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Presentation prepared for FEMME
FEMME, Cleveland, Ohio

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Facebook for Business

  1. 1. You’re Doing It Right!FACEBOOK for Business www.feather-stone.com
  2. 2. Hello, my name is…..• Kelly V. Pavlovic• Owner, Feather & Stone Designs since 1994• Bachelor of Science, Case Western Reserve Univ.• Speaker, consultant, writer, voracious reader• Facebook addict• Pinterest explorer• @featherandstone• @pavpower
  3. 3. You will learn how to: • Take CONTROL of your PRIVACY • SEPARATE PERSONAL contacts from business ones using LISTS • Create a TIMELINE page • Use the TIMELINE LAYOUT to TELL YOUR STORY • FIND your target AUDIENCE • Plan your MARKETING STRATEGY • Basic ETIQUETTE & VOCABULARY • Use best ENGAGEMENT HABITS
  4. 4. Say whaaaaa….?!• A baby was born in • 69% of parents are Egypt and named “friends” with their Facebook children on Facebook
  5. 5. Learn the Lingo of Facebook• Vocabulary Profile – your personal Facebook page; what you post for others to see Newsfeed – your personal tickertape; how you see what your “friends” are saying, posting and sharing Comment – what you and others say about something that is posted EdgeRank – Facebook’s complex formula for determining who sees what and for what duration of time Share – just as it implies, sharing information (posts, photos, etc.) with others Tag – how you are “mentioned” in posts, photos and comments Timeline – the new format for all Facebook personal and business pages App – short for “application”; can be used on Facebook business pages for specific uses like contact forms, video displays, blog feeds, etc. Crowdsource – polling your audience for their opinion on a topic
  6. 6. Newsfeed
  7. 7. Personal Timeline (aka Profile)
  8. 8. Privacy Settings• Set account privacy• Set photo privacy• Three levels of blocking – Hiding posts from people/pages (a little or a lot) – Un-friending a person or Un-liking a page – Blocking a person entirely from your account• Suggestions for using Lists and Privacy Settings when traveling and for specific life events
  9. 9. See ALL Your Friends
  10. 10. Friends List
  11. 11. Add Friends to Lists
  12. 12. Privacy Settings
  13. 13. Privacy Settings Menu
  14. 14. How You Connect
  15. 15. Timeline and Tagging
  16. 16. Blocking
  17. 17. What is Timeline?• A way to tell your story – both personal and business• Steps to set up your business Timeline – Cover image – Profile image – Description and Info – Featured Tabs – Recreate historically significant events – Pinned Posts – Highlighted Posts
  18. 18. Facebook Business Timeline
  19. 19. How to Create a Page
  20. 20. What Type of Business Are You?
  21. 21. Admin Panel
  22. 22. Manage Menu
  23. 23. Edit Page Information
  24. 24. Featured Tabs & Apps
  25. 25. Pinned Posts & Highlights
  26. 26. Facebook Etiquette• Be mindful of what content you are posting – to whom, what and where (page vs private message)• Keep professional and personal content separate• Lock down account & photo privacy – save yourself and save others• Select your profile picture with care – use good judgment; EVERYone can see it; Friends or not• Language – how do you want to be perceived?• Don’t use Private Messages as a group announcement tool – use your timeline for this
  27. 27. Facebook Best Practices for Biz• CURATE content that engages your audience and starts the conversation (pics, stories, questions)• CROWDSOURCE– get opinions on new products/services• BE CREATIVE – be imaginative and inventive in your posts• BE ORIGINAL between platforms - don’t re-use content verbatim between social media apps (HootSuite is great but be careful not to get lazy)• PIN important events to the top of your page – at least 7 days will get good exposure• MAKE A PLAN – devise a calendar for what content you will post and when; stick to it!
  28. 28. Your Assignment….Should you choose to accept it.• CREATE a LinkedIn account• COMPLETE as much of your profile as possible. Don’t worry if it’s not complete, we’ll work on it.• BRING your printed or digital resume• COMPILE a list of people with whom you’d like to connect; think close, think far, think past, think future• CONSIDER your competencies, core groups, target audience and what expertise you are able to share• DECIDE why you will use LinkedIn – job search, networking, building credibility are some ideas
  29. 29. Where to find me…• www.feather-stone.com• kelly@feather-stone.com• facebook.com/featherandstone• linkedin.com/in/kellyherronpavlovic• twitter.com/featherandstone @featherandstone @pavpower• pinterest.com/kellypavlovic• slideshare.net/kellypavlovic