The night crew by john sandford full of suspense


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The night crew by john sandford full of suspense

  1. 1. The Night Crew by John Sandford Full Of SuspenseAnna Batorys evening starts with a frenzied animal rights raid and thenmoves quickly to the site of a suicide jump. Its all in a normal nights workfor Anna, who leads the Night Crew, a freelance video team out to make aquick buck on sensational footage they can sell to L.A. news stations. Butthis night is different: the jumper is a teenager named Jacob Harper, andAnnas cameraman Jason beats a strangely hasty exit after filming thejump. A few hours later, Jason too is dead: shot and knifed. JacobHarpers father is an attractive former cop who works out the connectionbetween his sons death and Jasons. The two young men share a drugdealer--and when Harper finds said dealer dead as well, he calls Anna tothe scene and shows her a creepy knife wound on the dealers body: thename Anna carved into his chest. From that moment on, Anna knowsshes chasing down a killer whos got a thing for her--but who is it? A seriesof heart-thumping encounters between Anna and her shadowy stalkerkeep this thriller moving at the dizzying clip that Sandfords fans expect.Those who love the Prey series for the quirks and contradictions of its
  2. 2. antihero, Lucas Davenport, will find a kindred creation in Anna: anattractive loner, taciturn and tough-minded, a classical pianist with thefighting reflexes of a wild animal. Will Sandford keep bringing her back?Time will tell. --Barrie TrinklePersonal Review: The Night Crew by John SandfordThis is the first John Sandford book Ive read - and Im an instant fan!Sandford was recommended to my by a flight attendant in 2007 and alsoby fans of Dean Koontz looking for similar authors. I will probably startreading Sandfords Prey series but I wanted to try some of his stand alonenovels first. I have already started reading Dead Watch (Night Watch) andlook forward to reading Rough Country later this year.The opening scene in The Night Crew is extremely intense and the bookcontains a high-quality of writing throughout. I loved the character of AnnaBatory and think Sandfords writing is superb - I like that his writing is sogenuine and unforced. I must admit Im not usually very good at figuringout who did it in a mystery novel, but I thought I had figured out this one -in the end it was someone else.Here is a sample from The Night Crew :"I couldnt help noticing that youre carrying a gun.""Yup." She nodded."You got a permit?" he asked."Are you kidding?""Maybe you should give it to me - the gun," he said."Maybe not," Anna said"I could take it," he suggested."Cop takes gun from woman stalked by serial killer who brutally murderedmovie actress." She looked over her shoulder at Louis. "Could we get thaton the air?""Are you kidding?" Louis said. "I could sell it everywhere. But itd soundbetter if we said, Cop takes gun from woman stalked by serial killer whobrutally murdered movie actress, while gangs run wild with assault rifles inSouth Central.""That is an improvement," Anna said."Itd do okay," Louis said. " But if you could get him to rough you up a littlebit, wed get more than we got for the jumper.""How about it?" Anna said, turning back to Coughlin and batting her eyes. "Do you carry a club or a sap or anything?" Could you push me around alittle? I mean, I kind of ... like it.""Louis said, " Cop takes gun from beautiful woman stalked by serial killerwho brutally murdered glamorous, drug-abusing "90210" actress, abusesher with baton, while gangs run wild with assault rifles in South-Central --and she likes it. "Coughlin hunched over the steering wheel and shook his head sadly,"Christ, this could be a long night," he said.
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