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The Biochar Cone Kiln


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Coneheads Unite! Coneheads around the world are using the Biochar Cone Kiln to make biochar quick and easy with very little smoke. Make biochar in your backyard with your yard waste!

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  • That's pretty cool. I wonder if a conical pit in the ground would work as well.
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  • I love my biochar cone kiln so much that I just ordered 2 more...
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The Biochar Cone Kiln

  1. 1. The Cone Kiln Affordable Biochar for Gardeners and Small Farms
  2. 2. What is it? It’s a truncated cone
  3. 3. What does it do?
  4. 4. It makes biochar. Quick ‘n’ EZ!
  5. 5. Where did it come from?
  6. 6. Awesome! We want one!
  7. 7. But how do you use it?
  8. 8. Do you light it on top?
  9. 9. This was all we got.
  10. 10. Let’s try it this way
  11. 11. We add new wood in layers
  12. 12. Top layers exclude air – charcoal!
  13. 13. Keep adding layers
  14. 14. Last layer
  15. 15. Almost done!
  16. 16. Time to quench it
  17. 17. 35 Gallons of Biochar!
  18. 18. Numbers Yield = 35 gallons (7 five-gallon buckets) Time – about 2 hours, not counting wood splitting Kiln dimensions: 43” top diameter, 16” bottom diameter Cone vertical height from ground: 16” Kiln material – 16 ga mild steel Kiln cost - $250 from Kevin the Welder More info at my blog:
  19. 19. Thank You! Kelpie Wilson Wilson Biochar Associates Blog at: