Lundmark Case Studies


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Lundmark Advertising + Design: Who we are, What we do & How we do it.

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Lundmark Case Studies

  1. 1. AGENCY OVERVIEW Established: 1947 Who we are Our partners Our clients We are a group of marketing, Brandon Myers – Managing Partner Although we’ve been part of the advertising and design professionals Client Relations & Strategy Kansas City advertising agency specializing in shopper marketing. Brandon champions the relationship community for over 60 years, for We are passionate about between strategy and creativity to the past 25 our expertise has been developing strategic solutions produce sound advertising, design in the CPG and retail industries to engage consumers, sell and marketing solutions for our clients. working with brands including products and build brands. Twinkies, Payless ShoeSource, Kia Hunt – Partner Faultless Starch, Garden Weasel and What we do Creative Services Ann’s House of Nuts. We’ve been We provide you all the shopper Kia is the right side of the respective fortunate to work with great clients marketing resources to maximize Lundmark brain. She has the and have developed relationships your speed-to-market competitive unique ability to transform business with many that span over 25 years. advantage and get your products to objectives into relevant brand market effectively and cost efficiently. communications that build equity American Dairy Brands and relationships with consumers. Ann’s House of Nuts How we do it Dolly Madison Bakery We understand the importance of Nick Ogden – Partner Drakes Cakes D’Vontz quick and efficient execution, which Design & Interactive Development Faultless Starch / Bon Ami is why we’ve tailored our services Nick logically processes thoughts Garden Weasel to provide you all the essential into gigabits. On the leading Hostess solutions you need from one source – edge of the graphic design, he’s Payless ShoeSource packaging, point of purchase displays, responsible for all things design TriSquare product photography & retouch, and interactive at Lundmark. Unit Rail copywriting, promotions & couponing, Wel-Cote licensed property management, asset Weslock management and sales collateral. Wonder Bread Contact 816-842-5236 104 W. 9th St, Suite 104. Kansas City, MO 64105 To see examples of our work or for more information, please contact Kelly Doyle at 816-842-5236 or at
  2. 2. 00000 00000 00000 BLACK BLACK SPORT CASUAL BLACK SPORT CASUAL SPORT CASUAL Fitness // Run STRIDE 00000-00 0 COLOR HERE 00000-00 AMP 2 GRAY / WHITE / BLACK WOMENS FPO MENS 00000 BLACK XSPORT CASUAL 00000 STYLE NAME ENGLISH SHOE COLO 00000 STYLE NAME ENGLISH SHOE COLO 00000-00 BLACK Payless ShoeSource ® Packaging - Licensed Properties CASE STUDY The Challenge The Solution The Result Quickly & cost efficiently Lundmark Advertising + Design has Cost savings and reduced timelines. design and produce packaging developed a process to maximize By managing and executing elements for licensed properties, design and production efficiencies every step in the project from maximizing speed-to-market while reducing overall cost. This the conceptual phase to product through process efficiencies. process ensures each step is photography, licensor approval to completed quickly and efficiently production, we are able to reduce the The Insight with licensor approval and final overall production schedule saving Leveraging the popularity of production in mind. From designing valuable time and considerable cost. licensed properties drives category to style guide specifications, product sales and provides a vehicle to photography & retouching, color emotional connection with target mockups submitted to the licensor consumers. The timely development for approval, detailed production of packaging elements maximizes specifications, production art, speed-to-market competitive production sample analysis and advantages allowing product to be feedback to overseas vendors our delivered on time and on budget. team of packaging experts have over 15 years experience in the industry and know how to identify and solve issues before they become production problems. W W W. L U N D M A R K A D V E R T I S I N G . C O M 10 4 W E S T 9 T H S T, S U I T E 10 4 . K A N S A S C I T Y, M O 6 410 5 T: 816 - 8 4 2 - 5 2 3 6
  3. 3. Weslock Visual Brand Identity CASE STUDY The Challenge The Solution The Result Create a new visual identity Lundmark worked closely with the Weslock has gained distribution in and product line packaging for sales and marketing organizations a number of home improvement the business-to-business door to produce packaging that would centers including Home Depot hardware and lockset manufacturer be easily adaptable to multiple Expo and Sutherlands as well as about to enter the business-to- retail configuration specs and specialty stores across the nation. consumer retail environment. protect the product during transit and at retail - all while creating a The Insight dynamic display vehicle designed The popularity of home remodeling to showcase the beauty and and do-it-yourself home improvement functionality of the product. centers created a new consumer Packaging designs were strategically and new opportunities for Weslock. created to develop an integrated To realize the current opportunities, brand presence in-store as well as Weslock needed to begin feature each product collection. distributing their products through regional and national retailers. W W W. L U N D M A R K A D V E R T I S I N G . C O M 10 4 W E S T 9 T H S T, S U I T E 10 4 . K A N S A S C I T Y, M O 6 410 5 T: 816 - 8 4 2 - 5 2 3 6
  4. 4. Hostess Packaging - Licensed Properties CASE STUDY The Challenge The Solution The Result Drive incremental sales by leveraging Lundmark Advertising + Design has Saving time and money. the assets of licensed properties coordinated the implementation and By managing and executing every across multiple packaging SKUs production of licensor packaging step in the project from the concept quickly & cost efficiently. for projects with DreamWorks, phase to product photography, Universal Studios, Paramount Pictures, licensor approval to production, The Insight Warner Brothers Entertainment, we are able to reduce the overall Cross-promotional opportunities with Hasbro and Marvel. Each project production schedule saving valuable movie studios provide a vehicle to is unique, but typically involves time and considerable cost. creatively interact with consumers and implementing assets across multiple create an emotional connection with SKUs and packaging formats, . the target. Leveraging the popularity product photography & retouching, of relevant and trusted third party color mockups submitted to the assets with a time sensitive promotion licensor for approval, press checks drives incremental category sales. and final production coordination. W W W. L U N D M A R K A D V E R T I S I N G . C O M 10 4 W E S T 9 T H S T, S U I T E 10 4 . K A N S A S C I T Y, M O 6 410 5 T: 816 - 8 4 2 - 5 2 3 6
  5. 5. Hostess Brands Promotions & Brand Asset Management Web Site CASE STUDY The Challenge The Solution The Result Effectively and cost efficiently Lundmark Advertising + Design Since the implementation of the coordinate, produce and seamlessly developed a Web based system Web based system, compliance execute promotions and manage designed to efficiently execute for in-store promotional activity brand assets with a large in-store marketing promotions has increased and communications organization servicing thousands and manage brand assets. The with the Sales organization has of retailers across the nation. system was built in coordination improved dramatically. The system with Sales and Marketing ensuring originally developed for a single The Insight both organizations objectives were brand is now being implemented In-store promotions & P.O.P. achieved. The system allows the Sales for all company brands. displays activate incremental organization the ability to easily access sales and gain valuable retail promotional information and assets as real estate. The coordination, well as order support materials from production and execution in-store P.O.P. displays to on demand requires thoughtful preparation, coupons - quickly and cost effectively. outstanding field communications and a solid execution system. W W W. L U N D M A R K A D V E R T I S I N G . C O M 10 4 W E S T 9 T H S T, S U I T E 10 4 . K A N S A S C I T Y, M O 6 410 5 T: 816 - 8 4 2 - 5 2 3 6