YouTube & Email Marketing for Brands


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YouTube & Email Marketing
May 22, 2012

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  • A video sharing service that lets users upload files and make available onlineMost popular video viewing and sharing applicationFounded in 2005 by three guys who worked at PaypalStreams more than 100 million videos per day70% of YouTubers are AmericanWe post *and* watch the most videos
  • Define your objectiveThere is HIGH demand!BrandingSharingOutlet for creativityNew channel (touchpoint)Second most popular search engineFind your audienceWho is posting and who is watching? THIS is your audience.Anyone with a cell phone, flip camera, upper end equipmentGeneral publicBusiness ownersMarketing departments of large brandsDecide on Content Public eventsPersonal/professional productionsInformationalEntertainingPurely personal (vlogs)
  • share on other mediadon’t forget your URL shortenersolicit feedbackwhat’s your call to action?
  • Tools You’ll NeedCreativityDon’t be shyVideo Camera/WebCam/PadMake sure it has microphone or buy externalEditing software?MovieMaker (Windows)iMovie (Mac)Teleprompter softwareTripodScreen recording (Camtasia)Nuts & Bolts Create a channelFill in profilePost videosAllow commentsPost videosAllow commentsDon’t shoot in front of window or sunOutside, stay in shade, point light at objectDub over when neededRecord, edit, uploadCareful about copyrightsAnnotationsLess than 10 minutesSecrets of winnersBe professionalStay sort and focusedMake it usefulInexpensiveFirst 10 seconds most importantBe yourselfYouTube Insights
  • Using an accumulated list of email addresses (opted in!) to deliver/broadcast a marketing/informational message en masse.Stats 92% of all marketers employ email marketing126 avg email recd per day by corporate users (2007)20% is SPAM83% users report SPAM80% classify as SPAM without opening73% base decision on the “from” line69% base decision on the subject line20% use SPAM button to unsubscribeBenefits Highly targetedShorter lead timesMeasurableBetter insightInfinitely scalableBetter conversion ratesCost effective
  • Define your objectivesDrive trafficIncrease salesProduct awareness/launchDefine your target audienceDesign content to suitDecide on your measurablesPersonalize the message (better open and conversion rates)Add a call to action in each messageDesign for preview panes (194 pixels)Stay laid back, don’t oversell or hard sellCareful on image vs text ratioSome SPAM filters will kick you out if too many imagesYour landing page will be judged in 1/20 of a second – make it good
  • Subject Line TipsKISSNot flashy or pushySimple, clear, conciseBe honest with the opt-in infoHow to Structure The MessageDetermines 50% of its successAttention, Interest, Desire, ActionAs you work down the pageClear objective, clear messageWrite to your target audienceGet to the point alreadyBuild relationships!Best Practices ALWAYS allow opt-outWatch for day/time it is being opened and adjust your send scheduleMeasure individual response vs overall campaignClick-through trackingAudience interestPut clickers in a new list for targeted follow-upUse clicks to drive conversionEvent triggered emails (first purchase, abandoned cart, etc.)Patience – data capture is a processProactive communicationSpecific, relevant, timelyIntegration with other channelsCentralize customer data to leverage knowledge (list management)
  • Remember my name: PAVIt is your key to social media success.
  • YouTube & Email Marketing for Brands

    1. 1. You’re Doing It Right!YouTube & Email Marketing to promote your brand
    2. 2. Today, you will learn:• Why video is a POWERful marketing tool• Best practices for YouTube• What email marketing is and why you should use it• How you can use it to deliver your message
    3. 3. What is YouTube?• Video Sharing• #2 Search Engine• 100+ Million Videos Watched Daily
    4. 4. Best PracticesObjecti veAudienc e
    5. 5. Make It Social ShareSolicit Feedback Call to Action Be Yourself Make it Useful
    6. 6. YouTube Channel
    7. 7. How To Upload Record Upload Edit Thumbnail Settings Annotations Tags
    8. 8. YouTube Resources • 15 Nifty YouTube Tips & Tricks • YouTube Playbook • Camtasia
    9. 9. What is Email Marketing?••••
    10. 10. What Applications Are Available• Constant Contact• iContact• Aweber• Compare pricing• Compare features• Does it do more than email?• Will you use it for more than just email?• How’s their tech support?• Do they offer training?
    11. 11. Best Practices• What is your objective?• Who is your target audience?• What content will you use?• How will you measure? KISS
    12. 12. The Road to Success Simple Subject Lines Personalize Don’t Oversell Design for Preview Panes
    13. 13. Social Media Strategy Conclusion Persistent Action Victory
    14. 14. Thank you…
    15. 15. Come up and see me some time… June 1, 2012 - 9:30am-4:00pm Middleburg Heights, Ohio ASTA Mid-America Chapter Passport to Profit: Social Media Marketing for the Travel Industry July 11, 2012 Twinsburg, Ohio S.S.A.M.A. of Summit County LinkedIn for Sales Professionals September - November 2012 Cuyahoga County Public Libraries November 13, 201219 dates coming to a branch near you! Akron, Ohio SMEI Akron Chapter October 23 & 30, 2012 Social Media Marketing: You’re Doing it Right Lakewood Library Social Media Two Part Series for more details
    16. 16. Where To Find Me…••••• @featherandstone @pavpower••