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Ready to Pivot, Advance, or Change? Use Side Gigs to Move Your Career Forward


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Session for STC Conduit 2018 Conference for technical communicators looking to use side gigs in their day job or use volunteer side gigs to enhance their employability or just try new things

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Ready to Pivot, Advance, or Change? Use Side Gigs to Move Your Career Forward

  1. 1. Ready to Pivot, Advance, or Change? Use Side Gigs to Move Your Career Forward
  2. 2. Agenda Introduction ● Getting to Know You ● Who are We? ● What’s a Side Gig? Discussions ● What do You Want to Do? ● How can You Make it Happen? Debrief ● Contact Us ● Keep in Touch ● Resources #conduit2018 @headbookworm @techcommtodd
  3. 3. Introduction: Who are You? #conduit2018 @headbookworm @techcommtodd
  4. 4. Introduction: Who are We? Kelly Schrank #conduit2018 @headbookworm @techcommtodd
  5. 5. Kelly Stretch and Stay Employed #conduit2018 @headbookworm @techcommtodd
  6. 6. Volunteer Activities ● Social Media: - Twitter - Facebook - LinkedIn ● Email Newsletter: - MailChimp ● Website: - WordPress
  7. 7. Work Activities ● Editing journal manuscripts - Something new ● Editing proposals - Something new - Created form/templates for consistency ● Editing formulary dossiers - Something I had done, but… - Now I have 3 freelance clients #conduit2018 @headbookworm @techcommtodd
  8. 8. Introduction: Who are We? Todd DeLuca #conduit2018 @headbookworm @techcommtodd
  9. 9. Todd Progression and Pivot • Side Gig Stories (career advancements) - Lone writer to manager - Additional responsibility (communications, newsletter) • Side Gig Examples - STC volunteering (leadership, communication, management) - Public speaking (presentations, training) - Work support (sharing work of others, email reports, SharePoint admin, content management and strategy) #conduit2018 @headbookworm @techcommtodd
  10. 10. What is a Side Gig? ● Definition of side gig ● Examples of what is a side gig ● Examples of what is not a side gig #conduit2018 @headbookworm @techcommtodd
  11. 11. Discussion - WhatdoYou Want to Do? #conduit2018 @headbookworm @techcommtodd
  12. 12. Discussion - How can You Make it Happen? #conduit2018 @headbookworm @techcommtodd
  13. 13. Debrief Question 1 ● What did you get out of the session? Question 2 ● Tell the group one thing you will do when you leave to move toward your side gig #conduit2018 @headbookworm @techcommtodd
  14. 14. Keep in Touch Kelly Schrank Technical Writer and Medical Editor @headbookworm Todd DeLuca Tech Comm Manager, Black Knight @TechCommTodd linkedin/in/techcommtodd
  15. 15. Resources Books ● What If It Does Work Out?: How a Side Hustle Can Change Your Life (Susie Moore) ● Side Hustle: From Idea to Income in 27 Days (Chris Guillebeau) ● Recession Proof Graduate: How to Get The Job You Want by Doing Free Work (Charlie Hoehn) Articles ● High-paying jobs you can do on the side - Business Insider ● 26 Practical Ways to Put Your Skills to Use and Make Extra Money in 2018 - PennyHoarder ● 101 Best Side Business Ideas While Working Full-Time - Ryan Robinson #conduit2018 @headbookworm @techcommtodd