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Total control high performance street riding techn amazing learning tool


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Total control high performance street riding techn amazing learning tool

  1. 1. Total Control: High Performance Street Riding Techniques by Lee Parks Amazing Learning ToolToday’s super high-performance bikes are the most potent vehicles eversold to the public and they demand advanced riding skills. This is theperfect book for riders who want to take their street riding skills to a higherlevel. Total Control explains the ins and outs of high-performance streetriding. Lee Parks, one of the most accomplished riders, racers, authorsand instructors in the world, helps riders master the awe-inspiringperformance potential of moder n motorcycles. This book gives riderseverything they need to develop the techniques and survival skillsnecessary to become a proficient, accomplished, and safer street rider.High quality photos, detailed instructions, and professional diagramshighlight the intricacies and proper techniques of street riding. Readers willcome away with a better understanding of everything from braking and
  2. 2. cornering to proper throttle control, resulting in a more exciting yet saferride.Ive been riding since 1988. Back then, I had a 1982 Suzuki GN250, and Iwas absolutely fearless. That got me into a lot of crashes, but I somehowalways managed to bounce. When I got my first big bike, a 1981 YamahaMaxim 650,I promply broke my leg on i t. From that point on, I have riddenvery conservatively. That has served me well and Ive injury free eversince.Fast forward 16 years and I have moved to the San Francisco Bay Area,AKA, motorcycle heaven. When I would take my 2001 Honda GL1800Aout onto the marvelous twisties of the area, Id get passed up by SUVs andlead sleds. I did not mind being slow so much as being stressed as eachcorner came up. 30 miles of tight twisties would leave me exhausted, bothmentally and physically. Every time I would get leaned well over, the bikewould begin to feel spooky, and Id fear that it was about to slide out. Istarted reading book reviews and decide to give Total Control a try.It was easy to read and to the point, with good illustrations and enoughhumor to keep it light. It addresses technique as well as mindset. Iconsider this a self-help book, and, to me, the most important part of a self-help book is the end-result, so Ill just skip to that.Last weekend, I took a ride on my Goldwing down Hwy 49 in California tothe stretch known as the Little Dragon. I did not know that it was a famousroad at the time, or that it is considered ill-advised for newbies, I was justenjoying a ride.I entered that stretch of road, which has sheer cliffs to one side and rockwalls to the other, and no guard rails. The stretch is a bit tricky because itcan encourage high speeds, but the turns are tight. I felt no stress, andjust a touch of fear. If you dont feel a little fear when riding near sheercliffs that have no guardrails, you might be in for trouble...Using the lessons learned in Total Control, I was able to hustle the 1,200Lbs of man and machine through the turns with no more effort than if it hadbeen that first 250 I owned. I would think, I want to go THERE, and thebike would go THERE, effortlessly. The bike began to shrink under meand I felt the sensation of effortless flight. I continued this for 18 miles ofsheer nirvana. I pulled into the hotel in Mariposa with a large grin on myface.The next day, I took 250 miles of twisties up to Mokelumne Hill. I tookPriest Grade in the wet, Twice, without stress. Every now and then, thebike would get that old spooky feeling when heeled over. Every time it didthat, it was my old habits kicking in. I would concentrate on relaxing andapplying the principles of Total Control, and the bike would settle down. I
  3. 3. found that the GL1800, a 900 Lb motorcycle, is every bit as sensitive asthat 300Lb 250 was, and reacted the same way if I got hamfisted with it.I finished that 250 mile ride with a bit of pain in my legs, caused by notstopping enough. I was not tired or tense. I checked into the Hotel Leger,a haunted hotel, and stayed in a haunted room. I had sweet dreams offlying on my Goldwing. No ghosts visited. That was all the proof I needed.Sunday I am taking Total Control Advanced Riding Clinic, and 2 weekslater I am taking Level 2 of the same clinic. I hope I get half as much out ofthe clinics that I got out of the book. For More 5 Star Customer Reviews and Lowest Price: Total Control: High Performance Street Riding Techniques by Lee Parks - 5 Star Customer Reviews and Lowest Price!