well as highlight things going on with the company
    6. 6. Facebook FanPage TeamBabolat USA High School Nation FanPage Purpose: Increaseawareness of the brand to the younger demographic TeamBabolat Contest: Team with the best testimonial story will each be given a custom Babolat racquet
    7. 7. Online Video CampaignVideo diaries foreach team will be kept to visually record their They will then be posted to experiences the blog, Facebook FanPage, and YouTubeGoal: Go viralPurpose: Increase brand awareness
    8. 8. EffectivenessMeasurementGoals: - Have at least 500 teams nationwide be aware and involved with the campaign by the beginning of the 2011-2012 tennis season - Gain at least 10,000 fans on Facebook by the end of the first month of the fall tennis season - Receive at least 200 video submissions and as many as 1,000 views on YouTube per video by the end of the first month of the fall tennis season
    9. 9. Budget A large budget is notneeded for the forms of advertising A budget is needed for gear and apparel that will be given to each teamCampaign timeline: One year Seasonal peaks: Fall tennis Estimated budget: season August-October 2011 $1million Spring tennis season March- May 2012
    10. 10. Kelsey Abbgy