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Creative tourist


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PDX observations.

Published in: Design
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Creative tourist

  1. 1. Acreative tourist in Portland, OR *I was enrolled in acourse on Japanese Knitting Symbols at Knit-Purl this past weekend.
  2. 2. I stayed at the ACE Hotel.Room #421
  3. 3. *a closed door because of the rainy weather outside.*delightful window displays(big felted things). *it was not dark inside the store even though there were dark, cloudy skies outside. (nice George Nelson...)
  4. 4. *lots of wooly inspiration. Friendly, knowledgeable, & helpful people. An immediate hello. Light music, not loud-- Ella Fitzgerald, etc.A warm, carpeted floor,easy to sit on and look at the yarns and knit patterns in the bottom nooks. Always a difficultdecision/choice of whatto knit. Color galore!
  5. 5. *spend $500, receive a $25 gift card (very easy to do). *They wind your yarn purchase on an electric winder-- a good use of their time. *Kelly with a customer. Her husband once took an online class at Stanford! *Not much on Sale *So many knitting patterns, so many beautiful yarns, so little time...
  6. 6. *their sample.I am going to knit this shawl! *10% discount on yarns, etc. when you take a class!! *my yarn.
  7. 7. *Heath Ceramics *groovy design stuff, some classics, well-displayed, clean.*a little chilly in the store. *Bob Dylan playing... *friendly staff. *wooden floors, very clean & well-sanded. * a closed door, for obvious reasons.
  8. 8. *cat/dog toys (using my fabrics). *bags(with my illustrations on them). *! Find your place in the creative world, Kelly... !! idea... *I want this project to be about-- I can make/sell this, have a creative*sewn critters! business again!
  9. 9. *I always visit this store when I am in Portland. Pandora playing-- rock. Sweet smelling. Very nice, friendly people. *so important *a different sort to voteof boutique than Canoe, (I have). less design-y, more unique, beautiful objects.
  10. 10. *Look at all of these wonderful things that I, too, could be making and selling... (am I scared, or just plain lazy?)*critters *cards & calendars *tea cozies *chaussures *I want *the lady, who knits these in these bunny slippers, my size! owns Oui Presse; she knits in the **what are you evenings... waiting for?
  11. 11. *ArtMedia was bought out by Blick. *friendly, young, helpful people-- art students/grads. *alleys of art supplies. *good lighting. *Mowtown/ Rock.*high ceilings, shiny wood floors. *a little chilly, drafty. Even with the door closed.
  12. 12. *Carmen helped with my questions about the letterpress kit. (Maybe it’s best *a to wait; it might letterpress be a little cheesy and craftsy.) kit...!!! Is it too good to be true? *Gamblin *tarlatan printing inks cloth for are made Monoprint in Portland-- class!I did not know this. *onward...
  13. 13. *beaucoup d’hiboux. *very nice, very friendly and warm staff. A real pleasure. *very clean and pristine, well-merchandised. *open just 2 months ago. *works with*rock music. “Aid to Artisans” in Peru for the ceramics and rugs. His furniture is made in North Carolina. I aspire to this sort *There are 21 of consciousness in boutiques worldwide. my own business. I don’t want to *<< pretty. create more junk.
  14. 14. *nicely drawn *cheeky!*critters! *inspirational in the marketing & branding sense. Immense. A lot larger than the vision I have for myself, but very *clever *fun cool. Dream big! *I had fun in this boutique.
  15. 15. *Rizzo.
  16. 16. *always *a dress for my friend, Lynn...? inspiring, stirs the creative juices and thoughts. I wish I lived in Anthropologie; I’d be very creative. *>> I can do this/have done this professionally. This place shows me what I am not doing creatively. * some of my favorite things, these ceramic berry crates. *funky wood floors. fun music *always thinking of Quince.(Feist, etc.) Open door, chilly and festive.
  17. 17. *more cards & calendars, arrrggghhh... *Nathalie l’Été,always fun! *the purchase counter. *a Polar *My friend, bear in the Kim Austin, works... has her I wish I could work in see him Anthro. finished. Bravo! * I want to make I will tea towels. have a creative business; it’s in *Lynn the made a works. purchase (she bought that dress!)
  18. 18. *Fonzi, akitty in a café.
  19. 19. *I seek out Q’s because of Quince, my excellent kitty.*an extra boutique.I couldn’t resist; it was so cool and wonderful. <<* Watercolors, the resident parakeet.
  20. 20. *à la prochaine...