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Edsc 304 skeletal system


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EDSC 304

Published in: Education
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Edsc 304 skeletal system

  1. 1. The Skeletal System Ms. Rasmussen Physical Education Grade 7 This presentation was adapted from Nemours ideas: And National osteoporosis foundation:
  2. 2. Think Quick • What do you do everyday that requires the use of your skeletal system?
  3. 3. The Function of Bones • There are 3 major functions of the bones: 1. Allow the body to move 2. Protect vital organs 3. Produce blood cells in the marrow
  4. 4. Allows the Body to Move • Muscles are attached to bones. • Muscles pull on bones so we are able to move. • Muscles wouldn’t be able to move us and do their job without the help of bones.
  5. 5. ProtectsVital Organs • In order for your internal organs to stay healthy and functional, they need to be protected. • Bones are like body guards. • For example, the ribs help to protect organs such as your heart and lungs which are vital to survival.
  6. 6. Produces Blood Cells in Marrow • When oxygen travels through the body, it is transported by red blood cells which are made in the bones. • Oxygen is needed for us to survive.
  7. 7. Think Quick What do bones need in order to be functional AND healthy?
  8. 8. Healthy and Strong Bones • Bones need calcium to stay strong and functional. • The best way for you to get more calcium in your diet is by drinking more milk. • Exercise keeps your muscles strong which also keeps your bones in use. • Continuing to stay active will limit bone deterioration. • Participating in physical activity is linked to the growth of stringer bones.
  9. 9. Exercises for Strong Bones • There are 2 types of exercises for maintaining and building strong bones 1.Weight bearing - Dancing, hiking, jogging/running, tennis 2. Muscle-strengthening exercises - Lifting weights, exercise bands, weight machines, standing and lifting toes
  10. 10. Bones andYou • It is important to know where your bones are and what they do so that you can be aware of how to make them stronger and healthier for longer. • What can you do more of to make your bones happy and healthy?
  11. 11. Now get out there and exercise those bones!!