Why evolution is true by jerry a. coyne excellent defense of darwinism


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Why evolution is true by jerry a. coyne excellent defense of darwinism

  1. 1. Why Evolution Is True by Jerry A. CoyneEvolution Is True The Alternatives Are Mindboggling Irrational And Lack Any Evidence Coynes knowledge of evolutionary biology is prodigious, his deploymentof it as masterful as his touch is light. -Richard Dawkins In the current debate about creationism and intelligent design, there is anelement of the controversy that is rarely mentioned-the evidence. Yet theproof of evolution by natural selection is vast, varied, and magnificent. Inthis succinct and accessible summary of the facts supporting the theory ofnatural selection, Jerry A. Coyne dispels common misunderstandings andfears about evolution and clearly confirms the scientific truth that supportsthis amazing process of change. Weaving together the many threads ofmodern work in genetics, paleontology, geology, molecular biology, andanatomy that demonstrate the indelible stamp of the processes firstproposed by Darwin, Why Evolution Is True does not aim to provecreationism wrong. Rather, by using irrefutable evidence, it sets out toprove evolution right.Features:With the 150 year anniversary of the Origin of Species, we have beendeeply rewarded with a couple of first class books in defense of thebiological sciences which has Darwins elegant theory as the base of thosesciences. It is unfortunate that books of these types are needed, but tothose of us who find biology interesting at a novices level, we get to berewarded as excellent writing scientists such as Richard Dawkins andJerry Coyne grace us with an interesting and passionate exposition of theevidence for evolution and the profound power it has in explaining so muchof the natural world in which we live.Jerry Coyne in his book, "Why Evolution is True", does an excellent job oflooking at what Darwin proposed and when he proposed it. He points outpersuasively that at the time, there was still much that was speculation onDarwins part, and it is indeed remarkable just how much he got right. The
  2. 2. author discusses the difference between a scientific theory and a theory inthe popular language. Likening the theory of evolution to the "GermTheory of Disease" or the "the Atomic Theory" provides a reasonablecomparison for Darwins "Theory of Evolution." A scientific theory goes farbeyond the theory I had this year that the Vikings would win the SuperBowl.Coyne does a really good job of outlining some interesting cases wherethe "Theory of Evolution" provided predictions that make sense only in thelight of evolution, as well as retrodictions that can only be explained byevolution. He also provides examples from the fossil record which showconsistent patterns of evolution and intermediation from one species toanother. Coyne addresses common creationist arguments andpersuasively shows that the underpinning for creationism and its dressedup off-spring "intelligent design" is religious and unscientific because it istrying to prove an already accepted outcome.One of the best parts of the book is when Coyne gets into vestigialfeatures of animals that an intelligent designer would never create. Thebodies of all animals only make sense when you retrofit previous featuresinto the current life patterns of current species. Coyne uses interestingexamples such as the human appendix, the location of the prostate gland,and the odd development of animals as embryos clearly belaying their pastevolution.Not as strident and caustic and Dawkins book, it has great power by justhow matter-of-fact Coyne is in showing the evidence and putting thatevidence in context. He also shows why there is a need for his book, withthe United States in particular, facing an intellectual onslaught from thosewho cling to bronze-age myths in the face of overwhelming reality.Thanks to Professor Coyne for writing this book in the tradition of otherswho have preceded him in making the case such as Futuyma andPennock. Coynes and Dawkins excellent books make a great set ofoverlapping, mutually supporting, but slightly different approaches f ormaking the case for Darwins elegant theory. For More 5 Star Customer Reviews and Lowest Price:Why Evolution Is True by Jerry A. Coyne - 5 Star Customer Reviews and Lowest Price!